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Fukushima Reactor Disaster
Archive 2

Neutron Ray From Uranium Detected In Tokyo - Vid

450 Tons Groundwater Per Day Leak Into Reactor Bldg

Japan Cities, Towns Find Chernoblyl-Level Radiation - Vid

Local Official Tells Young To Leave Japan - Vid

Fukushima Decon Contractors Charging $13,000 Per Home

TEPCO Claims Fukushima Radiation Cut In Half

Fukushima Rain In St Louis, MO 270x Over Background - Vid

29 Of 30 Teas Show Cesium In Tokyo Tests

Busby - Supplements To Block Fukushima Radiation

Corbett - Fukushima Update - Vid


Japanese Destined For Kenya - 20 Microsieverts Per Hour

Thyroid Gland 'Irregularities' In Fukushima Children

Japan Will No Longer Measure Plutonium - Genocide

How Fukushima Impacted The Massive Arctic Ozone Loss

Secret US-Israeli Nuke Weapons Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts

TEPCO Now Says NO Hydrogen Explosion At Reactor 2

TEPCO - 3-16 Blast 'Somewhere In The Plant, Not Near Reactor 4'


Students Ordered To Eat Potentially Radioactive Food

Astonishing 512 Sieverts An Hour At Fukushima Reactor 1

Plutonium 239, 240, Strontium Found 80 km From Fukushima

Marathon Foot Race To Be Held In Radioactive Fukushima City

Japan Burning Massive Radioactive Debris Is Nuclear War On US

Japan To Cover US  With Radiation For 2.5 YEARS - Vid

Japan Admits Plutonium 40 Miles From Fukushima Plant

New Maps Show Wide Dispersion Of Plutonium, Strontium

Japan School Kids Forced To Drink Radioactive Milk

Japan Burning Massive Radioactive Debris Is Nuclear War On US

Fukushima Reactor 4 On Fire


Eat 2 lbs Japan Radioactive Beef, Get 80 Microsieverts

US Nuclear Plants On Terror Alert - Vid

Typhoon Rain Filling Reactor Buildings With Radioactive Water

Air 150 km From Fukushima As Radioactive As At Plant

Fukushima Water Decon System Working At 53% For Week

Iodine 131 Found In Philadelphia Sewage Plants, Landfills

Whistleblowers Terrified At TVA Nuclear Plants - Vid

Gunderson - Fukushima Radiation, Beef, And 'Black Rain' - Vid 

1 Billion Becquerels An Hour Emitting From Fukushima

1458 Radioactive Meat Cows Maybe Already Sold

Japan Expert - Serious Risks Remain At Fukushima - Vid

Japan Won't Rule Out Radioactive Beef Exported

240 Japanese Children Ate Radioactive Beef


How To Enjoy Radioactive Autumn In Japan Schools

Tokyo On The Edge Of Being Lost To Radiation

Strontium 90 Found 245 km From Wrecked Fukushima Plant

Japan To Offer 10,000 Free Trips To Foreigners In 2012 

Fukushima Radiation Fallout 10x More Than Reported

Fukushima Housewife Clueless About A Safe Life - Vid

Plant Mutilations From Radiation Spreading Over Japan

Tokyo Tap Water In Crisis From Radioactivity

300,000 Bq Of Cesium At Tokyo Drinking Water Source

TEPCO Spraying Radioactive Water Over Fukushima Compound

IAEA Decontamination Fails To Win Citizens Trust - Vid

Secret US-Israeli Nuke Weapons Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts

Shimatsu - Secret US-Israeli Nuke Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts

Shimatsu - Is Japan's Elite Hiding A Weapons Program Inside Nuke Plants?

Shimatsu - Proof Of Fukushima Weapons Program

TEPCO Releasing Hydrogen To Prevent Blast In Reactor 1

Tokyo City Govt Finds 51,000 Bq Per Sq Meter In Soil

Casualties Mount In Japan Fukushsima Nuclear War

Fukushima Nuke Workers Speak Out

Anonymous Fukushima Engineer - Fukushima Disaster 'Endless'

Triple Cesium 134 In Tokyo Elementary School Compost Pile

Fukushima Made Bridge Girders Read 700 Microsieverts

Japan MInistry Of Education - Radiation? What Radiation?

Cesium 134 Spikes Near Huge Incinerator Near Tokyo

Fukushima Nursery School Kids Trips To Safer Areas

Radiation Covers Trees, Forests - All Must Be Cut Down

Fukushima Worker Warns Of Danger From Trees, Pollen

3rd Fukushima Worker Dies - Cause 'Not Known'

Radioactive Debris To Be Sent All Over Japan

300,000 Bq/kg Cesium 134, 137 In Fukushima City Soil

UK Physicist Wants Radiation Limits Increased By 1,000 Times!

Japan Plants And Trees Are Dying

Fukushima Net Cam Mystery Man Holds News Conference

IAEA To Help Japan Decontaminate Fukushima Plant Area

Tepco Releases 'Eyewash' Video Of Fukushima Daiichi - Vid 

Reactor In Southern Japan Goes Into Auto Shutdown


[10+ Hydrovolcanic Quakes - Cause Of Reactor 4 Fire?

Fukushima - Biggest Release Of Radiation Into Sea Ever

Tokyo To Burn Mass Radioactive Debris Spewing Radiation!

Japan - 29 Million Cubic Meters Of Radioactive Waste

TEPCO Claims Reactor 2 In 'Cold Shutdown'

Whistleblower - Japan's PM 'Isolated, Out Of His Depth'

Genocide In Japan - Prof Chris Busby - Vid

8.02 Microsieverts/hr Air Duct In Tokyo Commuter Train - Vid 

Radiation In Japan Even Worse Than Expected

Radioactive Food,Six Months After Fukushima - Vid

Japan PM Wanted To Evac Tokyo But Afraid Of Panic

New Japan Prefecture Worse Radiation Than Thought

TEPCO Worker Anger Over Having To Eat Radioactive Food


Fukushima - Farmers Struggle With Radiation

Fukushima Radiation Levels Unknown To Humans, Machines

New Japan Cell Phone To Also Detect Radiation

Fukushima Evacuation-Ready Zones Abolished On 9-30-11

'This Is BAD' - 10.80 Microsieverts On Train In Tokyo - Vid 

Fukushima Getting Worse - Tokyo Becoming Uninhabitable?

Message From The Fukushima Fallout Zone - Vid

Steam Rising From Fukushima Reactors 3 And 4 - Vid

TEPCO - May Be 100% Hydrogen Gas In Reactor One Pipe

High Levels Radiation Found In More Fukushima Rice

Orientation For The TEPCO Video For Reactor 3 - Vid

TEPCO Handout About The Video - pdf 

105,600 Bq/kg Cesium On Apt Rooftop In Yokohama!

Cry For Help By Teachers, Students In Fukushima

Japan To Dump Suspect Fukushima Food Abroad - Vid

BBC Effort To Twist Fukushima Disaster Debunked - Vid

DHS Found Fukushima Radiation In SF Area Rainwater

Reactor 2 Containment Holed By March Quake?

Melted Cores From 1, 2 & 3 Now 30'+ Underground, 100' In Year - Vid

Typhoon To Pass Right Over Fukushima Plant - Vid

Roke Spreads Radiation From The Sea - Hits Fukushima


Major Japan Paper Questions Possibility Of 'Cold Shutdown'

Typhoon Roke Heads Straight For Fukusima Nuke Plant

Live Sat Image Of Typhoon Roke - Japan

Joint Typhoon Roke Warning Center

TEPCO - Groundwater Pouring Into Reactor Basements

Fukushima Survivor Tells All - Vid

Fukushima A Warning To The World - Vid

Typhoon Heading Straight At Wrecked Fukushima Plant

Gunderson Explains Terrible Mark I Reactor Problems - Vid

Fukushima Reactor Basements, Walls Likely Cracked Open

Busby - Help Save Fukushima Children From Radiation - Vid

Fukushima Recriticality - More Radiation In July-August?

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Japan Says Tsunami Debris 'Spontaneously' Combusitng

60,000 Rally Against Nukes In Tokyo

Fukushima Seafood, Products To Go To Developing Countries

Japan's Fukushima...History's Worst Human Disaster - Vid

Experts Agree Fukushima Worse Than Chernobyl - Vid

42,000 Bq/kg Cesium In Dirt In Yokohama City

Ultimate Impact Of Fukusima Disaster Still Not Known

6.6 Then A 6.2 Hit Near Fukushima Disaster Zone

Tepco's Fuksuhima Dai-Ni Will Be Decommissioned 

'No Radiation' - Was Last Year's Rice Tested In Fukushima?

