Ingrid Zundel On The
Ernst Zundel Verdict 

From Ingrid Rimland

Yesterday, at 7:00 AM, I received word from Ernst's son, Pierre, that a verdict had been pronounced - and that Ernst has been sentenced to the maximum penalty for "Holocaust Denial" - five years.
That's what you get in Zionist-infested Germany these days for speaking the truth as you know it and have researched and documented it.
The likewise Zionist-controlled media world-wide has been poisonous, but as a friend from Spain, having monitored the news, reported to me, and here I paraphrase from memory: "SThings are being said between the lines that were never permitted to be uttered before."
An example below from today's taz, (Die Tageszeitung) in an article by Klaus-Peter Klingelschmitt):
"In the end, the judge rejected all attempts by the defense attorneys to enter facts into evidence with the lapidären/set-in-stone argument that it is of no significance whether or not the Holocaust happened - denying it is forbidden in Germany. (!)
Just as Ernst said in a recent letter to me, 'even if I walked on water, it would not have made any difference."
So there you have it!
I have been told that Ernst, in his summary statement, asked for an international investigative team to settle the truth about Auschwitz once and for all. "Judge Nein", of course, rejected it - as he has rejected all attempts to offer expert witnesses as well as documented, scientific proof of what revisionists have calmly argued for decades.
I am waiting for a written report about this last hearing, but I have been told by an observer that he overheard one of the attorneys comment that never in his decades of practice has he experienced such uncontrolled virulence not only against the defendant but against the attorneys and even the audience. I have also been informed that Defense Attorney Rieger himself will be charged with "Holocaust Denial." (I believe that Sylvia Stolz has already been charged, although I am not sure of the specifics.)
I used to say to friends that one of the ways I could tell that sanity and reason was winning out over hysterics is that the personal assaults against me (telephone calls, e-mail and snail mail) had abated. In 1996, when the Zundelsite first rose to prominence, vilification and demonization were daily occurrrences, but in the latter years, months would go by without a single hate message, calling me all sorts of filthy names - and worse. Yesterday, hate massages came out of the woodworks like bed bugs!
Where do we go from here? Of course, appealing this verdict will be one way of protest. We will also hold a demonstration at the German Embassy in Washington on May 7 - so, please mark your calendar. We know for a fact that the German Embassy vassals were up to their necks in the conspiracy to abduct and rendition Ernst - first to Canada, and then to Germany. We have the evidence and paper trail. The latest I heard is that the surreptitious plane that took Ernst to Germany in March of 2005, explicitly bypassing customs and media, cost the Canadian taxpayers a hefty $130,000 - not $50,000, as we had at first been told.
Once we have absorbed this shock, we will have to regroup - and rethink.
No Surrender!
Ingrid Rimland Zündel



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