An Open Letter To
Ernst Zundel's Judge

An Open Letter To Judge Meinerzhagen On The Eve of the Zundel Heresy Trial
January 31, 2006
To Judge
Dr. Ulrich Meinerzhagen
JVA Mannheim
Herzogenriedstraße 111
D-68169 Mannheim
Dear Dr. Meinerzhagen:
With the trial against my husband, of which you are in charge, about to start again, I take this opportunity to lay before you a few facts and some of my reflections as the wife of a man who is, by all accounts, about to be silenced for good for his politically incorrect thoughts. On the eve of these fateful days, I feel an obligation to write this letter to you in the hope that I will find the right words worthy of serious reflection.
Before I do so, however, I want to tell you in all honesty that I, for one, never really was offended by your censorship and that you, as the judge in this historical trial, read all our letters and came to know our innermost thoughts. I saw this unpleasant constraint, imposed by what I always thought was surely a country of civilized conduct, namely the homeland of my ancestry, less as an infringement on our rights but rather as a golden opportunity to give you a few glimpses of who we really are, what motivates us deeply, how we conduct ourselves, and how this heresy trial - for that is what it is - is viewed by the rest of the world.
I would also like to say that I agree with Ernst that nothing could be gained by heaping scorn, derision and disdain upon your head - as seems to have happened from the pens of a handful of livid Zundel supporters, which must have shocked, distressed, and greatly angered you.
In courtesy to you, I will try to be brief, concise - and polite. Nonetheless, it is important that I speak clearly. I am not sure you are aware of the importance of your role, of the great privilege of this rare opportunity to serve your country by serving historical truth - not just for Ernst, not just for Germany, but for the remnant of the Western world, and maybe for humanity.
A train called "Aufstand für die Wahrheit"* is roaring your way, full speed, full weight, full force - and you are tasked by fate to set the direction. And here you are, already hearing the rumble, sensing the tremble, feeling the dread. There's no one else to act for you - you must decide. What is it going to be? A resolute choice for Truth in History - or the proverbial boot upon the human face that Orwell spoke about?
Of course, as Ernst's wife, I shall hope for that gesture of courage from you - knowing all the odds against it. I hope for it, but I don't count on it. I see a sad, humiliated country parading in sack cloth and ashes, willingly wearing its blinders, mired in self-blame and guilt - obediently demonizing those who, confronted with facts and with logic, abandoned both sack cloth and blinders. How that should be so - in a country as accomplished and proud as Germany was - is a case for the Freudian couch, not for a German courtroom.
Here are the facts in a nutshell, for you as well as history:
* The Holocaust is Fraud writ large. It's an extortion racket. It has been proven to be so from documents, from decades' worth of research by conscientious men and women from all walks of life all over the world, and from forensic science - and millions upon millions know that. My husband led that effort by digging deep and bringing forth that first forensic kernel of truth. That is the action of a man of principle. An honest country would reward such a man - not punish and imprison.
* Ernst was the first one ever who, in response to four decades of Germanys demonization by its enemies, sent a team to Auschwitz looking for the so-called "murder weapon" - the dreaded "gas chambers" of Hitler's concentration camps. That first forensic expedition documented what they found, and what they did not find. Has Germany ever done that? Why not? Please show me an insurance company that doggedly refuses to investigate a murder claim for which it must pay through the nose! What Ernst initiated was long overdue - and it was not a crime. If he is wrong, as many are led to believe for self-serving reasons - why not re-check his findings? Or why not use the testimony sworn under oath in his two trials in Canada and spare you the expense and effort? It's all there, for the asking, in the records of Canada's two Great Holocaust Trials of 1985 and 1988.
* Ernst Zundel has a fine mind, a will of steel, and an impeccably unblemished record. He dug in his heels and refused to budge, but he has always respected the law. Never once, in almost half a century of almost incessant insults, murderous violence and non-stop demonization did he raise a hand against his tormentors. Should such a man endure years of detention in inhuman, abusive surroundings - with not a chance of that proverbial snowball in hell to be allowed to offer a defense?
* Specifically, it has been claimed Ernst owned and ran the Zundelsite, an American-based website, famous around the world. I call that an affront against my dignity as a professional and as a citizen of the United States of America, a country with a Bill of Rights as part of its Constitution. In the United States, to speak one's mind is guaranteed by law, no matter how embarrassing and inconvenient to vested political interests. I happen to have a mind of my own. The Zundelsite is my own property. Ernst did not found the Zundelsite. I did. Ernst does not run the Zundelsite. I do. I have done that for close to 12 years! Out of respect for him, I crafted and refined the Zundelsite so that it accurately, and to the best of my ability, reflected and reflects what Ernst is all about - an honest, questing man who cannot help but speak the truth as he knows it.
* I have been told that Germany has issued an arrest warrant for me as well. I, too, have an impeccable record, having always lived within the law, in deference to my chosen country. I was a respected, accomplished writer long before I ever met Ernst Zundel. For many years, I used to make a living as a convention speaker, keynoting about the history I knew to audiences as large as 6,000, being booked alongside accomplished entertainment stars, state governors, and senators. No one objected - ever! Whatever made me suddenly a "criminal"?
* I understand the prosecution is going to present three "witnesses"to make its threadbare case. Who are these witnesses? Ernst's second wife - a fractured personality whose fevered mind hallucinates concocted stories. Two government spooks who nested in the entrails of German embassies and consulates to do their dirty work for alien interests - instead of shielding and defending a tortured German national, as would have been their duty. That's it! That's all the shabby "evidence" the prosecution conjured up after three decades' worth of spying, harassing and subverting - and millions' of taxpayers' money! I measure these three traitors to the truth against the thousands of testimonials collected over decades from supporters all over the world who know Ernst and vouch for his conduct.
* You have been tasked to finish off this man. I need to point out that you are in a position you to do precisely what is right, as opposed to what might be politically useful. I must assume you did not choose this role and do not cherish it. You did not make the laws. You must obey the laws - or must you? You know by now that what the so-called "Holocaust" connotes is far from "offenkundig".** This obscene trial is a political circus, meant to solicit applause from New York, Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. The Holocaust Lobby is holding the hoop. You are expected to overrule your German conscience and jump through that hoop like a poodle.
Ernst Zundel is a man who never has jumped through the hoop for the sake of applause. Future generations will have no difficulty according this rare individual great honor for his determined stand against corruption and deceit in his homeland. How they will judge his judge, whom fate has chosen to preside over literally life and death at such a crucial juncture in Western people's history, is as of this late date still written in the stars.
Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.
* Revolt for the sake of the Truth
** A "given", something widely understood



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