Fukushima - Japan Goes to WAR

Fukushima Children Meet With Government - Vid 

Japan Expecting New, Massive Radiation Release At Fukushima

Japan Govt Trying To Stop People From Measuring Radiation

Big Amount Of Neptunium 239 Flew 60 km From Fukushima

BBC - 30 Microsieverts Per Hour Just Inside Exclusion Zone

Japanese Minister Quits After 'Town Of Death' Gaffe


Shocking 0.378 Microsieverts In Tokyo Train Station - Vid

Yokohama City To Dump Radioactive Ash In The Ocean

Plugging Fukushima Leaks Critical To End Crisis

Steel Frame For Reactor 1 Complete,  Ready For Cover - Vid 

Fukushima Radiation Contamination Perceptions (Humor)

Fukushima Radiation In WA State 100,000x Normal In March

Fukushima Reactor Core May Now Be Into Groundwater

Fukushima 1 Back Into Recriticality

Proof Of Fukushima Weapons Program Rests On A Pile Of Manure

Scientific American - Fukushima...More Very Bad News

Massively-Redacted TEPCO Documents - Huge Coverup

Estimate Triples Amount Fukushima Radiation To The Sea

Finger-Pointing Fukushima Mystery Man Explains Actions

Radioactive Manure - 255 CPM - Bought In SoCal


UCB Finds Highest Levels Of Cesium 137 In CA Soils Yet

Japan Radiation On Way To West Coast Now - Vid

Fukushima Mystery Man Identified - Vid

Fukushima's Long Link To A Dark Nuclear Past

Ex-Japan PM Kan Says TEPCO Wanted To Abandon Fukushima!

Caldicott-Gunderson - Second Fukushima Coming To The NW

How To Find Radioactive-Free Food In Japan

Fukushima And Gulf Oil Disasters Worsening

No More Free Food For Heroic Fukushima Workers

Mystery Flashes At Wrecked Fukushima Plant - Vid

Govt Tells Farmers To Keep Growing Radioactive Veggies

Mom Does Utmost, Daughter Still Shows Cesium In Urine

Japan Children Being Deliberately Sacrificed To Radiation

Fukushima - Eerie, Surreal Echoes Of Chernobyl

Typhoon Strikes Japan

Fukushima Unit 3 Explosion Report - Vid

Kaku - Virginia Quake...Nuclear Wake-Up Call For US  - Vid

One Farmer Stays In Nuclear Zone, Won't Leave - Vid


Radioactive Tea Products In Tokyo Supermarket

TEPCO - Plutonium 238, 239, 240 Found At Playground

28,000 Becquerels/kg In Wild Mushrooms In Fukushima

Mystery Man At Fukushima Warns World - Vid

Fukushima Will Harm All Of Humanity For 1,000s Of Years - Vid

North Anna Nuclear Plant Severely Damaged - Coverup

New Model Shows How Badly US Hit By Fukushima Radiation

Major Typhoon To Hit Fukushima Area This Weekend

Video Shows US West Drenched By Fukushima Radiation - Vid

TEPCO Try To Keep Radiation From Water Table

Radiation Swamps Japan Sewage Treatment Plants - Vid


Water Entombment For Fukushima 1 Back On Table

14 Fault Lines Found Near Japan Nuclear Plants

Japan Burning Pouring Radiation High Into Atmosphere

Fukushima Workers Showered In VERY 'Hot' Water

Japan Radiation - Something's Rotten In Yokohama


Japan Booklet Tells People To Decontaminate Selves

Sunflowers Used On Radiation In Fukushima, Japan

34 Fukushima Soil Spots Top Chernobyl Forced Evacuation

Insane Radioactive Burning Covering Japan With Cesium

Massive Radioactivity In Widening Areas Of Japan

40 Yr Old Fukushima Worker Dies After One Week

76 TRILLION Beq Of Plutonium 239 Released From Fukushima

Fukushima Plant Releasing 10 Trillion Becquerels/hr - Vid

Radiation In Fukushima School Stairs 70x Over Safe Limit

Soil Radiation Around Fukushima Above Chernobyl Dead Zone

Scientists Can't Decide What To Do With Fukushima

Japan To BURN Everything Radioactive - Worldwide Death


Gunderson - Japan To Burn All Radioactive Materials - US Will Get It - Vid

Japan To BURN Radioactive Debris - Radiation Will Come To US

Gunderson - NRC Fukusima Fuel Pool Lies Exposed - Vid 

TEPCO Explains How Fukushima Reactor 4 Exploded

Fukushima Area Uninhabitable For 20 Years

Japan Firm Orders 'Energy Saving' Haircuts For 2700

Radioactive Early Harvest Rice In Two Prefectures

Radioactive Rice Hay Story Still Unresolved

Japan OKs $900k To Police Fukushima Information 


Rage Over Govt Monitoring EVERY Fukushima Post

Fukushima Cesium Leaks 'Equal 168 Hiroshimas'

Japan's Nuke Agency Hides Child Radiation Results

Nuclear Safety - A Dangerous Veil Of Secrecy

Most All Japan Radioactive Debris To Be Burned, Buried

Tokyo Resident Internal Cesium 134, 137 Exposure

Japan Government Prepares To Leave Tokyo

Work To Cover Reactor 1 Building Has Started 

Residents To Be Returned To Radioactive Homes, Schools\


Japan Ignored Own Fukushima Radiation Forecasts - Vid 

Way Over-Limit Cesium Found In Fish 55 km Off Fukushima

MOX 3 Core Melted Violently Into Concrete Containment

Japan Rice Radioactive? - Paddy Has 35,000 Becquerels/kg Cesium?

Japan Foreign Minister - 'Stop Claiming Food Is Safe'

Radiation Team Finds 16,000 CPM In Exclusion Zone - Pics

Reactor 3 Fuel Melted Twice, Now In Containment

Three Pro Nuke Hacks Tell Japanese Plutonium Is Safe - Vid

Kaku - Fukushima Radiation Can KIll Someone In Seconds - Vid

Gunderson Explains Lethal Fukushima Radiation Discoveries - Vid

Fukushima Radiation 1,000 Times H-Bomb Testing Peak

Japan To Axe Top Nuke Officials Over Fukushima Crisis

Canada Admits Massive Fukushima Radiation Over Canada


TEPCO Won't Give English Translation Of It Cooling Scheme!

Fukushima Disaster Not Unforeseen - NRC

Japan Sends 12,600 H.S. Students To Fukushima Festival!

Fukushima Prefecture To Test Wild Local Mushrooms

Robot Nearly Fried On Second Floor, Reactor 1

Many Deadly Fukushima Radiation Discoveries Ahead

Radioactive Fish Found In CT River - Strontium 90

5+ Sieverts An Hour Found On Reactor 1 Second Floor


Floods Threaten Thousands In Northern Japan

50,000 Tons Of Japanese Sludge Is Radioactive - Vid

Radioactive Compost Sold In 23 Prefectures

TEPCO Clueless About Location Of The 3 Melted Cores - Vid

Torrential Rains Pound Fukushima - Vid

'What The Hell Are You Doing!?!' - Tokyo U Nuclear Scientist

New Japan Law 'Cleanses' Bad Nuclear News

Yoichi Shimatsu - Why Underground Entombment Won't Work

Radioactive Japan Compost Has Already Spread Wide

154 US Military In Japan Exposed To Up To 250 Microsieverts


The Fukushima 'Reactors Exploded' - US Commander In Japan

Radiation Is Good For You (Hormesis) 'An Incredible Lie' - Vid

1600 Fukushima Workers Thought Exposed To High Radiation

60 Becquerels/kg Cesium In Eggs From Fukushima

MOX Reactor 3 Needs More Water -  Leaks, Other Problems

Workers To Face 75 Millisieverts Inside Reactor Bldg 3

TEPCO - Reactor Cooling Done From OUTSIDE Shrouds

Long Term Fukushima Recovery, Reconstruction Plan

Melt Through Simulation Well Before Fukushima Disaster - Vid


More Deadly Rice Hay - 106,000 Becquerels/kg Of Cesium

Japan To Survey Half Of Country For Radiation

Fukushima Children To Get Regular Cancer Tests 

Threat To Entire Japan Food Chain Grows, Radiation Spreads

Japan Government Killing Citizens Of Fukushima City - Vid

Fukushima Radiation Picked Up In Glasgow, Scotland


Japan PM's 'Nuclear-Free Society' Remarks Worry US

Radiation In Fukushima City Far Worse Than Thought?

6.2 Quake Hits Fukushima Prefecture, 6.4 Hit Saturday

Number Of Radioactive Cattle Now Over 2,600

Radiation Spreads All Over Japan...Via Cows

Another Premier Japanese Beef Hit By Cesium Scare

Eat 2 lbs Japan Radioactive Beef, Get 80 Microsieverts

Fukushima 3 And 4 Still On Backup Power - Vid

Power Cut Off, Now Partially On, To Reactors 3 & 4

Plugging Reactor Holes Dropped From TEPCO Roadmap!

Far Over-Limit Cesium In World Famous Matsusaka Beef


TEPCO Claims Fukushima Roadmap 'Step One' Done

GE-Hitachi To Negotiate New Lithuania Nuke Plant

US OKs Sendai Airport - Keeps 50 Mile Stay Away Zone

Japan Finally Bans Fukushima Beef

SOS Again From Minamisoma, Fukushima - Vid

Radioactive Iodine 131 Still Detected In Tokyo Sewage

Cover Put On Reactor 3 Turbine Bldg - Why?

Busby In Japan - High Tokyo Air Cesium - Vid 

Radioactive Beef Sold In 18 Prefectures


TEPCO Covering Turbine 3 Ahead Of Typhoon Ma-On

Japan 'Colossal Beef Blunder' - 100,000 CPM Per Cow OK!

