Update On Zundel
Trial - Letter From Ernst

From Ingrid Rimland
Ernst Zundel's trial resumes on February 9.  Believe it or not, we now have 6 (!) attorneys on our team - three of our own, and three the German government insists should be added.  These German-government paid attorneys will eventually also be paid by us in case of a conviction, which Ernst believes is a foregone conclusion since no meaningful defense is possible.  As you have seen in the opening spectacle in November, even attorneys who haven't even had a chance to submit proof of Revisionist findings are already suspected of "being too close" to the defendant and in danger of losing their licence!  That's Germany for you today - as many see it today, a colony of Zion, submissively doing its bidding.
Why, then, keep struggling on, you ask?
For the same reason that previous Holocaust trials were fought - to use the courts as a megaphone to get the information to the people.  Even with a beholden press, enough of the substance of these Holocaust show trials is sickering out - and more and more people are being informed.  These days, even presidents of large, important countries are now speaking out and asking to have the Holocaust claims investigated and verified.
The most promising development, of course, is the announced Iranian Revisionist conference. 
Also, for newcomers, here is a quick summary why the so-called "Holocaust" is of such paramount importance to the powers that be, and why one sees the extraordinary measures taken by predominant Western states to suppress any skepticism:
The Jewish Holocaust is one of the few remaining taboos of western society, on par with incest and paedophilia. Most people will react with very strong feelings ranging from anger to fear, shock and disgust, when exposed to any perceived threat to beliefs relating to the Holocaust. Even discussing its taboo nature causes considerable levels of discomfort. Unbeknown to most people, its continued existence serves a number of powerful interests and comes at a terrible cost to society.
The taboo quality of the Jewish Holocaust in Western society is being enforced no differently from taboos in Polynesia: failure to comply results in social and economic ruin, incarceration, physical attack, sometimes even loss of life. Believing that the Jewish Holocaust as we know it - as the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators through the use of gas and other methods - actually occurred, determines whether a person is considered a Nazi and Anti-Semite (in other words utterly evil and a danger to society) or not.
A political/historical taboo like this wouldn't exist if it didn't serve very powerful interests. The most obvious is support for Israel. Reports of the murder of six million Jews understandably generated considerable sympathy and support for the idea of the foundation of a Jewish state in Palestine and still helps deflecting criticism of Israel's treatment of the Palestine people and its neighbours. Less obvious is the interest of the political left in gaining moral superiority over the political right. And last, but not least, there is the interest of the Allied powers, especially the US and the UK, of justifying their war crimes committed against the German people during World War II. Who worries about the deliberate destruction of 90% of German civilian buildings resulting in the killing of 600,000 civilians when hearing about the gassing of six millions Jews?
The continued existence of the Holocaust taboo, 60 years after the end of World War II, comes at a terrible price. For one, it makes it virtually impossible for world opinion to hold Israel responsible for its treatment of the Palestine people. Any criticism of Israel's policies is stifled by wholesale claims of Anti-Semitism, implying that the critic is trying to 'finish off' Hitler's job of exterminating the Jewish people. This doesn't necessarily occur intentionally. In many cases it's simply the result of a Holocaust induced paranoia. For two, it makes it easier for the US government to continue its use of aerial bombing against civilians as a means of warfare. The killing of more than 3000-4000 civilians per month in Iraq pre-dominantly through US air strikes wouldn't be possible without the belief in US military and political circles that the killing of civilians in air warfare ('collateral damage') is not a war crime, a belief that has its roots in the unpunished strategic bombing of Germany and Japan during World War II.
Historical revisionism is not about denying the truth. It's about establishing the truth, regardless of the outcome. The failure of the political left to embrace Holocaust revisionism is depriving it of the potentially most powerful weapon against its political enemies. It should stop fighting against its political enemy of 60 years ago and start using all available means to fight today's battles.
[Andrew Winkler is the Editor/Publisher of The Rebel Media Group. He can be contacted on editor@TheRebel.Org]
And, finally, in a letter excerpt to me, I share with you a few thoughts from the man who is credited with starting it all by sending a forensic team to Auschwitz - and found it not what it purported to be.  Remember also that Ernst is forbidden by the laws of Germany to refer to the "Holocaust" in any way - except in reverential tones.  In the letter below he simply refers to it obliquely or as "the other issue":
You had rhetorically asked me in one of your letters why I thought the way I did - and where that knowledge, the overarching comprehension, came from. Here's how my "Weltbild" was built - and continues to evolve. 
