Zundel Verdict - Five Years
In A German Dungeon

By Michael A. Hoffman II

"I think that they've given a strong message ... to the world, that I believe will bring a tremendous amount of comfort to Holocaust survivors." --Bernie Farber, chief executive officer, Canadian Jewish Congress.
"The sentencing today of Ernst Zundel also represents a slap in the face to Iranian President Ahmadinejad's hateful campaign of Holocaust denial that unfortunately has generated too much support in the Arab and Muslim world." --The Simon Wiesenthal Center.
67-year-old Ernst Zundel's "crime" is to blaspheme the religion of Holocaustianity's "execution gas chamber" shrine at Auschwitz- Birkenau.
Protestant and Catholic Europeans have a long and ignominious history of burning, tormenting and imprisoning heretics. Zundel is now numbered with Michael Servetus, Edmund Campion and countless other independent thinkers whose ideas could not be contested, so they had to be silenced.
If Mr. Zundel really were a flat-earther, he would be laughed into oblivion. But the fact is, he has been a mentor to some of the elite scientific revisionists in the field, including former Max Planck chemist Germar Rudolf, who is on trial in Germany on similar charges.
The most disgusting aspect of the verdict against Zundel, aside from his incarceration, is the effect it will have on the Muslim world, which is sanctimoniously hectored by the West to permit more freedom of expression and to be less defensive about blasphemy of Muhammad. But the imperial West has deigned to create an exception for its own tutelary idols, about which no blasphemy may be countenanced, on penalty of five years' imprisonment. The verdict against Zundel represents a resurgence of the Dark Ages and that fact will not be lost on Muslims.
This is not the last word on Ernst! The enemies of freedom have not broken his spirit. He has been on trial intermittently for twenty- seven years. In that time, he has never recanted, compromised, or uttered a single weasel word of accommodation to the Auschwitz flatulence, even though, had he done so, he might have received a lighter sentence or been released entirely.
Mr. Zundel stands today as an example of a man who speaks spiritual truth to overwhelming material power. His ideas cannot be contained by cages and bars. From Venezuela to Iran, a new world --a youthful world -- for whom the rotten, old, Skull-and-Bones mesmerism has lost its spell-binding hold, is watching and witnessing.
The verdict against Ernst Zundel is a searing indictment of the post-modernist West. It is a self-administered "slap in the face" not to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but to every jailer-rabbi and inquisitorial Zionist who applauds it. With each clap of their hands their studied pose as the eternal victims is unmasked, and all that stands before us is the mentality that wrote the book on tyranny, in Babylon, circa 300 A.D.
Mr. Hoffman is the author of The Great Holocaust Trial, an account of Zundel's courtroom ordeal in Toronto in 1985. He may be reached at in-german-dungeon.html



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