Zundel Holocaust Heresy
Trial Resumes February 9

From Ingrid Rimland

The Holocaust Heresy Trial is about to continue on its Journey of Destiny after a very sputtering start.  Word has just reached me that hearings will re-open on February 9.
To all you dedicated Zundel-Watchers:  Please mark your calendar.
The matter of the "mandatory lawyer(s)" has still not been fully resolved.  As Zundelsite readers will remember, the court tried to graft not only one but two (!!) attorneys of their choosing onto the Zundel team of three, even though our own three top notch, well-informed attorneys, you would think, should have been more than sufficient. 
That attempt at not "packing the court" but "packing the defense" was apparently nixed - even though each one of our own attorneys were held to be suspect of harboring politically incorrect notions.  Tsk.  Tsk. 
On Christmas Day I received a very welcome call from a friendly gentleman of our preferred persuasion who has heroically defended Holocaust heretics before, and who has been approved as "mandatory lawyer."  (Maybe a second one of "their" persuasion is still lurking in the wings?)
Now this: 
It pains me to report to you that after one severe restriction of Ernst's voluminous mail - I guess because he gets too many friendly letters from his friends all over the world - a second one has now been ordered, even though we had already scored a partial victory.  After we protested to a higher court, it lifted all restrictions on "letters to a spouse",  and thus I was the temporary beneficiary of Letters-by-the-Bundle! 
But no more than 5 pages per letter, said the official document - court seal, official letterhead and all.
For a brief time, I was happily treated to a 5-page letter per day.  And since Ernst soon discovered that his prodigious output required sometimes ten, sometimes fifteen or more pages to round off a point he wished to make clear, he wrote me two or sometimes even three 5-page letters per day!
Whereupon the powers that be thought of another crafty solution to plug up the Zundel spirit:  Presto!  Ration  postage stamps!  That'll teach the Power Couple not to talk to each other so often!
What now?  Another costly trip to higher court? 
What a trail of pettiness left by a so-called civilized country!
More than any other event I can think of, Ernst's arrest has exposed to the world the hideous fact that Germany is really just a colony of Israel.  So now you know!  Let others know!
I shall miss Ernst's flood of letters, because each letter was a glimpse into yet one more facet of an amazingly versatile mind that always sees the world in novel ways.  For instance, ponder this one:
"It's amazing what that statement about Israel made by the President of Iran has evoked here in the German media!  Blown fuses!!!  A reaction totally out of all proportion to what the man allegedly said.
The hysterical reaction to that Iranian is proof that they are being spooked - talk about being panicky! - and just wait until [David] Irving, Germar [Rudolf], [Siegfried] Verbeke, Ernst and others have their trials. 
"Now that we see leading revisionists fall like dominoes, and all are magically ending up in a country where there are mechanisms, laws, and precedents in place that guarantee the silencing of these people - only imbeciles would still not see the unseen hand in all of this.  [For instance], the  kidnapping of this man, Masri, is far bigger news than [rendition victim] Arar's in Canada - and yet, Arar's treatment is partly responsible for the defeat of Paul Martin's government in Canada.  Ingrid, we are like the yeast in all of this dough!
"It's the nightmare of every crook, con man and liar - to be found out!  The Age of Truth demands to be born - and, Ingrid, it will!  The birth is overdue!"
So, let us toast to that.  Let's hope that 2006 will bring us one mile nearer to the Truth, and let us watch the Lie destroy itself like a snake devouring its tail.
That is my wish - and resolution. 
No surrender!



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