Radioactive Rice Found In New Prefecture

High Iodine, Cesium In Reclaimed Tokyo Public Water

Kan Talks 'Cold Shutdown' (absurd) - People Going Home

Fukushima Residents Thrown To The Lions

UFOs Over Fukushima, March 26 2011 - Vid

It Will Take 3 Years To Decontaminate Fukushima Water

Concerns Grow Over Radiation In Japan Beef

Category 4 Typhoon Ma-On Headed To Japan

Discoveries By People With Geiger Counters In Japan - Vid

Why Tokyo Metro Should Be Fearful Of Radiation - Vid

Did Explosions Break Concrete Releasing Radioactive Water? - Vid

Kids Playing In Tokyo Metro School Yard Radiation - Vid


Reactor 3 Won't Hold Nitrogen - Containment Holed - Vid


Meat From 84 More Radioactive Cows Sold Around Japan

Mushrooms Grown Indoors Show Radioactive Cesium

High Plutonium In Rice Field 50 km From Fukushima?

Fukushima Water Decon System In Trouble

Another Japan Reactor In Trouble - Ooi Plant Shutdown

SOS From The People Of Fukushima - Vid

New, Much Wider Radioactive Beef Scare Hits Japan - Vid

Radioactive Straw Produced 75 km From Wrecked Plant

Shizuoka Gov Hustles NY Tea Drinkers With Untruths

Fukushima Water Decon System Shut Down Yet Again

TEPCO To Pump Nitrogen Into Reactor 3 Containment

AREVA Water Decon PVC Joint Broke OFF


Japan Radioactive Food Fears Growing Fast

Typhoon May Hit Fukushima Next Week

Los Alamos Works To Stop Radiation Threat

Fukushima City To Decontaminate - May Take 20 Yrs

Massive Cesium Levels In Playground Soil Near Tokyo - Vid

Radiation Being Spread 'Almost Willfully' In Japan

TEPCO Workers Face Radiation For $50 A Day

Fuksuhima Radioactive Water Another Time Bomb


Bad Street Radiation 135 Mi South Of Fukushima - Vid

52,547 Bq/Kg Of Cesium In Soil Of Tokyo Outskirts

LA Area Peaches Double Normal Background Radiation

TEPCO Feeding Workers Fukushima Produce Since March!

Fukushima Water Decon System Down - Same Joint Leaked!

Radioactive Beef Circulating In Japan Stores, Markets

Deadly Radioactive Beef Distributed Nationwide In Japan

Radioactive Fukushima Beef Already Sold In 9 Prefectures

Gunderson - How Fukushima Can Happen In The US - Vid

Fukushima Beef Cattle Fed Highly Radioactive Hay - Vid

Fukushima Cattle Hay 75,000 Becq/kg Cesium, Safe Limitl Is 300

Burned Household Trash In Kashiwa City Shows 79,800 Becq/kg

Biophysicist Casts Doubts On US Fukushima Fallout Policy

Fukushima Area Hit By 7.1 Quake - TEPCO 'No Damage''


TEPCO - Melted Core Removals May Start In 10 Years, IF - Vid 

10 Humans Enter Reactor 3 For 9 Min - Get 5.3 Millisieverts

Update On Far Over Limit Radioactive Fukushima Beef Cattle

Over Limit Radioactive Cesium In Beef From Fukushima

Top Japan Nuclear Experts Blast Govt & TEPCO

5,6 Quake Strikes Off Honshu Near Fukushima

Nitrogen Injection Into MOX Reactor 3 Delayed

3 TEPCO Workers Exposed To 250 Millisieverts

Deadly Deception? Japan Tuna Catch Routed To Other Ports

Japan Govt Seeks UN Worldwide Endorsement For Its Food


Fukushima 1 Water Decon At 76% - Kurion Unit To Blame

Minister's Resignation Sign Of Japan Disintegration

Japan Govt, Kyushu Electric Caught Hiring Pro-Nuke Shills

Japan To Stress Test All Nuke Plants

Reactor 1 Drywell - Record 266 Sieverts Per Hour

Fukushima 1 Plant Has New Sandbag Tidal Barrier - Vid

Blaze At Tokai Nuclear Plant - 'No Radiation Leaked'


Can Steel Sheets Block Radiation In Reactor 3?

School Kids Used To Clean Radiation From Swimming Pools

Radiation Spreading In Fukushima City - Prof Calls For Evac

45% Fukushima Prefecture Kids Thyroid Radiation Exposure

Fukushima Radioactive Soil Dumped In Parks, Forests

Steel Sheets On Reactor 3 Floor To 'Block Radiation' (sure)

Radioactive Cesium Found In Tokyo Tap Water

City Radiation 60 km From Fukushima 500-700x Normal - Vid

How First 24 Hrs Shaped Japan Fukushima Catastrophe

Japan's Secret Bailout For TEPCO

New Analysis Reactor 3 Spent Fuel Pool Is Grim - Vid

Broken Seawater Pipe Stops Cooling Fukushima Reactor 5

Japan Officials Draw TEPCO Breakup Plan


TEPCO Begins Convoluted 10 Step Recycling Cooling Effort

Robot Vacuums #3 Floor - Little Radiation Change - Vid

Gunderson - Reactor 3 Fuel Pool Shows 1 Bundle Handle - Vid

Top Japan Nuke Expert - Much Worse Radiation To Come

Japan Cancer Expert Rips TEPCO Lies, Feels No Hope For Future

Meanwhile, Japan Doctor Says Radiation Is Good For You (!)

Japan Electric Companies Defend Nuclear Power Plants

Toshiba Pushes For Spent Fuel Dump In Mongolia

Fukushima Kids Test Positive For Cesium 134 & 137

Fukushima Radioactive Water Now Over 120,000 Tons


Cesium In Urine Of 10 Children At Fukushima City

Fukushima MOX 3 May Explode - Nitrogen Injections Stopped

We Are Getting A Steady Flow Of Fukushima Radiation - Media Mum

Tellurium Found In Seawater At Fukushima Intake

Elderly Volunteers Will Help Clean Up Fukushima

15 Tons Radioactive Water Leak From Fukushima Tank Into Ground

'New, Improved' Fukushima Cooling System Down After 1.5 Hrs

Melted Fuel Moving Down Toward Ground And Sea Water

TEPCO Stops Decon Water Cooling - Too Many Broken Pipes - Vi

Japan Govt To Ship Fukushima Seafood To Developing Nations

Man Saves 2 Dogs At Fukushima, TEPCO Angered


Reactor 3 Radiation Even Higher Than June 8 Readings

'Treated' Water Used To Cool Reactors 1, 2, 3 (What Cores?)

Residents Urine 40 km From Plant Measures 3 Millisieverts

Strontium 90 Found Three Miles Off Fukushima Shore

TEPCO Pouring Boric Acid Into Reactor 3 MOX Fuel Pool - Vid

EPA Boiler Regs Delay - Puts Thousands Of Lives At Risk

TEPCO - Disaster In Slow Motion

TEPCO Had A Fallout Projection Map On March 12

Possibly Zero Water In Reactor 2 - Gauges Broken - Vid 

Radioactive Water Decontamination Restart Not In Sight - Vid

Fukushima Scam

Japan To Track Fukushima Residents Health For 30 Years

The TEPCO B*stards At Fukushima

More Fukushima Fuku-Ups - Calhoun Spent Fuel Cask Dunked

Two Robots Fail At Fukushima (Radiation Killed Them?)

TEPCO Still Not Aware Radiation Can Kill...

3 Millisieverts Internal Radiation In Fukushima Residents


Small Drone Helicopter Crash Lands On Roof Reactor 2

ALL Fukushima School Kids To Wear Radiation Dosimeters

3 Ton Piece Of Equipment Pulled Out Of Monju Reactor

Chuba Kids Must Wear Hats, Gargle Regularly Over Radiation

Are Japan Kids Being Used For Radiation Research?

Radioactive Playground In Tokyo Metro Area - Vid


Japan Tsunami From Inside A Car - Vid

Tsunami Debris Headed For Pacific 'Garbage Patch'

Japan Governor - 'No Danger In Japan'

Post Quake, Fukushima Disaster Suicides Increasing 

Third Try To Pull Fallen Equipment Out Of Monju Reactor

Fukushima Water Decon - Kurion 5% Success, AREVA 40%

IAEA Criticizes Japan Lying About Fukushima Situation - Vid

6.7 Quake Hits Near Fukushima - Tsunami Warning Issued

TEPCO Admits Nuke Water Decontamination Not Working - Vid

Radioactive Basement Water In #2 430 Millisieverts Per Hour - Vid

Temp Inside MOX #3 Reactor Jump As Cooling Decreased - Vid

Kaku - 'They Lied To Us, They KNEW' How Bad It Is - Vid


Radiation In #2 Basement 'Excessively High'

6.46 Micro/S An Hour On Playground In Outskirts Of Tokyo - Vid

Tokyo Area Fears Grow As More Radioactive Hot Spots Found

Radiation 10x Over Limit And Cobalt 60 In Fukushima City

AREVA Portion Fails In Fukushima Water Decon Effort

Fukushima - The Greatest Nuclear, Environmental Disaster In History

Radiation Map Of Fukushima, Eastern Honshu - Bad News

Japan Worker - 'We Are Kamikaze' - Danger Far From Over - Vid

Melted Cores Through Containers, Sinking Into Earth - Prof


1.6 BILLION Becquerels Pour Out When #2 Doors Opened

Fuel Pool 4 Has Only 30% Water Needed - Radiation Released

Fukushima Water 144 Times More Radioactive Than Thought

Water 'Too Hot' - Maxes Out System In Just 5 Hrs, Not 30 Days

Japan To Vent Deadly 'Humidity' In Open Doors To Reactor 2

TEPCO To Open 2nd Reactor Building - More Radiation 


Major Japan Paper Questions TEPCO Ability To Stop Crisis

Japan Facing Magma Surges, Volcanic Fury, Another 9.0 Quake

Fukushima And The Mass Media Meltdown (betrayal)

Japan's Post-tsunami Harmony Is A Myth

The Big Fukushima Lie Flies High

5.9 Quake Hits Near Fukushima

AREVA Water Treatment Plant Down - Water Rising 

Startling Map Of Fukushima Fallout Over Eastern Japan

TEPCO Stops AREVA Radiation Decontamination System

Major Crisis At Another Japan Plutonium Nuclear Plant

Radioactive Japan Tea Found In Paris

Flashes :24, :50, 1:04, 1:48, Huge Night Deadly Radiation Release - Vid

Another TEPCO Night Massive Radiation Release On June 12 - Vid

Aerial View Of Destroyed Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Is Fukushima Radiation Killing Babies In Philadelphia?

