Ernst Zundel -
An Interim Report

From Ingrid Rimland

Today is another so-called "bail hearing" for Ernst Zundel - an exercise in futility that is costing us thousands of dollars, while the Canadian taxpayer picks up the tab for the Holocaust Lobby and CSIS - none being any the wiser.
Nothing even faintly resembling justice can be expected from Judge Blais, a former solicitor general and, hence, boss of CSIS who is pimping for both the Lobby and CSIS in ways one can only describe as shameless beyond words. I often wonder what that kind of conduct by a judge, in olden days a community model seen as holding a position of respect and even reverence by the public, must do to the moral fabric of a country such as Canada.
About yesterday's demonstration in front of the prison, I have no further news beyond what I already sent you, but I am looking forward to the photos for our archives. We try with great care to document each step of this Marxist charade.
Yesterday, our printer called me and assured me that the second printing of Ernst's book will be available in two weeks. The first one is just about gone. People are ordering it in lots of 5, 10, 20, even 50 to give to their family members and friends. I think we finally found the public interest key that works to spread the word about what happened with Ernst's arrest and detention. The first reviews are coming in - all of them positive to glowing! A few will soon be posted at
In "Setting the Record Straight," Ernst tells of his treatment in Blount Country Prison, which shocked me when I first heard it, shocked me even more as, slowly, a fuller picture emerged in letters Ernst sent to others, not to me - and shocks me even now, 18 months later, as I keep hearing additional details of what really happened beyond Ernst's initial description, conveyed to me in a somewhat toneless, dispassionate voice through a pane of glass that separated us - that what had happened was "the New World Order in action."
For instance, in a letter copy I received just yesterday, written from the Canadian Gulag to a young friend near Hollywood who supplies us with up-to-date post-9/11 videos, I found out that during what seems to have been a training session in terror, Ernst was dragged by his feet from his bunk bed and, face down, dragged outside. This was done to a 64-year-old man, known and respected world-wide for his restrained and peaceful public activism for Truth in History, who had been arrested without charge and without explanation! I am haunted by his more recent words that "you don't know the half of it." I guess I don't - not yet!
If you really want to know what happens to those daring to insist on Truth in History, for instance to French professor and premier Holocaust Revisionist, Dr. Robert Faurisson, go to
That is one small example.
In the letter to his young friend, Ernst describes not only his treatment today, almost six decades after the war, but the treatment of soldiers and civilians by Allied forces right after the defeat of Germany.
Dear Bill:
Just a short note to tell you that I got the photos of the demo, also the documents about Abu Ghraib. To me, of course, this is nothing new, since I published a book about Allied war crimes - including lots of American war crimes during and after World War II.
My father was a German Wehrmacht medic who became a U.S. Prisoner of War and ended up in several of Eisenhower's camps along the Rhine. These camps were described by James Bacque in two of his books on the subject, so I have known since January 1948 what Allied soldiers did. In those days there was no e-mail, no digital cameras to record, send, and download [those atrocity photos], but the same, and worse, crimes were committed against German civilians, not just soldiers, starting with the Soviets in the East and the French, British, Belgians, Dutch, and Americans in the West.
What always disturbed me was that, in the beginning, the fighting troops were largely white - only later on did the occupation troops have lots of minorities. Take, for instance, the 134 SS troopers, tried for what has been called the Malmedy Massacre. All of them had their testicles [by white Allied forces] so smashed that none were able to reproduce after. We brought that out in our first trial through Dr. Faurisson's testimony.
[Other atrocities consisted of] drowning men in latrines by [holding their heads down] by GI's, making others eat feces and vomit, or in the case of Julius Streicher, forcing his mouth open with a wooden club and having Negro guards spit into his open mouth - one of the "milder" treatments. Simpson van Rhoden, who investigated American interrogation tactics in Dachau, Schwäbish Hall, and Nuremberg, as well as other places, wrote about hooding of prisoners, then a big outrage, driving match sticks under their fingernails and setting them on fire, OR U.S. GI's posing as priests taking the "last rites and confessions" of tortured prisoners who were told they would be executed. All this was reported to Congress and published in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune at the time. I got copies of the microfilm for my trials - so this is nothing new!
