Letter From Ernst Zundel
Written Just Before The Verdict


The following heavily-censored letter was written only ten days before the despicable 'verdict' in the kangaroo court 'rendering' of Ernst Zundel in Mannheim. What shame lies upon Germany and its once proud and industrious people and their remarkable history. Germany is now, as it has been since 1945, fully on its knees, the whipping boy of world zionism, doing the bidding of its masters. The Human Rights and basic legal outrages of the Zundel trial are the stuff of the darkest days of Bolshevik Russia. Mr. Zundel has already had four YEARS of his life stolen and now faces 5 years in German prison. Here is his letter...
February 5, 2007
My Dear Jeff
Greetings to you from Mannheim fifth prison in the last four years. This must be some kind of record for a man not yet convicted of anything. But that, too, will change soon - for we are in the last days of what passes for a 'judicial' proceeding here.
Jeff, NO American could believe - without actually having experienced it - what is going on here. The unfamiliar or the non-initiated could simply not believe that in an otherwise modern nation, proceedings like these could actually take place.
These events surpass even Kafka's worst nightmarish scripts.
Still, I am not allowed to discuss the details of the case, and still, my incoming and outgoing mail is tightly censored. And several times already, letters written by Ingrid to me have been used against me (us?) in the proceedings, as have my own letters, of all things, dealing with Biblical topics...and get this: KARMA and REINCARNATION.
It is amazing to me to see how far things can go in the nations where there is no tradition of Freedom of Speech like we have in America...and HAD in Canada until the Marxists and their cronies - or should I say 'useful idiots' took over.
Jeff, it is stunning to see how subjugation and repression will manifest and grow like a cancerous tissue if no one steps in to stop such a creeping, terminal affliction.
I consider myself one of the luckiest Germans for having had the foresight to leave this place so early in my life, and to have enjoyed my most vital years in Canada and America, which were then, when I arrived, fantastic places throbbing with energy, full of assertive self-confidence and moral strength. There was a refreshing vigor, a can-do and will-do attitude and mood prevalent that was utterly invigorating. I am so glad my children and grandchildren can live there in freedom.
It is an eerie feeling to be living in a modern, in every other respect, state but with such deeply-ingrained limitations and culture myths or taboos that very, very few dare stray outside of the politically-correct intellectual playpens.
For me, the free-roaming spirit which has spent a lifetime expanding my horizon, and investigating all manner of things and ideas is an incredible blessing. I find, instead, the willingness of these current Germans to live - and think - in carefully proscribed, blinkered mental prisons to be incomprehensible.
It is interesting to watch German 'talk shows' about virtually any topic. They resemble stiff, repressed, super-cautious carefully mentally-scripted rituals. To view them and to have to listen to them, for us who are used to the give and take of free, roaming discussions, is almost unbearable at times.
When I try to explain to them that in America one could write about and discuss virtually any topic without the ever-present threat of being arrested, tried, convicted, fined and even imprisoned for just thinking or writing about things other than the orthodox, generally accepted viewpoints, seems unbelievable to most. They respond as if one is feeding them some kind of American propaganda. Thus, I often feel like a fish out of water.
As you well know, I am no stranger to attempts by powerful, well- organized lobbies to enforce their own norms and versions of history and events on people - so I am not naive when it comes to questions of censorship. However, it is something totally different from state-imposed, criminally- sanctioned dictates by the state to tell you not to touch on specific topics.
After centuries of experience with repressive monarchs, communists and other regimes and their censors - and the crippling effects they have on society - one should think that the benefits of an unfettered exchange of ideas would seem like an obvious and ideal solution. Unfortunately, what seem obvious and logical to us who are 'infected' with the First Amendment intoxicant, seems positively frightening to every trigger-happy bureaucrat and village policeman and 'do-gooder' around the corner.