Tokyo Radiation .34 Microsieverts An Hour

Fukushima Plant Releasing 10 Trillion Becquerels/hr - Vid

Reactor 1 Drywell Hits Stunning 263 Sieverts Per HOUR

Dhar Jamail - Fukushima Far Worse Than You Think

S Korea Measures 392 MicroSieverts Per Hour - Vid

TEPCO To Build Concrete Reactor Tombs - Will Take 'Years'

Areva Radioactive Water Unit - More Massive Deadly Waste

Children Suffering Severe Radiation Sickness 50 km From Daiichi

Fukushima May Be In An Apocalyptic Spiral Already

Yellow Colored Water In New Video Inside MOX Bldg 3 - Vid

More And More Radioactive Hotspots Showing Up In Japan

Govt Releases Radiation Readings At One Meter High - Vid

Tokyo To Measure Radiation At 100 Locations - Vid

Radioactive Whales (Cesium) Caught Far From Fukushima

Media Hid Key Words From Fukushima Disaster Coverage

'A Grave Contamination Is In Progress In Tokyo'


Significant Jump In Cesium 137 In Bay Area Topsoil

Giant Cloud Envelopes Entire Fukushima Plant - Vid 

63 World Radiation Monitoring Sites Tracked Disaster - Why No Data?

Japan - The Fukushima Situation Now 'Extremely Severe'

Radioactive Materials In Sewage Sludge Now In 16 Prefectures

TEPCO Reveals Extreme Isotopes Found In Fukushima Soil

WSJ - 'Excessive' Strontium In Fukushima Sea, Groundwater

Japan Approves $100b Fukushima Compensation


Radiation 1000x Over Limit 100 km From Wrecked Plant - Vid

Massive Radiation Heading Into Japan's Groundwater - Vid

Gunderson - Metallic Taste Sign Of Hot Particle Exposure - Vid

Fukushima Dairy Farmer Commits Suicide

TEPCO Finally Releases One Photo Of Inside Charred Building 4


PM Kan's Mistrust Of TEPCO Shown Correct In NYT Article

240x Over Limit Strontium In Seawater Off Fukushima 

Stunning 251 Sieverts An Hour In Reactor #1 Drywell

New Gamma Photos From Inside Reactor #3

Reactor 4 Fourth Floor Photos Show Massive Damage

14 Anti-Nuclear Demonstrations Held Across Tokyo

48 Leaks In AREVA Water Device - System Now A Clogged

US Marine Scientists To Survey Fukushima Ocean Area

10x Over Limit Cesium 137 In Bulgarian Mushrooms (Chernobyl)

Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Cooling Not Working

SF Bay Area Top Soil Cesium Continues To Rise


Fukushima Workers Exposure Tops 650 Millisieverts

Japan Working To Clean Its Quake/Tsunami Wounds - Photos

Radiation Levels Inside #3 Revealed (No Isotope IDs)

Reactor 3 Bldg Has 6,400 Tons Of Radioactive Water

Vaunted French Areva Water Decon Unit Full Of Leaks

Ex Top Japan Advisor Says Govt Worsened Radiation Exposure

Dosimeters For Children...Or Move Them Away - Japan Dilemma

Young Parents Moving Away As More Radiation Found

Radiation In Reactor #3 (MOX) Too High - All Work Stopped - Vid


5 Workers OD On Radiation Limit In #3, One Falls Unconscious

Cooling Of Nebraska Plant Spent Fuel Stopped By Fire

Japan Govt To Permit Radioactive Cement To Be Made

Earless Mutated Rabbit Born Near Fukushima - Vid

Radiation 90x High Than Chernobyl Evac Level At School

Secondary Radiation Spread In Tokyo Near Sludge Plant

Japan Cities, Towns May Force Closure Of All 55 Nuke Plants

TEPCO Shares Plunge Another 20% - No End In Sight

Will Fukushima Cause International Higher Death Rates?


Fukushima Now A Melt-Through - Into Last Containment

Strontium Found 62 km From Fukushima In April & May

Fukushima II 3000 Tons Of Water Has Cobalt 60, Cesium

Gunderson - Americans Breathing, Eating Deadly Particles - CNN Vid

TEPCO Loses Power At Fukushima Reactors 1 And 2

Highest Radiation Levels Yet Found In Tokyo Sewage

Japan Admits Fukushima Situation Worse Than A Meltdown

Radioactive Signs Tokyo May Be In Grave Trouble

Daini Plant To Dump 3,000 Tons Deadly Water Into Sea

Heartbreaking Evacuations As Fukushima Radiation Spreads

5.77 Microsieverts/hr On Street Pavement Near Tokyo - Vid

Japan Admits Possible Melt Through At 1, 2 And 3

Tellurium 132 Found At 4 Locations From Plant March 12

Vastly Underestimated Radiation Emissions Raise Questions


Fukishima - Japanese Feels Betrayed By West

Gunderson On NRC And WH 'Safety Standards' - Vid

Japan Finally Admits 3 Full Meltdowns At Fukushima

Japan May Expand Fukushima Evacuation Zone

Fukushima 'Twice As Bad As Thought' (no...far WORSE)


950 Millisieverts An Hr In Rubble Outside Reactor 3

Plutonium Found Outside Plant On April 22

AREVA's Water Decontamination Process Revealed - Photos

Gunderson - Seattle Residents Breathed Ten 'Hot' Particles A Day

Cams Show New 5.6 Quake, Radiation Pours From 3 And 4 - Vid 

Four Sieverts An Hour Gushing Out Of Building 1 - Vid

Highest Radiation Ever Recorded At Fukushima

370 Water Tanks To Fukushima For Radioactive Water

TEPCO Plan To Hold Off Deadly Water Leak...For 3 Days - Vid

Tokyo Was Covered By A Radioactive Plume On March 15

Pressure In #1 Drops To Near Normal Outside Air

4,000 Millisieverts An Hour Inside #1 Reactor Building

Staggering Reading - #1 Drywell Now Showing 250 SIEVERTS An Hour


'Another Level 7' Just In The 100,000 Tons Of Fukushima Water

Shizouka Governor Caves - Order Radiation Tests For Tea

Gunderson - Fukushima Worse Than We Think - Tokyo In Danger

Busby - #3 Explosion Appeared To Be A Nuclear Blast - Vid

Superb Analysis Showing #3 Fuel Pool (?) Exploding - Vid

PA Reactor Scrams For Second Time In 36 Hours

Japan Govt In Slight Radiation 'Calculation Error' (like DOUBLE)

100,000 TONS Deadly Radioactive Water May Leak By June 15 


EU Official Slams Secrecy Over Fukushima Radiation

Radioactive Water Overflow Would Be Worse Than Airborne

Japan To Expand Already Loose Acceptable Radiation Levels

IAEA - Japan Govt Response To Disaster Is 'Exemplary' (NOT)

Tokyo Radiation Levels Revealed In Japan Communist Party Report

Japan - Some Green Tea Banned Over Radiation 

6.3 Quake Hits Near Fukushima

Cesium 137 In DE Drinking Water Over Max Levels

Japan PM Kan Survives No Confidence, Stays On

IAEA Admits - 'There Is NO Safe Level Of Radiation'

Internal Radiation Exposure In 40% Of Fukushima Refugees

Radioactive Waters Rise In 2, 3 And 4 - Overflow Possible

S&P Chops TEPCO To Junk Status, Shares At Record Low

4.7 Quake Hits Nigata - No Damages Reported

Kaku - We Came Close To Losing Northern Japan - Vid


French Find 60x Annual Limit 40 km From Plant

Two Drugs To Help Expel Plutonium Due In July

500,000 Becquerels Per Kg Found In Some Rainwater Drains

Japanese Retirees Offer Help At Fukushima

Russian Nuclear Expert Blasts TEPCO For Lying

Japan Vastly Underestimate Fukushima Disaster Costs

School Kids Near Fukushima Told 'Wear Long Sleeve Shirts'

Strontium 90 Found 10 km From Fukushima Plant


Fukushima Explosion Explanation More TEPCO BS?

