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Holocaust Heresy Trial
From Ingrid Rimland
Greetings from the Zundelsite:
This is a summary of the three days of hearings in the Holocaust Heresy Trial - February 9, 15, and 16.  I held off reporting on it because I had hoped for a more professional, on-location summary from someone like William James who can grasp the overarching topics, principles, tactics, and strategies - not just the actual events.  Again, due to e-mail sabotage, I may not have received every write-up from the audience sent to me.  Therefore, I am flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak, piecing things together from an admittedly limited and incomplete perspective. 
You should know up-front that Ernst is not allowed to communicate to anybody about the trial itself - apparently, not even to me, even though a higher court had ordered that his communication to his wife not be restricted in any way.  Secondly, his correspondence overall is severely throttled.  Not only is he limited to "two letters" (coming and going) each workday, the correspondence he receives from others is largely limited to postcards from strangers who just send a greeting, sometimes in a language that he cannot read, often not even with a return address.  At times, he is given empty envelopes just to underline - what, exactly?  Also, his postage stamp allotment has been brutally cut back so that even the "two letters a day" limitation is hampered. 
In a way, I am the beneficiary.  Ernst writes me absolutely stunning letters, practically every day - cutting down his allotment to others by 50% -  letters that are a testimony to his indomitable spirit, every one of which I save for future use.  Happily, my letters to him get through in a relatively short time - and in order to make it easier on the censor(s), I remember my good manners and always include a courtesy copy for them!  
Ernst is not allowed to utter the word "Holocaust" - he gets around that one by speaking of the "Reizwort" (incendiary word).  He is not allowed to comment about Adolf Hitler for fear it might be catching like the flu.  He is not allowed to receive anything that could give him intellectual or artistic stimulation, which includes travel brochures and seed catalogs.   Any input generally about what is going on politically outside the prison gates he can only gather by reading newspapers that other prison inmates gleefully share, to liven up their boredom, with the political celebrity that's dwelling among them.  Wherever he walks in the prison yard, he gathers a tail of followers eager to hear him hold forth - exactly like Jesus, he says. 
Physically, Ernst is apparently well taken care of.  He has repeatedly commented on the respectful kindness of his guards, and he is allowed to have a radio and CD player, which is a very great comfort to him.
This much by way of a foreword. 
Now how to summarize the three days of hearings this month?  One has to understand what is playing in Mannheim in order to appreciate the strategy.  Germany does not have, and never has had, a Constitution after its defeat in 1945 - a fact that is not known to most people.  Instead, the BRD/Bundesrepublik has something called a "Basic Law", which seems to be a carbon copy of what rules Israel - in itself an interesting comment on this camouflaged colony of Israel's called "Germany". 
I will not reiterate the history of why a Constitution was denied so far to the German people, partly because I am not familiar with all the ins and outs.  On paper, the BRD was installed in 1945 as an interim government that would expire as soon as the people would be able to elect a government to their needs and liking.  At least that was the promise -  and it is even nailed into the record through speeches in the German parliament.  The way I read the tea leaves, this lacking Constitution was promised to the German people intermittently, allegedly as soon as they were politically "mature" enough to "deserve" a Constitution - in other words, as soon as they were all "re-educated" to atone in perpetuity for their forefather's infernal conduct in wartime.
Now this "Basic Law" is unctuously proclaiming on paper that Germany is a "democracy".  It includes a lofty provision for Freedom of Speech and Assembly.   However, the "Holocaust" is held to be so utterly "self-evident" that there has got to be an exception to prove a worthy rule, and therefore, a statute called Paragraph 130 was spawned.  It is swung by obliging judges like a club against those who dare "sin" against anybody who, in parlance, who "defames the memory of the dead" and "incites the people" with questions challenging the Holocaust. 
"Legally", as Germany exists today, a defense based on facts and evidence that would show up the Holocaust as the concocted monstrosity it is, is utterly impossible - and immediately brutally clubbed down by judges who are willing to please.  Attorneys who try to defend those who run afoul of Paragraph 130 by conducting themselves according to globally accepted standards of justice merely endanger themselves of contravening Paragraph 130.  To paraphrase Orwell, all German people have free speech, but some have more free speech than others - just as nobody's dead must be defamed, but most can be defamed, as long as some are shielded. 
The argument the Zundel Team is making is within these legally existing and restricting parameters.  Since Paragraph 130 exists, a direct defense is, therefore, not in the cards.  The strategy is not, as I understand it, to show that the Holocaust didn't happen and couldn't have happened as claimed, because science, especially forensic science, doesn't support any of the conventional claims - the Zundel defense strategy is to show up Germany as lawless and controlled by an agenda that merely serves Israel.  Not Germany!
Thus, the Zundel legal team treats the judicial setup as an enemy fortress and the judge and prosecution as "willing executioners" in the service of an alien power.  Ernst's freedom under this strategy has become secondary - almost, it seems to me at times with that horrid sinking feeling in my stomach, irrelevant in the grand design of things. The aim is not so much to free Ernst Zundel from prison by showing that what he said was justified, and that he acted on the dictates of his conscience - the aim is to find allies within the judicial system who will remember they are Germans and not useful idiots to Israel, and who will refuse to convict according to Paragraph 130.  If Paragraph 130 can be made to land on the garbage heap of history where that abomination belongs, then patriotic people need no longer fear to speak the truth as they know it.
Vastly simplified, the Zundel Heresy Trial has now become the vehicle to try to shake off Israeli (and Allied) control of Germany, and hopefully of Europe.  Ernst has become the symbol and political icon of that struggle because he is the best-known Prisoner of Conscience in the Western world and his name carries weight and prestige with important dissidents who have put the mosaic together and refuse to live by the Lie. 
