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CDC Hiding Polio Devastation, There Are Over 190 Cases Now
Invading Illegals Are Carrying Dozens Of Deadly Diseases

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Polio tragedies, also called 'AFM' by the corrupt CDC, climb to 191 as more cases confirmed.

They can call it polio or AFM or 'right back at ya disease'... it doesn't matter to those children and adults lying paralyzed in hospital beds right now. It is what it is...a form of mutated polio.

Over the past quarter century or half century, the virus mutated as it entered into Polio vaccinated bodies and those mutations changed the virus a bit. It now walks right around the Polio vaccilne and that's why we see so many polio vaccinated kids being paralyzed by it.

As a scientist familiar with recombination, I will tell you that viruses easily mutate and change. This mutation does not mean it is a different virus...such as an Engerovirus changing into a Flavivirus. The changes in Polio over the past 60 years have been minute but the virus still can be passed on via the same old oral-fecal route.

Just because CDC is playing name games and now calling it AFM does not mean that it is not Polio...or that it isn't transmitted the same way. As long as we allow our President to open our borders to any population around the globe, or fly in tens of thousands of black Africans and Mideast muslims, we are going to see once eradicated disease come back to the US and kill our citizens.

Open borders means NO BORDERS. NO BORDERS mean that once eradicated viruses return. We have no security at all with no borders. These foot soldiers (and that is what most of them are) are actually walking bioweapons who ARE sowing disease and death coast-to-coast.

I would bet the farm that, at the very least, 98 or 99% of the people in the caravans heading to the US - and new caravans now leaving Panama, Venezuela and other countries - are infected with the FATAL Chagas parasite.

The Honduran and El Salvadoran caravans have people sleeping outside. I suspect that they have been bitten by the 'kissing bugs' infected with the Chagas parasite whlle sleeping in their makeshift tents and more will be bitten and infected when sleeping in Trump's new tent cities when they and and are let into the US.

If many leave the tent cities at the border and disappear into the US, and are Chagas infected, how long will it be before we have a major outbreak among our citizens infected with death by Chagas? Do you realize there are very likely already over 600,000 Chagas death sentences in people living in the US right now? I'll bet you didn't.

It has been over 20 years since we have heard formal govt numbers of cases among Americans. The last count put the number at 300.000. Best bet is that number is now double.

Hepatitis A is also spreading to people around the US is now in 26 States. In a small State like KY, we have well over 2,500 cases and over 1,500 in West Virginia.

Hepatitis E has now broken out in Namibia, Africa. How long before we get a Hep E outbreak in the US ex Namibia? The Africans in Namibia use one basin, the SAME basin, of water to wash their hands in. The ENTIRE family. They also use just one towel for the entire family,. They do not use running water or soap to wash their hands. Think about it. Refugees from Namibia may be moving to an apartment near you and their children may be going to the same school as your children. Thank you, President Trump.

Nigeria has more cases of Monkeypox and now Lassa Fever has broken out in Nigeria. Malaria has broken out in Tuscany, Italy via Moroccan muslim illegals.

Panama is feverishly working creating bogus documents for over 60,000 Hondurans who have been living in tent cities in Panama. The Hondurans need documents so they can get into the US and get visas. As I stated, my guess is some were in jails, prisons for the criminally insane and include murderers, arsonists and rapists. Many have AIDS and dozens of other diseases and infestations.

Panama claims that almost none of the refugees in Panama and other countries have documents. Therefore, Panama is trying to make documents for them out of thin air so they can be pushed northward to Trump's mythical 'wall'. These false documents can state that the refugees had vaccines and can state they have never been accused of crimes, etc. We have no idea as to who these people are.

I am hoping that all Americans get to the border to protest and hold up signs. WE need Black Americans and legal immigrants as well as White Americans. We need a rainbow coalition to show Americans are in solidarity and we will not tolerate open borders. I would think that legal immigrants should be the most offended...they came to the US and citizenship the right way.

In New York City, already one of NY's Newspapers is selling off its delivery trucks and hiring a non-Union company whose drivers are younger and probably non-Union illegals. We will probably see more jobs...but the good-paying union jobs go the way of the horse and buggy. If older Americans want to work and have to compete with illegals who will work for 35 cents on the dollar, we, too will have to take low wages.

Trump is correct and the economy is great. GREAT that is for the 1% and billionaires. It is not good for older workers. At last count, approximately 100 million American workers had no employment.