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Ernst Zundel
Prisoner of Conscience
Victim of Thought Crime

The Art of Ernst Zundel

Zionist Outrage - Zundel Attorney Gets 3 1/2 Years

German Courts Rape Zundel - Refuse Credit For 2.5 Yrs

Innocent & Inside Mannheim Prison

Free Ernst Zundel German Embassy Demonstration Photos

Zundel Demonstration At German Embassy May 7

OMG, Zundel Said Israel Is 'Refuge For World Gangsterism!

 Zundel On The Vision Of America's Founding Fathers

Letter To Send To German Chancellor Regarding Ernst Zundel

Please Keep Calling The German Embassy - 202-298-4233

Letter From Ernst Zundel Written Just Before The Verdict


Zundel Sentenced To 5 Years - Zionist Domination Complete

Form Letter To German Govt On Behalf Of Ernst Zundel

Zundel Verdict - Five Years In A German Dungeon

Ingrid Zundel On The Ernst Zundel Verdict

Traditional Jews Are Not Zionists - 'Zionism Is A Curse'

Non-Zionist Jews Denounce Zundel Incarceration

Why I Admire Ernst Zundel 

Zundel Sentenced To 5 Years - Zionist Domination Complete

EU Readers Debate Criminalizing Holocaust Skepticism

Important Update On Zundel Saga

Outrageous - Prosecutor Demands 5 Years For Zundel


Zundel - Prisoner
Of Zionism

Ernst Zundel's
First Radio Interview Since His Release After 7 Yrs Of Rendition And Prison
Listen Free Here

David Cole & Ernst Zundel At Auschwitz Pt 1 - Vid

David Cole & Ernst Zundel At Auschwitz Pt 2 - Vid

David Cole & Ernst Zundel At Auschwitz Pt 3 - Vid

Zundel Data

Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel On Prison Restrictions & Spies

Three Judge Panel Will Weigh Claims Of Zundel Kidnapping

A Visit In Prison With Ernst Zuendel

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From Ernst Zundel

Newest Letter From Thought Prisoner Ernst Zundel

Holocaust 'Denier' Germar Rudolf's Trial Begins

'Thought' Crimes - Irving, Zundel, Rudolf Still In Prison

 Holocaust 'Denier' Germar Rudolf's Trial Begins  
 'Thought' Crimes - Irving, Zundel, Rudolf Still In Prison  
 New, Interesting Letter From Ernst Zundel  
 Amazing Uproar In The Zundel Thought Crime Trial  
Austrian Court Confirms Irving Guilty Of Thought Crimes  
New Letter From Ernst Published  
Three Of The Latest Letters From Ernst Zundel  
Summary Zundel Holocaust Thought Crime Trial  
Summary Last 3 Days In Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial  
Letter From Mannheim Prison - Zundel On German Soccer  
Comprehensive Update - The Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial  
Zundel Letter From Mannheim Prison  
Why I Admire Ernst Zundel  
France - Prof. Faurisson On Trial For Thought Crimes  
Brief Summary Of Latest Zundel Trial Hearing  
A Zündel Letter From Prison To Dr. Robert Faurisson  
Ingrid Declines 'Safe Conduct' Invitation By German Court  
Update On The Zundel Mannheim Holocaust Heresy Trial  
Ernst Zundel's Wife 'Invited' To Testify In Germany  
Spanish Revisionist Publisher Re-Arrested  
Zundel Defense Attorney Dragged From Court  
Zundel - Some US Prisons No Better Than Abu Ghraib  
Zundel, Irving And The Push For War With Iran  
German Judge Removes Another Zundel Defense Atty  
Ernst Zundel Commenting On Media Coverage  
Letter From Imprisoned Historian Germar Rudolf  
Update On The Zundel Saga  
Austria Bans David Irving From Talking To The Press!  
Update On Imprisoned 'Thought Criminal' Germar Rudolf  
Update On Imprisoned Historians In Europe  
Calls/Letters Supporting Zundel, Rudolf To German Embassy  
Update On Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial  
Buchanan Hits EU Press Over 'Holocaust Denial' Laws  
An Open Letter To Ernst Zundel's Judge  
Let Ernst Zundel And David Irving Go Home  
Update On Zundel Trial - Letter From Ernst  
Zundel 'Trial' To Resume Next Month In Germany  
Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial Resumes February 9  
Rappoport On The Case Of Ernst Zundel  
A Nauseating Phrase For Any Lover Of Liberty  

Germany Still On Knees After 58 Years Of US Occupation 


How Zundel Could Walk & Help Destroy The EU


Is the German Federal Republic Legitimate? 