I thought I should close off the old year with this review - and what a year it was, with me, in effect, being run out of the North American Continent where I lived and worked for almost half a century!  For what?  I wonder how many people reflect on that extraordinary move by three states - with a fourth the chief beneficiary, in the short term at least. 
In the long term, my case will work itself through the entrails of world politics.  Although publicly my detractors never tired of informing the world that I did not have enough supporters to fill a phone booth, behind the scenes, as the [German] court papers reveal, money and efforts expended prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the most influential and well-connected schemers, movers and shakers, who constitute the real string pullers in world affairs, were concerned enough to suspend their own rules, to violate their constitutional provisions in three countries to take out of circulation one lone artist of pension age!  One man against time!
[Think of] the enormous organizational effort it took over decades to achieve that silencing!  I once again appreciated what Francis Parker Yockey pointed out in his epochal book, "Imperium" - little noticed, hardly known - that, in this age, the man of politics, the person working with, or upon, the hearts, minds, and souls of people would be superior to the man of finance, the military, and the judiciary.  Yockey ought to have known, having been a gifted lawyer, researcher, and investigator for the Allied War Crimes Commission in Europe.  He investigated and interviewed the "hated", just defeated elite of Europe. That's how he came to his sensational knowledge and insights, which he condensed in this sweeping overview of the situation of the West and its endangered culture.
Francis Parker Yockey suffered a fate very similar to my own, with one difference:  He did not have my knack for getting the news catapulted into the public arena.  He worked away quietly in that monestery in Ireland, writing his books and appeals, which were noted only by his enemies, whom he had identified as the real Enemy of Europe.
I was very fortunate to be handed the two volumes of "Imperium" given to Mr. Arcand, [a nationalist Canadian leader of a Party] by Yockey in the late '50s when he stayed with Mr. Arcand for long talks, long walks, and played the most glorious music on Mr. Arcand's piano for hours. 
My teacher was no slouch, Ingrid! Mr. Arcand was for many years the culture and music editor and critic of La Presse in Montreal.  La Presse was the largest circulation French language newspapar outside Paris. Life Magazine devoted a large photo-illustrated section to him because he attracted 5,000 people at La Guardia Airport in New York during an American speaking [tour] about 1937.  The papers referred to him as the Eagle of the North. Through making available to me his library, and walking me through history, culture, religion, and political ideology, he saved me decades of going down dead ends and false trails.  Thank God!
Ingrid, I think that early schooling laid the solid foundations and supplied the important criteria and filters - the methodology that has served me ever after.  Served me well, as you know!
Mr. Arcand was to me what Socrates was to Plato. He was to me the proverbial master who appeared because the pupil was ready.  I don't know if Mr. Arcand was even aware of it or if it was just a natural trait with him.  He obviously spotted in me, the young, artistically inclined peasant boy, a kind of unspoiled talent. We complemented one another, as odd as it seems at first glance - he, of the well-educated, aristocratic French-Canadian landed gentry, and I, an inquisitive young man.  It was a magic time for me and left in me a memory which deeply embedded itself within me.  This almost sleepwalker-like knowledge, soaked up like a sponge, already condensed in Mr. Arcand's life experience, was stripped by me of the parochial overtones which clouded it, since Mr. Arcand was naturally a firm Catholic Conservative believer, as was the Zeitgeist in French-Canada at the time. 