Three Million MILLION Potential Lethal Radiation Doses - PDF

Explosion At Fukushima Plant Likely A 'Gas Cylinder'

Oil From Fukushima Leaking Into The Sea 

Japan - Land Of The Rising Silence (About Fukushima) 

Japan Fails In Pledge To Re-House 30,000 Victims

Fukushima Plant Workers Face Further Tests

Astonishing 225+ SIEVERTS An Hour In Reactor 1 Drywell

Fukushima Dead Zone Likely As Radiation Soars

Milk Cows Moved Out Of Fukushima Evacuation Zone

Work Stopped At Fukushima Over Very Heavy Rains - Vid

 Extremely High Radioactivity In Reactor Building 2 - Vid


High Levels Of Radioactive Cesium In Fukushima Snow

TEPCO Admits Stabilizing Reactors By Year End Impossible

Fears Big Storm Could Spread Fukushima Radiation 

Pump Failure Nearly Brings Reactor 5 To A Boil

Rense & Tim Flanagin - Radiation In Your Home And Your Body

US-Japan Push Mongolia To Host Spent Fuel Storage Dump


Typhoon Songda Weakens, To Pass South Of Fukushima 

Radioactive Trench Water Rising At Reactors 2 & 3 

TEPCO Claims Cooling Restarted At 1 Through 4 Fuel Pools - Vid

TEPCO Restarts Cooling Of Fukushima Reactor 5

TEPCO - Fukushima Not Ready For Typhoon High Wind, Rains

Extremely High Radiation Off Miyagi and Ibaraki Seafloors

Fukushima Equal To At Least 50 Chernobyls Now

Iodine 131 In Hong Kong Fish - 2,000 Miles From Fukushima

Gunderson Gives Testimony To NRC Despite Sabotage - Vid


Letter From A Fukushima Mother

Typhoon Rains Expected To Cause More Fukushima Leaks

Typhoon Nears Japan - Fukushima Plant Not Prepared

Fukushima Wildlife Suffering From Radiation

Sky High Seafloor Cesium 300km Along Fukushima Coast

'One Day We May Not Be Able To Live In Japan'

Typhoon Strengthens, May Hit Fukushima Nuke Plant

TEPCO Lies - Academics Cite 'Massive' Radioactive Water Problem

Deadly Radioactive Water Leaking From Fukushima Tank

Russian Expert - Fukushima Is Worse Than Chernobyl

Giant Storm With 195 mph Winds Approaching Fukushima

TEPCO - Likely 94% Meltdown Of MOX Reactor 3

Deadly Radioactive Water Leaking From Tank At Fukushima


Fukushima Parents Rage Over Govt Failure To Act On Radiation

Radioactivity Spreading On Fukushima Coast - 'Worse Than Thought'

IAEA To Send 18 To Study Fukushima Catastrophe

TEPCO - Kashiwazaki Plant Iodine May Be From Fukushima

Japanese From Nuke Town Allaowed First Visit Home

Spent Reactor Fuel Risk Greater in US Than Japan - Vid 

Nuclear Waste - Into Eternity - Vid

A Staggering 204 Sieverts An Hour In Reactor 1 Drywell

Hawaii Dairy Farmers Fight Radiation With Boron

IAEA Lied About 3 Fukushima Meltdowns For 6 Weeks

Parts Of Melted Cores Have Broken Into Drywell

Cesium 137 Levels Rise In Sonoma CA Milk Samples

Multiple 4 Inch Holes In #2 Containment, 1 & 3 Also Leaking

70,000 More Must Evacuate Fukushima Area

Gunderson - Fukushima Impact On World Nuclear Reactors - Vid

3.3 Ton Device Fell INTO Monju Reactor Before Quake


Ibaraki City Made 3rd Graders Pick Tea Leaves In Rain

TEPCO Finally Admits Full Meltdown In Reactors 2 And 3 Likely

Reactor 1 Meltdown Occurred 3.5 Hrs After Power Loss

Panic In The Nuclear Streets 

Japan Admits More Radiation Leak From MOX 3 Into Pacific

Internal Radiation Damage In 1,000s Of Visiting Fukushima Workers

Japan Govt Hides Massive Iodine 131 Organ Dose In Infants

Radioactive Sewage Sludge Found In Tokyo 

1,000 Millisieverts An HOUR In Debris OUTSIDE Of Reactor 3


BBC Film Foretold Fukushima Meltdown Disaster

Japan PM Made China/SK Counterparts Eat Fukushima Produce

Cores May Be Melting Into Earth - Top Japan Scientist

Horrible Tragedy For Fukushima Area Victims Continues

Japan Governor Refuses To Test Tea - Says 'Trust Us Its Fine'

Seawater Entered Hamaoka When Pipe End Cap 'Fell Off'

Fukushima Apocalyptic Threat Demands World Action 

TX Officials Hid Radioactivity In Drinking Water

Tokyo Radiation 500% Higher Than Govt Announced

Reactor 3 May Blow - Wrecked Buildings Full Of Humidity, Heat - Vid

Korean Journalists Had Major Radiation Exposure In Japan


TEPCO Releases New Fukushima Tsunami Images - Photos

Confirmed - EPA Rigged RADNET Japan To Show Lower Levels

Odd Glow Over Fukushima Reactors - Webcam Photos

Radioactive Material Found In Osaka

Workers Find Pools Of Radioactive Water In Number 2

One Fukushima Worker Finally Tested...30,000 Internal CPM!

Cesium Radiation At Reactor 3 Intake Triples In A Day - Vid

Radiation In Reactor 3 Too High To Start Nitro Injections - Vid

Cesium 5 Times Over Limit Found In Miyagi Pasture Grass - Vid

6 Ft Of Radioactive Ground Water Is Now In Reactor 6 Turbine Bldg

US 'Stongly Suggested' Japan Dump Radiation Into Ocean... 

Workers Enter Building 2 - Could Only Stay 14 Min - Vid

Physicist - Most Fukushima Plutonium Likely Coming To US


TEPCO Lying To Public, World About Fukushima Crisis

Forensic Global Analysis Of Fukushima Daiichi Crisis

TEPCO Must Deal With Three Meltdowns - 'Huge' Problems

Japan Nuke Safety Commission - All 3 Reactors Have Melted Down

Busby - Nuclear Explosions - Fukushima 'Out Of Control' - Vid

Molten Core Of Reactor 1 Now OUTSIDE Containment Vessel

Reactor Cores 2 And 3 Probably Complete Meltdowns, Too

BBC - Reactor 1 Meltdown Just 6 Hrs After Quake, Tsunami

Don't Tell Them And They Won't Know

Reactor 1 Water Levels Rise Out Of Control - Evacuations Widen

Over-Limit Cesium In Tea Leaves Near Tokyo

Scientists To Study Ocean Current Radiation Across Pacific

TEPCO Admits Complete Meltdown In Reactor 1 - Vid

TIME Finally Takes A Serious Look At The Fukushima Crisis

TEPCO Admits 3 Reactors May Have Melted Down


Radioactivity At Reactor 3 Surges At Water Intakes

Saltwater In Reactor 5 Slowed Hamaoka Shutdown

#3 Temp Soaring - TEPCO Injecting 15 Tons Water/Hr In Last Ditch Try

Forensic Medical Global Analysis Of Fukushima Daiichi Crisis

Fatal Fukushima Damage May Have Been Quake-Caused

Very High Levels Of Plutonium Found 30 MILES From Fukushima

TEPCO - Maybe Years To Remove Fuel Rods From Reactor #1 - Vid

Who Will Take the Radioactive Rods From Fukushima?

Highly Radioactive Soil Found In Parts Of Tokyo


Tepco Finally Admits Reactors 2 & 3 Also Holed At Bottom

Japan Town Saved By Seawall Built By Mocked Mayor

Strong 6.2 Quake Jolts Japan 57 Miles From Fukushima 

Two SIEVERTS PER HOUR Found Inside Reactor 1 Building (death)

TEPCO 'Trying To Find' Millions Of Tons Of Deadly Water - Vid

TEPCO Hid Deadly Radiation Levels Before #3 Blast

Third Worker Dies At Fukushima Daiichi Plant

Radiation Now Over 1,000 Millisieverts An Hour Reactor Bldg 1 (death)

Robot Finds High Radiation In #3 Reactor Building

Water Gauges In #2 And #3 Probably Also Reading Wrong

Reactors 1, 2 And 3 Have All Melted Down - Analysts

Gunderson - #1 Is A Disaster, #2 Leaking Profusely, #3 May Explode - Vid

Meltdown Has Caused Multiple Holes In Bottom Of Reactor!

TEPCO Doesn't Know How Much Water, If Any, #1 Can Hold - Vid


TEPCO - 'Must Be A Large Leak' - Greenpeace Warns Of Flooding Blast

Reactor #1 Damage Far Worse Than Expected

TEPCO Blasted For 'No Plan' - May Take 'Years' To Stop #1 Leak

Is Tokyo Getting Blasted With Fukushima Radiation? - Vid

#1 Reactor IS In Meltdown - Holes In Reactor Bottom - Vid

Confirmed - Radioactive 'Lava' Eating Thru Reactor Bottom

TEPCO Admits #1 Meltdown May Be Through Bottom Of Containment

Much Bigger Damage To Reactor #1 Admitted By TEPCO

Severe Breach In Reactor #1 Will Slow TEPCO 'Optimism'

Underwater Robot Captures Huge Fukushima Damage - Vid


Worse Than Expected Damage Seen At Japan Reactor

Water BELOW #1 Reactor Fuel Rods, Total Meltdown Thought - Vid

TEPCO - Virtually No Water In #1 Reactor Or Its Containment!