Zundel/Germany - Is The Emperor Naked Or Fully-Clothed? 

 In What Sense Is GermanyA Free Society?  
 Zundel Thoughts On The Holocaust Heresy Trial  
 The David Irving Story  
 Free Speech Is For Everyone - Even David Irving  
 Buckley On Zundel Trials - 'God Have Mercy On Mankind!'  
 Ernst Zundel Ponders Court Battle Strategies  
 The UN Decides On A Universal Ban On Revisionism  
 Day 2 Of The Ernst Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial  
 Historian David Irving Arrested In Austria  
 Scientist Germar Rudolf Deported - Faces German Prison  
 Zundel Case - A 'Mandatory Attorney' In German Law  
 Mistrial Declared In Ernst Zundel's Holocaust 'Heresy' Trial  
 Law Student In England: 'Zundel Trial In Germany A Farce'  
 Ian Buckley On The Trials Of Ernst Zundel  
 German Court Strips Zundel Of Defense Team - Outrageous  
 The Trial Of Holocaust Heretic Zundel Begins  
 Another Zundel Letter From Mannheim Prison  
 Ernst Zündel In Mannheim Court, November 8, 2005  
 Historian Germar RudolfTo Be Deported To Germany  
 Ernst Zundel Letter On Eve Of The Great Holocaust Trial #3   
 Zundel Files Lawsuit Against Ottawa  
 Revisionist Germar Rudolf's Arrest & Current Situation  
 Ernst Zundel - Update On An Heroic Struggle  
 Who Is Prisoner Ernst Zundel? - Judge For Yourself - Part 4  
 Who Is Prisoner Ernst Zundel? - Judge For Yourself - Part 3  
 Who Is Prisoner Ernst Zundel? - Judge For Yourself - Part 2  
 Who Is Prisoner Ernst Zundel? - Judge For Yourself - Part 1  
 Dates Set For Zundel Holocaust Trial #3 In Germany  
 A Zundel Letter Out Of The German Gulag   
 Germany Sets Ernst's Trial Dates For Early November  
 Israeli Musician Defends Zundel  
 British Journalist Visits Ernst Zundel In Mannheim Prison  
 Ernst Zundel's Mail Privileges Severely Restricted  
 A Zundel Ad Campaign - Please Join  
 Canadian Jews Happy About Zundel Charges  
 Zundel Charged With Hate Crime  
 Ernst - After 3 Months In German Prison - Still No Charges  
 Zundel Update - Two POW Letters From A German Prison  
 Ernst Zundel Drawings Of Jail Cell In Germany  
 Second Zundel Letter From Mannheim Prison  
 How To Write To Ernst - English & German Instructions  
 Update On Ernst Zundel In Germany  
 Ernst Zundel - Modern Day Galileo  
 First Letter From Ernst Zundel Out Of Germany  
 1970's Zundel Pamphlet - 'The West, War And Islam'  
Ernst Zundel - The Man, His Deeds, His Writings  
 Imagine You'reErnst Zundel  
 Zundel Faces Jail In Germany  
 German Free Speech Supporters Protest For Zundel  
 Zundel, Progressivism & Free Speech For All  
 Zundel - His Freedom Is Our Freedom  
 Letters In Response To The Ernst Zundel Deportation  
 Germany Charges Zundel With Hate Crimes  
 Bulletin - Zundel Taken In 'Special Plane' To Germany  
 Zundel Denied Basic Rights To Fairness, Justice  
 Statement from Ernst Zundel's Lawyers  
 Thoughts On Ernst Zundel  
 Ernst Zundel To Be Deported In Two Days  
 Zundel - Summary Of Gross Corruption Of Court Decision  
 All Of A Sudden Ernst Zundel Is Big News  
 Canada Court Finds Zundel Can Be Deported  
 Commentary - About The Zundel Petition  
 Another Zundel First  
 Zundel's Persecution And US Slavery In Disguise  
 Canada Bans Zundel'sPrison Memoirs As 'Hate' - Outrageous  
 About Ernst Zundel And Zionism  
 An Open Letter To 20 US CanadianConsulates  
 Petition - Our Call For The Release Of Ernst Zundel  
 Americans Rally For Ernst Zundel's Freedom  
 Free Ernst Zundel Protest In LA At Canadian Consulate   
 Ernst Zundel's Christmas Cards Never Given To Him  
 Zundel Protest Demonstration Planned February 5  
 Zundel Files With UN Human Rights Commission Against Canada  
 Ernst Zundel's Christmas Message To Home  
 Zundel Update - A Mixed Holiday Bag  