Recently, there have been cracks in the judiciary itself in that judges have begun to speak out against this absurd situation of claiming "freedom of speech" when, in fact, they are required to shred every attempt of freedom of speech the moment Jewish interests come calling.  Some have described this new phenomenon as a "paralysis" in the judiciary - in that Paragraph 130 complaints are dismissed outright or, if charges are brought, the system is dragging its feet to convict. 
In response, the Enemy of Free Speech, via what I call the "Poodle Media" - a phrase I'd like you to adopt - is shooting out of every barrel.  Mainstream media folk have attacked with a blizzard of defamatory Zundel articles world-wide, but even there are cracks in that the more alert reporters are beginning to resent having to spew the words that someone puts into their mouths, and they have found ways of sliding in the real issues by letting people read between the lines.  In Europe, mainstream media, generally, is not as viperous as the Canadian scribblers, for instance.  The German articles that I have seen slyly let shine through what really plays in Mannheim! 
There are six attorneys making up the defense - three of our own, and three assigned by the government, ostensibly as "public defenders", whose duty is, as you and I surmise, to spy on strategy and move the trial to a speedy conclusion and conviction.  Now it so happens that one of these three "public defenders" is Dr. Bock, a most distinguished, white-haired gentleman whom we consider as being on our wavelength due to his long and vigorous defense of other defendants who transgressed against Paragraph 130.  That leaves two dismayed fellows who "don't enjoy the trust of Mr. Zundel," as it was pointed out by one of the Zundel attorneys in one of the hearings.  They sit behind the main team, out of earshot, fuming!
A young, attractive lady, Sylvia Stolz, is the lead Zundel attorney - a genuine Magnolia beauty hiding a spine of steel.  From all I heard, Dr. Meinerzhagen, the judge in this trial, is no match at all against Attorney Stolz. She refuses to address him by title.  He looks and acts apoplectic. When he talks, she talks, too - parallel.  When he pulls the cord to prevent her from speaking, she turns around and addresses the audience directly. She is described as superbly unruffled and sweetly in control.  She bests him with every move.
To the glee of the courtroom spectators, Dr. Meinerzhagen has lost his cool.  When an elderly woman laughed loudly at some of the point-counterpoint sparring, he ordered her up front and lectured an old lady as though she were a kindergartner.  When one of Zundel supporters called him a name that wasn't his name - comparing him to a notorious judge in those unmentionable times - he had the man arrested on the spot and thrown in jail for 4 days.  When, after the hearing was over, a spontaneous Singing Quartet in the audience launched the first verse of "Deutschland über alles" - certain verses forbidden by Germany's vigilant censors, even though it is a song with a long, distinguished history that was not dreamed up by the Wicked Regime - Meinerzhagen fined the would-be Barbershoppers 200 Euros apiece - a fine that was immediately collected in the audience by disbarred Attorney Mahler passing the hat.  It was like in the olden days in Toronto - the only prop missing were the yellow helmets worn by the old-time dissidents. 
For the second time, Dr. Meinerzhagen has thrown in the towel and cut the hearing short, but not before telling Ms. Stolz that he is going to initiate an investigation into her irreverent conduct.  This brave young woman could well end up in jail herself, which would only underline the camouflaged dictatorship that really rules the Fatherland.  Remember Roosevelt's suggestion:  "Speak softly and carry a stickS"?  That's what's been going on in Germany for 60-plus years, and now the genie is out of the bottle. 
So that's where we are today.  Five hearing days have passed - and the only thing accomplished was that the charges were read against Ernst - listlessly, I have been told.  Ernst listens to all this commotion, quite calm and unperturbed, as is his style in general.  He knows that he can't win under the current system.  The system is stacked against Truth, and he has known that all along.  It would be sweet justice if he could take the trophy of the defeated Paragraph 130 back home to Tennessee where I would pin it up for all the world to see in the museum on the mountains that Ernst and I  had planned.
Ernst wants you to know that this Holocaust Heresy Trial is only the beginning of what is going to transpire on the soil of the Old Continent.  As he has put it in one of his letters to me:  "They'll rue the day yet when they deported me to Europe!"
P.S.  Below is a typical Poodle article from the Deutsche Presse Agentur:
Courtroom Uproar Mars Neo-Nazi Trial In Germany 
16 February 2006
MANNHEIM, GERMANY (DPA) - A German neo-Nazi's trial degenerated into uproar Wednesday as the judge jailed a member of the public for contempt and warned a far-right defence lawyer she could be thrown out of court.
Supporters filled the court as Ernst Zuendel, 66, appeared for a second day on charges of incitement to racial hatred for denying the Holocaust, which Zuendel's books and website claim never happened.
Presiding judge Ulrich Meinerzhagen on Wednesday imposed 200-euro (240-dollar) fines for contempt on three men who sang a nationalistic version of the German national anthem in court last week.
When a member of the public slurred the judge by shouting a remark that  compared him to a senior Nazi-era judge, the man was sentenced to four days in detention for contempt.
Sparring with Zuendel's defence lawyer, the judge told her, "You are sabotaging this trial," and switched off her microphone. When she kept talking, he threatened to throw her out of court.
Zuendel's lawyers accused the court of being "anti-German".
Zuendel, who has been in detention since his expulsion from Canada last March, was silent Wednesday. He had lived in North America since 1958, but as a German national, he can be charged for offences committed abroad.



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