Fukushima Radioactive Smoke Blocks Live Cam! - Pic 

The Great Fukushima Deadly Radioactive Smoke Out - Vid

TEPCO (Finally) Admits MOX Reactor 3 Is Leaking

Radioactive Water Found In Reactor 3 (MOX) Pit

New Fukushima Smoke - 'Don't Worry!' Says TEPCO - Vid


New Fukushima Reactor 3 & 4 Fires? - Graphic Footage - Vid

Beginning To Look A Lot Like (A Fukushima) Christmas

TEPCO Reviews Status (sort of) Of 4 Fukushima Reactors

MIT - Fukushima Chain Reactions AFTER Quake, Tsunami

Hamaoka Shutdown Could Trigger Chain Of Power Outages

Fukushima - No Way Out

Fukushima Reactor Bldg 4 Leaning, May Collapse - Vid

TEPCO Admits It May Have To Slow 'Repairs' Over Radiation - Vid 

Radiation Very High At #3 Spent Fuel Pool (uh, WHAT pool?) - Vid 

New Vid Shows NO Spent Fuel Pool Left At MOX Reactor 3 - Vid

Rense & Shimatsu - Shredding The Deadly Lies Of Fukushima - Vid

Canada Joins US In Reducing Testing Of Milk For Radiatiion - Vid

Survey Shows High Radiation Outside Of Exclusion Zone

Fukushima #3 Explosion Blew Plutonium All Over The Place

Opening #1 Released Huge 500m Becquerel Plume - 700 Millisieverts/Hr Inside


Radiation Leak At Japan's Tsuruga Nuclear Plant

Temp In Fukushima 3 (MOX) Up 40c In ONE Day - Meltdown?

TEPCO - Doors Of #1 Reactor Building Will Open Soon - Vid

German Stations Picking Up Fukushisma Radiation

Gunderson - Fukushima Mox Explosion, Air/Water Contamination - Vid

Hamaoka: 'World's Most Dangerous' Nuclear Power Plant Is Closed Down'

There MAY Be A Two Year Window IF No More Big Quakes Hit

Japan Lawmaker - 'Move Parliament To Fukushima'

Bad Water Valve Found In Japan Nuclear Plant - Vid

Japan PM Calls For Nuke Plant To Shut Down - Quake Risk

Wilkerson Prophecy - Quakes In Japan And US


6.1 Quake Off Fukushima Area - No Damage Reports

5.3 Quake Hits Fukushima Area

Belgium Finds Radioactive Cesium On Japan Containers

Leaking Radiation Being Blown Right Back Over Japan

Smoke Rising From Fukushima Reactors 2, 3 & 4 - Vid

Emissions Still Pouring From Wrecked Fukshima Nuclear Plant - Pics

Workers Enter Reactor Bldg #1 To Install Air Ducts - Vid

Japan Govt Urges Onagwa Plant Owners To Protect Public

EPA Will No Longer Monitor Radioactivity From Fukushima!

Seafloor Radiation 1,000x Normal 20km From Fukushima

Cumulative Radiation In Japan Town Passes 20 Milli-Sieverts In 40 Days

Fukushima - What They Aren't Saying  

No Protection For Fukushima's 'Expendable' Citizens Or Us

Where Is Fukushima Radiation Going, Why Does It Matter - Vid


Japan Admits Hiding Radiation Levels - Vid

Work Begins To 'Clean' Radiation From Air In Reactor Bldg #1

TEPCO To Install Air Filters In Ruins Of Reactor 1 Building

Furious Japanese Parents Rage Over New Radiation Limits

Japan Parents Fight New, Higher 'Safe' Radiation Limits

Leak At Tsuruga Plant Denied - Reactor May Be Shut Down Anyhow...

Seawater Intake Radiation At #2 Reactor 3300 Times Over Limit

Top JNTI Nuclear Advisor - Total Meltdowns In Reactors 1, 2, 3 - Vid

JNTI Founder On Complete Meltdown In Reactor 1 - Vid

Cesium Found In Japan City Wastewater Sludge


Cesium Found In Japan Breast Milk

Radiation 'Safe' Limit 20 TIMES Too High - Ex-Nuclear Advisor

Japan May Exile Two For Joining Anti-Nuclear Protest

Catastrophe Still Quite Possible At Fukushima - Vid

Japan Up Efforts To Prove Products Radiation-Free

Criticism Of Japan PM Handling Of Nuke Crisis

BoJ Warns Japan Economic Outlook 'Very Severe'

Top Japanese Nuclear Advisor Blasts Government, Quits

Rainwater Rad Readings SOAR 63km From Daiichi - Vid

Japan Weather Chief Tries To Stop Radiation Forecasts!

China Finds 30 Radioactive Containers, Passengers

TEPCO Data Shows Ongoing Nuclear Chain Reaction In Unit 2

Explosion Risk In Reactor 1 Downplayed By TEPCO


Japan Orders TEPCO To Test Radioactive Water In 'Sub-Drains'

TEPCO - Hydrogen Blast In #4 May Have Cooled Spent Fuel

Latest UCB Radiation Milk Readings


TEPCO Continues Water Injection Test On Reactor 1

Fukushima Shoreline To Be Sandbaggedd

Americas 13 Worst Nuclear Plants

Reactor 1 Vessel Leaking - Flood-Filling Stopped Fast

TEPCO - Amerium, Curium Found With Plutonium At Fukushima

White (Radioactive) Smoke Continues Coming From #2 And #3 - IAEA

Reactor Water Flooding Efforts Continue - Complete Update

Japan To Raise 'Safe' Radiation Exposure For Children! 

Radioactive Strontium Found In Hilo, Hawaii Milk

Fukushima #1 Throwing 1,120 Millisieverts Per HOUR, Highest Yet - Vid

OH Nuke Plant Workers Botch Equip Replacement - Radiation Soars

April 22 OH Radiation Release, Plant Evacuation Admitted By NRC


Gunderson Postulates MOX Unit 3 Was A Nuke Explosion - Vid

Thermal Images Of The Wrecked Fukushima Reactors & Buildings

Entire EPA RadNet Still Down - For Unfriendly Recalibration?

TEPCO To Use Criticized French Technique On Deadly Water

French Radioactive Water Cleaning Blamed For Leukemia

Onagawa Nuclear Plant Still Shut Down From Quake

TEPCO Says #2 And #3 Containment Vessels Probably Leaking

Japan Nuclear Agency Says #1 Containment Likely Leaking

Resin Now Being Sprayed All Over Fukushima Grounds

Busby - Fukushima #3 Blast (MOX) Was A Nuclear Explosion - Vid 

Gunderson - 3 Fukushima Reactor Containments Leaking Badly - Vid

Whistleblower Reveal Lack Of Fukushima Plant Safety

Fukushima Pictures? Yes, Lots Of Pictures

Russian Expert Shocked At Poor Japan Handling Of Fukushima

CA Rainwater Cesium Highest Levels Yet - EPA Tests


Japan Nuke Scientist - No One Knows What Will Happen Next

Fukushima Could Have Been Worse...And WILL Be

Fukushima A Chronic Catastrophe

Temp In #4 Spent Fuel Pool Continues To Rise

Rewiring Power Grid Starts At Fukushima Daiichi

Moving Firms Fear Radiation - Won't Move Evacuees 

Japan, TEPCO Lies, Disinfo Leave Residents Confused

Rense & Dr Blaylock - Radiation What We CAN Do - Vid

Hi-Res Photos PROVE (MOX) Reactor Core EXPLODED In Bldg 3

Daily Fukushima Radiation Emissions VASTLY HIGHER Than Said

Fukushima Plutonium, Strontium Are HERE In The US Since March 18

Japan To Issue 'Safe' Radiation Certificates For Containers

TEPCO Reveals Radiation Map Of Fukushima Daiichii Plant

Thousands Protest Nuclear Power In Tokyo


New Japanese Robots Will Recon Inside Reactor Buildings

Talk Of 'Decentralizing' Tokyo, Moving Capitol Persist

Something Strange In The Japan Tsunami - Vid

Sharks Dying In San Francisco Bay - Cause Unknown

Syria Rounds Up Opposition After 120 Die

Deadly Radioactive Concrete Pieces Found Near #3

Helen Caldicott On The Japan Radiation Disaster - Vid

High Rad Levels In Enlarged Evac Zone - No Isotope ID


Wide Radiation Variations In Zone - No Isotopes Identified

TEPCO Slows Water Pouring Into #4 Spent Fuel Pool

Mass Farm Animal Deaths In Fukushima Dead Zone

Growing Worry About Structural Integrity Of Reactor #1

'Fukushima 50' Criticize Inconsistent Iinformation

Warnings Of Nuke Disaster Not Heeded - Ex-Governor

Chernobyl Deniers Use Too Simple Radiation Risk Data

America's Friends - Jews Savagely Mock Jesus On Israel TV - Vid

Update On Status Of Reactors At Fukushima - PDF

Fukushima = 2,000 A-Bombs - Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide

EPA's Radiation Detection System Not 100%


5 More Towns Outside Japan Exclusion Zone Must Vacate

Radioactive Water To Hamper Fukushima Cooling Efforts

Fukushima Workers Rage Over Shoddy Exposure Regulation

TEPCO Data Points Directly To Out-Of-Control Fission Going On

Arnie Gunderson On Global Radiation And Its Consequences - Vid

Radioactive Iodine 131 Now In LA Tapwater

4 More Quakes Hit East Coast Of Japan, Vicinity Of Fukushima

Radioactive Iodine Found In Breast Milk Of Japan Mothers

Japanese Breast Milk Contaminated Far From Fukushima

Fukushima Evacuees Face Arrest If They Go Home

Livestock Left To Die In Fukushima  Dead Zone

Reactor 2 Has Melted Into Dry Well - Explosion Possible

TEPCO - Fuel In Reactor 1 'May Have Melted Down'