 Amazing National Post Article On Ernst Zundel  
Leading European Revisionist Verbeke Arrested  
Ernst Zundel Sues Ottawa Over His Imprisonment  
Is Revisionism Legal?  
Important Zundel Hearing Set For Thursday  
Zundel Is Not A Threat - FBI   
Update On The Zundel Case  
Zundel Case - Supreme Court of Canada Says 'Nyet!'  
Supreme Court Rejects Latest Zundel Appeal  
Zundel's Followers Primarily Bookish Seniors  
Update On The Zundel Case - Prisoner Of Zionism  
The Zundel Case - Summation Of Latest Day In Court   
Zundel - The Sept 30 Canadian Supreme Court Decision  
Canada Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Zundel Appeal  
The Continued Detention Of Ernst Zundel - Part I   
The Continued Detention Of Ernst Zundel - Part 2   
CSIS Intercepted Zundel's Mail Say Ex-Agent  

Zundel Outrage - Report From Abu Ghraib Nort  
Zundel Case On AP Wire  
The Zundel Case - Report From The Canadian Front  
Ernst Zundel Wins Appeal In The Sixth Circuit Court  
 Canary In The Coal Mine  
 Zundel Case - Jurisdictional Ping-Pong  
 Ernst Zundel - An Interim Report  
 Toronto Rent-A-Mob Confronts Zundel Supporters  
 Zundel Case Reaches Crisis Point  
 Court Forbids ZundelFrom Calling Key Witnesses  
 Zundel Watch - 'This Is Beyond Evil!'  
 Summary Of Zundel Hearing In The US Sixth Circuit Court  
 Interim Write-Up Of Zundel Case  
 Ernst Zundel Being Tortured In Toronto  
 Zundel - Honoring The Fallen  
 OUTRAGEOUS - Zundel May Spend Five Years In Solitary!  
 Defense Attorney - 'Zundel's Treatment Is Un-Canadian!'  
 Writer Fights Zundel Subpoena  
 The Zundel Hearings - Quash That Subpoena!  

 Zundel Judge Witness Spat Upon By 100s Of Jews  
 Judge Tries To Avoid Testifying In Zundel Hearing  
 Report On The Zundel Hearing - Day II  
 Top Ontario Judge To Testify On Behalf Of Zundel  
 1000 Zundel Testimonials Shipped To Canadian Embassy  
 Ernst Zundel's Message To The Revisionist  
 Hitler And Saddam's Weapons Of Mass Destruction  
Ingrid Rimland Zundel To Begin Her Hunger Strike  
 Second Day Of Zundel Hearings  
 Countdown To Hunger Strike #6  
 Countdown To Hunger Strike #5  
 Countdown To Hunger Strike #4  
 Countdown To Hunger Strike #3  
 Countdown To Hunger Strike #2  
 Hunger Strike Announced  
 Ernst Zundel - The Man, His Deeds And His Writings  
 Look Who's Teed Off And Fuming  
 The Artwork Of Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel  
 Who Is Ernst Zundel And Why Is He In Prison?  
 Zundelsite Blocked  
 Ontario Appeals Court Approves Zundel Hearing  

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