Non-Zionist Jews Denounce
Zundel Incarceration


Zundel Outrage
As a Jew here in Amerika, I have been paying close attention to Mr. Zundels travesty of justice. I was taught that Jews were bound to protect the rights and freedoms of others, even if those views were different from mine.
I have learned painfully that this has been a lie, that there are Jews who do not live by these ideals. The world has indeed been tricked by the criminal zionist cabal.
The zionists have hidden behind those of us who believe in the sanctity of the faith. The zionists did indeed sell out our brethren throughout history and when one exposes this deceit, the finger of anti-semitism is pointed. Zionists care nothing for humanity or free expression. Your support against Mr. Zundel is a lesson to us all. When ideas and thoughts become crimes, then we truly have a holocaust.
Jeff Tanzer USA
"die jüdische" 16.02.2007 08:40



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