I was just sent the decision by the Northern District Federal Court of San Jose, CA, of November 7, 2001 - the famous Yahoo vs the French Court decision in which private French lobbies had demanded that Yahoo cease and desist from allowing websites on their provider which espoused viewpoints these lobbyists didn't like, and products they did not want to be offered to the public.
I have never seen the reasoning by the court in this case, No. C-00-21275JF, November 7, 2001.
Jeff, it is one of the FINEST articulations I have seen of just what the First Amendment protects.
Usually, we get the 'horse and buggy', motherhood and apple pie explanations, sounding out of touch with the modern electronic age of instant global communications.
This San Jose Court has updated and clarified, as well as made relevant, the vital role this over 200 year old legislation means to today's Americans, or all those who live in the geographic area where U.S. laws hold sway.
The document was sent to me by Joseph T. McGinnis, Ingrid's and my attorney in the current litigation in the U.S. against my being denied habeas corpus rights, etc, currently before U.S. courts. The question of official U.S. views and laws pertaining to the internet had been, of course, raised in the proceedings here in Germany by the defence. I knew the outline, or Gestalt, of the U.S. view - but needed hard evidence to prove that what I claimed was right.
Well, this California court ruling supplied that proof, and my German lawyer used it 'in whole' as an official exhibit, filing it with the court on the last day while pleadings had already begun.
The document was declared 'irrelevant' (by the judge) but I was more than pleased to strike one more blow for Freedom. My job was to alert the court to other standards of liberty existing where I lived and worked at the time of arrest (read: kidnapping -ed), incarceration and removal from America without ever having been brought before an American judge.
By the time you get this letter, the verdict may already be in here, but Jeff my case is only one case of many going on in this country. Apparently, there have already been 120,000 similar cases since 1992, virtually all ending in convictions with heavy fines and/or stiff jail terms.
The prosecutor already pleaded for five years in prison, and denying me the two years I served in Guantanamo North in Canada, which would, in effect, mean SEVEN years imprisonment for merely expressing ideas, non-violently, for which the Canadian Supreme Court - where I had lived most of my adult life - had found me Not Guilty.
The Court ruled, in fact, that a minority member in multi-ethnic Canada must have a right to his own viewpoint - even if the majority found it not to their liking - or, even if those views were wrong. August 27, 1992.
In a way, Jeff, this case is comparable to a Chinese emigrant living in Canada or America or Australia bowing to the ONE CHILD per family law in place in Communist China. Mao's government adopted that law, as you know, and every Chinese couple is allowed only one child per family. Should the woman become pregnant a second time 'accidentally,' the couple gets hit with a heavy fine. Should there be any further 'accidents,' the wife (or husband) will go to jail and have a state-ordered abortion performed. In China, this issue is a serious crime which is severely punished.
Now comes the twist:
Chinese families were traditionally large, as in other Asian countries, because children were considered 'old age insurance' for the parents.
There are tens of thousands of Chinese - if not millions - who have fled China for other lands in order to practice the Chinese tradition of large families. There are approximately 35 million Chinese overseas and most of those families have more than one child.
China does not ask the Canadians or Americans to imprison their overseas Chinese for having broken this Communist Chinese law. I have not heard of one Chinese deported from Canada or the U.S. for having offended that repressive Red Chinese law.
I certainly have never heard of the Communists having made requests to the Canadian or U.S. governments insisting they stop their overseas Chinese - local residents - from exercising their reproductive freedom. I am also not aware that Chinese returning home to China for a visit with their grandchildren or to visit relatives in China, were arrested for breaking this stringent law while living outside of China proper.
But, Jeff, such is the mindset of the blinkered indoctrinated Europeans who consider themselves enlightened and sophisticated - and that includes virtually anyone I have spoken to - that they cannot or will not see the similarity of the situation. The situation is, of course, ludicrous!
This is a CENSORED letter from a very sad, schizoid place. Be glad you are there...and not here.
Keep the flame of Freedom burning. In spite of Iraq, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo - America is still a good place to be - the last free place. Keep it so. It is precious.



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