Deadly Water Into Sea 10,000 Times Worse Than 3 Mile Island

FDA Refuses To Monitor AK Fish - Ocean Currents Don't Lie

PowerPoint Fukushima Overview - Part 1

PowerPoint Fukushima Overvew - Part 2


Japan Govt BANS Residents From Evacuation (Dead) Zone - Vid

Reno Teen Detects Radiation In Sierra Snow, Rain, Soil

Japan Trade Surplus Dives 79%

Japan Suspends Fish Shipment - Radioactive 

Robot Finds 270 Millisieverts An Hour In Reactor Building #1

Nuclear Engineer Worried About So Little News From TEPCO

Japans Admits Fuel In Reactors 1, 2 and 3 Has Melted

Japan To Stop All From Entering 20km Exclusion Zone

UC Expert - ALL Radiation Exposure Increases Cancer Risk

US Marines To Be Moved From Japan To Guam

Radioactive Water Level In #2 Reactor Tunnel Drops Slightly - Vid

French Co. To Decontaminate Radioactive Water On Site

Radioactive Steam, Debris Causing Robots Big Trouble

World Exclusive Photos Inside Fukushima (Dead Zone)

Gunderson - #2 Reactor Not Being Cooled, Radiation Pouring Out Top - Vid

#2 Spent Fuel Pool Rad 'Millions Of Times Over Normal'

One Fukushima Entombment Plan Concept

TEPCO Moving Deadly Water From #2 To 'Wastewater Storage Facility'


Other Asian Nuke Plants Face Quake, Tsunami Risks

TEPCO Reveals Plutonium Has Leaked From Fukushima - Vid

Dangerous Spike In Fukushima #3 Radiation - Japan Times

TEPCO To Stop Radioactive Dust By Spraying Polymer On Ground

TEPCO To Move Radioactive Water From #2 Turbine Basement

Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukushima Worse, Virtually Hopeless - Vid

Footage Of Fukushima Base Camp Released - Vid

Robots Find Radiation Death Levels Inside Bldgs 1 & 3 - Vid

TEPCO Admits #2 Reactor Containment Vessel Leaking - Vid 

Severe Spike In Radiation Around #2 Reactor Fuel Pool

New Footage Inside, Outside Fukushima Plant Ruins - Vid

The Real Radiation Threat To The US And YOU

FDA-EPA Not Testing AK Fish - 'No Risk, No Need To Test'


Japan Voters Want PM Kan To Go

Alarming New Fukushima Reports

Questions Arise About $600m In TEPCO Share Sales

Japan Stops Plans To Build More Nuclear Plants

N Korea Expert Sees 'No Prospects' Of Controlling Fukushima Radiation

Toyota Resumes Production At All Japan Plants

Why Does FDA Tolerate More Radiation Than EPA?

TEPCO Workers Can't Get NEAR The Reactor Buildings

Tiny Remote Controlled Cam, Sensors On Treads To Be Used

Fukushima - Reading Between The Lines

5.9 Quake Hits Fukushima - Rad Levels Soar - New Leaks

TEPCO Says Power Lost To 'Common' Spent Fuel Pool

Fukushima Seawater Radiation 6,500 Times Legal Limit

TEPCO - Crisis Will Last Less Than 9 Months (in their dreams)

What To Do About The Radiation Threat To US

TEPCO's '6-8 Month' Containment Plan

TEPCO Aims For 'Cold Storage' In 6-9 Months

Condition Of Spent Fuel In Reactor 4 Pool Unknown

TEPCO Says It Has A New Plan To Cool Reactors - Vid

US Offers Unmanned Chopper To Help At Fukushima Plant

Morgan Stanley Dumps Office Bldg, Leaving Tokyo...Fast

Sea Water Radioactivity Rises More - Signals More Leaks

Radiation Levels Rising In Sea Off Fukushima Plant

Deadly Radioactive Water In Reactor 2 Tunnel Rising

'Brief' Smoke At Another TEPCO Nuke Plant

Some US Cities, States Not Testing Water, Trusting 'EPA' To Do It!

Fuel Rods Melted In Three Reactors - Massive Radiation Possible

ID, UT, KS, CA, FL Lead In Japan Radiation Fallout Levels

Fuel Rods In #1 And #3 (MOX) Reactors Confirmed MELTED

Cesiium, Iodine Levels In SF Milk Samples Continue To Rise

Underground Water Radiation Levels 38x Higher Last Week

Fuksuhima Plant Workers Told To Store Bone Marrow


Kaku - Fukishima Plant A Ticking Time Bomb - Vid

TEPCO Now Calls Deadly Radioactive Water 'Wastewater'

Fukushima Univ (Not Govt Or TEPCO) Checking High-Alt Radiation

Busby - 400,000 Cancers w/In 200km Of Fukushima - Vid

Botched Cooling Sends Radiation Soaring In Reactor 4

High Radioactivity Found In Fish, 11 Kinds Of Vegetables

Report - Japan Considering Moving Capitol From Tokyo


Fukushima Plants Workers Brace For More Quakes - Vid

Quake Resistance At Japan Nuclear Plants In Doubt - Vid

Why Does FDA Allow So Much More Radiation Than EPA?

Dr. Chris Busby - Fukushima Was A Nuclear Explosion

Fukushima Evacuees Demand Compensation

Coulter's Amazing Statement On Radiation

Aborigines To Block Uranium Minining Over Japan Disaster

Aftershocks Lift Sidewalks in Japan - Vid


Enormous Amount Of Plutonium In #4 Fuel Pool May Ignite - Vid

Arnie Gunderson On Lack Of US Radiation Monitoring - Vid

TEPCO Admits #4 Fuel Pool 'May Be Boiling - Vid

Is Fukushima Falling Apart?

Pet Rescuers Brave Fukushima Danger Zone - Vid

Spent Fuel Pool In Fukushima #4 Way Too Hot - Vid

Cesium Now In CA Spinach, Arugala, Kale

TEPCO Confirms Spent Fuel Damage At Fukushima 4

Temperature Rise At Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool

'Massive' Radiation Spike 100 Miles From Plant After Recent Quake

'Strongest' Fukushima Radioactive Cloud Covers Vietnam

Some Fires Still Burn At Fukushima Nuke Plant 

Radiation Fears Grip Japan Town Sitting On Evacuation Line

Fukushima Disaster - No Resolution In Sight

Dr. Blaylock - Japanese Radiation Could Pose Risk To US


Japan Admits Ocean Radiation At Highest Level Yet

TEPCO Pumping Deadly Water From Tunnel Outside Reactor 2

Japan - No Plans To Change Fukushima Plan Of Action

HI Official Grumbles About Forbes Story Of Radiation In Hilo Milk

Radioactive Seaweed In Puget Sound, But 'Not Harmful'

Japan Admits #2 Reactor Leaking Radiation - Containment Gone

Fire Breaks Out At Fukushima - Flames Said Now Out

Bob Nichols - What To Do About The Radioactive Poison

Radiation Protection - An Excellent Primer

Japan Nuclear Ghost Town - City Frozen In Time...Dead - Vid

Forbes - US Milk, Drinking Water Radiation Hit New Highs

Is There Radiation In Your Seafood? 


Two Dead, Several Missing In Latest Japan Quake

Radiation In Some Of Fukushima Prefecture Way Over Limit

Fukushima Radiation 'No Longer Negligible' In Europe

Anti-Nuclear Protests in Japan - Vid

Caldicott - How Nuclear Apologists Mislead The World 

EPA, FDA Radically Differing 'Safe' Levels Of Radioactive Iodine

Japan Raises Nuclear Alert To Chernobyl Level

Japan Raises Nuclear Alert Level To 7

Japan To Raise Fukushima Disaster To A '7' - The Worst

Radioactive Cesium Cloud Forecast Over CA April 12

7.0 Quake Hits Fukushima Plant, NE Japan - Vid

Fukushima Plant Evacuated Following New Quake


More Towns To Be Evacuated Near Fukushima Plant

Arnie Gunderson Shows How Fukushima Fuel Rods Melted - Vid

Japan Expands Nuclear Evacuation Zone

Kaku - Fukushima Meltdown...Like Hanging By Your Fingernails

Less Than Half Japan Dead Recovered

1960s Money-Making Greed Behind MOX Fuel Toxic Legacy 

Korea Calls Japan Handling Of Fukushima 'Incompetent'


Japan May Extend Too Small 12 Mile Evacuation Zone

Fukushima Reactors Too Hot To Be Covered In Concrete

US Human Embryos Likely Absorbing Iodine, Cesium, Strontium

Unmanned Heavy Equipment To Work On Fukushima Wreckage

Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation May Cause Harm 

Berkeley Radiation Fears Linger In Spite Of Assurances


TEPCO Fails To Halt Pumping Radioactive Water Into Sea

CNN Finally Runs Story Of 'Nightmare Drive Into Dead Zone' - Vid

Full Video - Nightmare Drive Through Fukushima Death Zone - Vid

Video Of Tsunami Hitting Fukushima Nuclear Plant - Vid

Fukushima Daiichi Was Hit By 15 Meter Tsunami Wave

Japanese Surfer In Hawaii - Fukushima Radiation Dumping 2 Yrs?

