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Status Of The Invasion Caravans Heading To Our Border

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff - I heard on Fox News that the law favors the caravans. In other words, Fox News is preparing the public for the eventual entry to the US of the caravans. Paying off Mexico did nothing they are still enroute to the US. Any laws now protect the so-called 'asylum seekers.' Well, if that was true and they are asylum seekers, why didn't they STAY in Mexico when the Mexican government offered them asylum in the true sense of the word. Mexico offered them jobs, housing and money...if they remained in Mexico's two Southern most states. Nope, they kept right on moving North to the US because that's what Soros and his communist ilk are paying them to do.

So, Trump thinks he will get away with taking them all in - plus the hundreds of thousands of future invaders preparing to enter the US in the caravans now ready to head north. This is not justice for Americans. Since when do laws protect foreigners above American citizens? IF that is the case Americans should renounce their citizenship and go to Mexico then head back over the border as 'asylum seekers' from Mexico. They should get the same free housing, food, medical, dental, SSI, cars, name it. Most coming have no papers set all...not even birth certificates.

No wonder the Arizona hospital corporations representative is asking Trump for an initial 18.5 BILLION dollars to treat the first and largest caravan. She mentioned that a Federal fund must be set up with the 18.5 Billion as a start.

Once the other caravans start to come over the border with hundreds of thousands of people from Latin America and Africa and Caribbean we will need a lot more than that. Implementing social medicine by using Medicare will only mean US elderly get much less and must get on a waiting list for every aspect of health care. In other words, let the senior citizen Americans die.

How is it possible that the laws favor the illegals? IF Trump allows this, he is finished and so are the Republicans. This means open borders by the Democrats and White America dies.

As I stated, and sent you in the article, the Honduran caravan illegals are ARMED and some are carrtying Molotov Cocktails. They intend to kill Americans standing in their way at the border.

Trump must send down weapons for the border patrol and police and soldiers at the border. These savages will kill as many white Americans as possible. They are sexual deviants and have already been raping and gang raping their own kind in the caravan. It is estimated that 2,300 migrant kids need health care...many from sexual assaults.

These are the criminally insane being sent here by the government of Honduras It is TIME TO STOP ALL FEDERAL AID TO HONDURAS and EL SALVADOR...which also sent Salvadoran police with the newest caravan now on its way to the US border. No more aid to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. Yes our good buddy MEXICO. They are helping to get the savages to the US border. They are doing NOTHING to stop the invasion and are ignoring the fact that countless trucks and buses and cars are now moving the caravan migrants to the border. Mexico is not our friend.

As we have reported, the Muslims are having large success in converting Central and South Americans to Islam. You can bet they will work to these low IQ illegals as well. This caravan and the others must be stopped at all and any cost.

I do not think Trump will have the nerve to even use any non-lethal weapons, like the perfectly-suited ADS units, on these savages. And there is no way will he order our troops to shoot to protect America.

These are the worst and the dregs of the countries they come from. I KNOW that Hondduras and El Salvador are setting many prisoners and the criminally insane free. A lot of the violence in Central America will now end as the criminals are heading to the US. Clever how Honduras flushed its toilet, no? What do you bet that if we try to deport any of the caravan their home countries will refuse them entry. The Caucasians are left in Central America and the US will be the non-Caucasian country.

I am hoping that the Libertarian party will have a viable candidate for next Presidential election...both parties are unacceptable now.

Now we have THREE caravans and Venezuela is planning and readying to send us their garbage from jails and hospitals, etc. This enables these countries to save money.

IF Trump fails us again the US will be a Third World country by January 1, 2020. The three caravans are nothing. Just wait until Africa sees that we are Europe...and then the entire Third World will come crashing in.

Once these caravan savages get in there will be no stopping the flood. How are we supposed to pay to support them? At least they should be sterilized if they want in. Otherwise, the perennially pregnant will be dropping one kid after the next.

They complain that they cannot feed their families at home but why do they still continue to have kids? Because they are idiots. If you have low pay or no job why stay home and make 10 to 20 kids? It is insane.

The Constitution has never stated that the US MUST TAKE IN REFUGEES. It does NOT say that in the Constitution. Any first year law student knows this. Nowhere is it written in the Constitution. Even if we signed a treaty with the UN those treaties can be broken just like he did with the arms treaty with Russia.

Soros will get what he wanted the US will be a Third World black and brown haven at white taxpayers expense. I should say white Christian taxpayer expense.