The rest was, of course, organizationally difficult to achieve, the pursuit was costly, but the outcome was predictable and predestined.  Ingrid, logic - like mathematics or music or medicine - has its very own rules and laws, as firm and immutable as Newton's laws of gravity. It is, of course, easy to write this down in this condensed form after years of reflection and the actual hands-on role I played in bringing it about.  And here comes the karmic/cosmic role of the Enemies of Truth:  Their assaults, attacks, shrill criticism of my activities kept me focused far more than if they had simply ignored me.  But no - Sabina [Citron, president of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association] and her coterie of haters saw to it that I had simply no choice but to increase my efforts, hone my skills, and study, research, network, ask for advice, contact Dr. Lindsay, Arthur Butz, Mark Weber, Robert Faurisson - and eventually, in a roundabout way, Fred Leuchter.  Had it not been for [my detractors'] intense ethnic hatred, had they left me alone, Ingrid, never would I have so concentrated on the solution to these problems.  The trials were the outcome.  The massive publicity, negative or not, put that topic on the map and into the consciousness of hundreds of millions scattered all over the world.
Fate and my enemies cast me in the role of this Don Quixote, tilting at windmills in this macabre bean-counting exercise, which I hated from the outset.  Ingrid, I shied away from this issue for a decade because I had a far more positive, forward-looking vision of the world, which could only be realized via the political arena.  That's why that was my decade of learning in the 1960s - of learning the use of the tools I would need for that life, learning English, French, testing my speaking skills - and, yes, learning the art of salesmanship.  Salesmanship permeates all of human life - even courtship is salesmanship, if properly analyzed.  So is politics.  I knew that from Day One. 
The 1960s were my decade of self-teaching.  Mr. Arcand was a one-man university with a vast storehouse of knowledge.  [Over time], I drifted of necessity into other fields because the Canadians denied me citizenship, which abruptly slammed the doors shut on what even news media people had thought was a promising career in the political arena at the time of my election campaigns.  I was content to leave the other issue to the historians.  However, it became evident that these men of little intellectual courage were not going to come to the defense of not only my own German people but of Western civilization as a whole. 
I decided that the streets could shame the Ivory Tower dwellers into dealing with the topic - and proceeded to do just that.  At least I attempted to do it, and won some over with my own research results and my pin pricks of pointed poking, prodding, cajoling.  That part ended in the trials, which were my way of public education, using the courtroom as the auditorium for my experts. 
It worked. The rest is history.
That's when the administrative harassment started - mail denial, snooping, customs, postal seizures, passport and travel restrictions!  When that did not stop the dissemination of information, next came beatings, arrests, bombs and other assassination attempts. The judicial persecution was only part and parcel of that, but even German and Canadian courts were then still independent enough to deliver stunning victories.  They made it clear to my enemies that the courts were not willing to do their bidding so easily.
When the Supreme Court ruled in my favor, my detractors were so shocked that I had a brief respite.  Only afterwards came the mass demonstrations, the arson, and the parcel bomb. 
I survived. 
My enemies realized in the decade of the 1980s that I was not the clown and buffoon - what Alan Borovoy [Jewish Counsel to the Canadian version of the ACLU] called "...a peripheral non-entity with not enough support to fill a phone booth."  They realized what they had on their hands was a street-wise, organized peasant who had learned a few things that the trials had forced upon me - their efforts were not going to be cake walks.  All their deprecating insults heaved upon me for the last decades were not going to make that debate go away.  The genie was out of the bottle.
That's when they decided to go the legislative route and change the goal posts by introducing ever more repressive laws. The Human Rights abuses via their own institutions were meant to finish what the fire and the bomb had not achieved. Infiltration was also stepped up - Bristow and the likes arrived.
The rest you know - and you and I had a few years of heaven and contentment.  And then they came for me.  In America.
That it would come to that [after that] fateful-for-us [9/11] September day was clear to me - if not yet to you.  The arrest, the deportation - a camouflaged rendition into the hands of my deadly enemies - was the beginning of the slamming of the door [for them]  as it was to my political ambitions earlier on.  Thanks to the protracted legal struggle, the hard reality has been temporarily obscured and is not yet comprehended by the uninitiated in the cabbalistic machinations of these people.
Machiavelli was a boy scout compared to the millennia of deviousness, deception, steered corruption and infiltration these people could fall back on.  Remember the study by the U.S. War College published during the week of those tragic events of September '01? The report was leaked the Washington insiders' way of alerting the public to problems and dangers suppressed by the ruling oligarchy.  It fingered only one nation that could initiate something [like 9/11] and then blame it on others. 
Ingrid, these experts KNEW even then! 



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