As to the filming of these tortures and rapes, Louis Marschalko, one of Hungary's war time writers, wrote a book in 1953 called The World Conquerors. I met him in Munich ten years later. He told me about the French rounding up several thousand women in Stuttgart in the summer of 1945, imprisoning them in the underground passages of the Stuttgart railroad station, and letting French Colonial troops loose on them for an orgy of rapes - all of it being filmed and then shown, he said, at a New York City Jewish fundraiser!
In the East, after they had tied women of all ages to the bed posts and gang-raped them, the Russians were fond of forcing copper tubes into their vaginas. Their sons, daughters, husbands [of these women] were forced to watch as rats, whose tails were burned with cigarette lighters, were shoved into those tubes, so that these women were torn apart [internally] by the frantic rodents! This was told to me in Montreal by a man a little older than myself, to whose mother it was done in his and his father's presence in 1944-45.
To make my story complete:
On February 8th, 2003 [Ingrid's comment: Ernst put a question mark here - I think it must have been the 10th or 11th,] 2003, when I was kept in Blount County Jail in Tennessee, I was dragged from my bunk and forced to the floor face down. My arms were twisted on my back and put in plastic handcuffs, [then I was] dragged by my feet from my cell to a common area where there were maybe 40 or 50 inmates lying on the floor, equally trussed. Two police dog handlers in black uniform and visored helmets held two wildly yapping German shepherds and a Doberman about two feet from my head. I could smell its foul breath. Saliva kept dripping on my sleeve and arm. The dog was hysterical, as was its handler, who had trouble holding it back. It kept rearing on his hind legs with its teeth clanking together. I saw young female police in skin-tight flak jackets and combat boots filming this disgusting scene, climbing over the prisoners lying curled up, some shaking like leaves, others sobbing, scared out of their wits! I was shocked by the ruthless, unfeeling behavior of those U.S. prison guards and those special dog handler types, who belonged to a special unit, it seems.
We were no insurgents. Some were Mexican illegals, but 98 % were Americans, local people. There was no riot, no reason for this brutality. So it is the norm, Bill - it's not an aberration. The treatment was nasty in every way. It was a disgrace for America!
I, who always was very fond of America, had myself a reality check. Reality is very different from the propaganda we are fed. That, obviously, is the New American style of frightening people. Jefferson, Washington, and Madison would turn over in their graves as to what happened to their Early American dream!
Meanwhile, more and more people are finding their way to our cause who realize they have been lied to in so many ways, including who Ernst Zundel is and what he stands for. Many of them are young - the oldsters of the war time generation who have financed the Revisionist outreach up to now are slowly passing from this earth. The young ones are the ones who are going to rescue whatever is left to be rescued of the country once proudly called America.
Here is one such letter from a young man who recently found us:
Dear Zundels,
Greetings from Ohio! I saw a post on promoting your new book, and ordered it right away. It took only 2 days for me to read.
I must say that I am ashamed of myself for not following this case more closely. I am aghast at Mr. Zundel's treatment by the "modern" governments of our day and time.
I am sorry that I can not contribute more financially. I am married with 2 children, making $7.00 per hour, and my wife and I are trying to get me through pre-med at Ohio State University. I had a bit of a "book fund" in my PayPal account that I've been hording, since funds are very limited, and I love books so very much.
I can say proudly that the last book that I purchased with the money was, "Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell # 7". Upon finishing the book I promptly donated what was left of my meager account to your (our!) cause.
I feel so very helpless, but if there is anything that I can do, please do not hesitate to ask!
About 3 pages into the book I started to meditate on, and pray for you both. I have not stopped.
Please convey to Mr. Zundel that I also feel that music is a great way "communicate" to our people. I have recently (re)discovered classical music, and it does stir my DNA!
I have so much more to say, so little time. Can we write to Mr. Zundel while he is deep in the gulag? Can we send him stamps, books, envelopes, et cetera?
Again, if I can help in some way, let me know. You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
Ernst Zundel is a precious Human Being.



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