Japan To Build 70,000 Temporary Homes For Evacuees

At Least 50,000 TONS Of Deadly Radioactive Fukushima Water

And We All Melt Down...

Cesium-137 In VT Milk, Drinking Water Radiation In 13 More Cities

Japan Still Pouring Deadly Radioactive Water Into Ocean 

More Lies And Coverup Follow Japan 7.1 Aftershock

Serious Damage Admitted At TEPCO Onagawa Nuclear Plant - Vid

Fukushima 5 & 6 Confirmed To Have Holes In Roofs - pdf

Radioactive Levels Soar In Seawater Near Fukushima Daiichi


China, Russia Extreme Concern Over Japan's Radioactive Ocean

Arnie Gunderson Blasts TEPCO, NRC For Limiting Information - Vid

Japan Economy In 'Severe' Condition After Disaster

Russian Antonov 225 To Carry CA Man's Giant Pump To Fukushima

4 Dead, 141 Injured In Newest Japan Earthquake

New Quake Damages Another Japan Nuclear Plant

7.4 Quake Leaves Millions Without Power - Vid

Fukushima Core Meltdown Confirmed

Japan Disaster Debris Floating Towards US Coast

Japan Radiation Reaches Kansas


UN Expert - Fukushima Much Worse Than 3 Mile Island

Biggest Japan Quake Since Tsunami - 2 Die, 132 Hurt

7.4 Quake Put Japan Nuke Plants On Backup Power

Nitrogen Injection Up Pressure In Fukushima Reactor

Japan Lifts Tsunami Alert After Quake

7.4 Quake Hits Japan - Large Power Outages, Tsunami Alert

Is Japan's Elite Hiding A Weapons Program Inside Nuclear Plants?

Workers Pumping Nitrogen Into Reactor #1

US & EU To Raise Food Radiation Limits

Japan Consider Wider Evacuation Zone

South Korea Schools Close Over Japan Radiation Fear

Crisis Worsening...More Denials, Apologies, Tragedy - Vid

Japan's Neighbours Take Fright Over Radiation Threat

Arnie Gunderson Fukushima Updates - Vid


NRC Won't Reconsider Oldest US (NJ) Nuke Plant License

Severe Radiation Delays Covering Wrecked Buildings With 'Sheets'

Japan Covered Up Fukishima Problems Before  

France Finds Radioactive Iodine In Rainwater & Milk

Radiation Definitely In US Rainwater - Vid

Another Hydrogen Blast At Fukushima Feared

VA Public Health Warns Not To Drink Rainwater

US Sees Many New Threats At Fukushima Plant 

Increasing Fukushima Radiation Dangers

Eastman - The Crime Of Insufficient Radiation Testing

Japan - What To Do With Many Hundreds Of Radioactive Bodies

Fukushima Is a Threat To Japan, US And The World

India First To Ban ALL Japanese Food Over Radiadtion Fear

Japan May Nationalize TEPCO To Stop World Market Fall 


Japanese Playgrounds To Be Tested For Radiation 

Fukushima Radioactive Water Stops All Ibaraki Fishing

Outrageous - TEPCO Offer Nearby Residents $12 Per Person! - Vid

Radiation - What You Should Know (Don't Worry, Be Happy)

Japan Claims Leak Stopped (how many others are there?)

Toxic Cesium Found In Fish Off Japan - Goodbye Sushi?

Water Leak Said Cut In Half At Fukushima Daiichi

Japan Sea Radiation 7.5 MILLION Times Limit - Fish Readings Jump

Japan PM Sorry About Radioactive Seawater - New Plant Pics - Vid

Global Warming Freaks Still Support Nuclear Power

Japan Sets New 'Safe' Radiation Levels In Seafood


Deadly Dishonestly Of Only Reading, Reporting Iodine 131 Levels

Russia To Keep Building Nuclear Plants Despite Fukushima

EU Secretly Ups Cesium 'Safe' Level In Food 20-Fold!

Japan Govt Hid High Level Radiation Estimates

'No Safe Levels' Of Radiation In Japan - Al Jazeera

Evidence Of Periodic Chain Reactions In Fukushima Reactor 1 - Vid

Fukushima Is Horrifically Worse Than You've Been Told

Japan Dumps 10,000 TONS Of Radioactive Water In The Ocean

Japan Fisherman Rage At TEPCO Dumping Radioactive Water

GE Chief Immelt - Nuclear Power Plants Are 'Safe'

Another Japanese Volcano Erupts - Vid

Japan Seeks Russian Help In Nuclear Disaster


Workers In Grave Danger From Fukushima Blue Beams - Vid

TEPCO Pouring Radioactive Water In The Ocean - Vid

Workers Fail To Stop Water Leak With Newspaper, Sawdust

Path Of Radioactive Water Leak At Plant Unknown

Fukushima - Plutonium Leakage & Radioactive Water - Vid

Neutron Blue Beams Shooting From Fukushima Reactor

Gaining Exposure - EPA Making Radiation Safer Than Ever!

GE's Greasy Immelt Crows Nuclear Power Is Safe

Fukushima Engineers Focus On Radioactive Water

New Fukushima Satellite Photos Tell Sobering Tale

Japan Nuclear Crisis Will Last For Months (at least)

Major Radioactivity Concentrated Over Northwest On April 6?


Entire Japanese Town Moved To 'Temporary' Quarters'

Japan Fails To Stop Radioactive Water Into The Oceon

Latest Updates In Japan Nuclear Crisis

Nuclear - The Most Expensive Power In History

Japanese Boat Capt Road Up And Over Tsunami Waves - Vid

Radioactive Fukushima Water Continues Pouring Into Ocean - Vid

Japan Experts Focusing On Cracked Reactor Pit

8" Crack In Flooded Concrete Pit Leaking Radiation Into Sea - Vid

Where Has All The Sprayed (On Fuel Rods) Water Gone?

Nuclear Modeling By Scientists Gives View Of Fukushima Damage

US Govt Under Fire - Radiation Found In Milk, Rain


Official UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Iodine & Cesium Sample Data

Official UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air & Water Sample Data

EPA Pulls 8 Of 18 Radiation Monitors Out Of CA, OR, WA

Canada Agency REFUSES To Test Milk, Dairy For Radiation

Greenpeace Measures Radiation 40 km From Fukushima Plant

Canada Tightens Controls On Japanese Food, Animal Feed

The 100 Year Battle To Make Fukushima Safe

Japan Tsunami Debris May Eventually Reach West Coast

Vile Globalist CFR Criticizes US Citizen Evacuations - Vid

Source Of Radioactive Water Leaking Into Sea 'Found'

Official Admits Highly Radioactive Water Flowing Into Ocean

Japan's Apocalypse


Japan Admits 70% Of Reactor 1 Is 'Severely Damaged'

Japan's Nuclear Setbacks Continue - Emperor Visits Homeless

TEPCO To Spray Sticky Resin All Over Plant Debris, Grounds

Japan Faces Long Fight With Fukushima Disaster

Concrete Pumps & DOE New MOX Plant In Georgia

Chernobyl Cesium Fallout In W European Food & Soil

Radiation In Groundwater 50ft Below Wrecked Nuke Plant  - Vid

Workers Face Groundwater Radiation Threat At Fukushima

New Video Destroyed Interior At Fukushima Nuclear Plant - Vid

Japan Military Working In Shadow Of Fukushima Plant - Vid

Dilemma - Japan Dead Radioactive, Can't Bury Or Cremate Them

Japan Now On Edge Of Recession After Quake

Fukushima Groundwater Radiation 10,000 Times Above Normal! - Vid

Two States Now Report Radiation In Milk/Dairy


Michio Kaku - 'Three Raging Reactor Meltdowns' - Vid

Entire Tokyo Region To Face Rolling Blackouts All Summer

Radiation May Prevent Many Japanese From Healing


'Fukushima Fifty' Expect To Die (About 300 Men)

Japan's Earthquake - Natural Or Engineered?

Sea Radiation Highest Yet - Workers Face Nuclear Heat Bursts

Japan Admits It Has Lost Fight With Crippled Reactors

Japan Fears Radioactive Contamination Of Marine Life

IAEA - Fukushisma Remains Extremely Dangerous - Vid

Japan Under Pressure To Widen Evacuation Zone

Radioactive Iodine 131 Found In WA State Milk/Dairy

Radioactive Cesuim 137 Found 25 MILES From Fukushima Plant

Fukushima Plutonium Leak Now Comparable To Chernobyl - Vid

Japanese Plant Had Barebones Risk Plan - WSJ.com


Fukushima 2 Melting Through It's Base On Cue

Random Nuclear Chain Reactions In Fukushima 1 Worry TEPCO

Japan Admits 'No Progress' In Taming Fukushima Nightmare - Vid

Radioactive Iodine-131 In PA Rainwater 3300% Above Fed Limits

Radioactive Particles To Concentrate Over Midwest April 1, 2 - Vid

Biggest Ocean Spike Yet In Radiation At Fukushima Plant

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams - Premonition? - Vid 

Plutonium Water Leak At Crisis Level

Plutonium Leak Now 'Comparable' To Chernobyl - Vid

Dr. Rosalie Bertell - The Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe


TEPCO Will Scrap The 4 Destroyed Fukushima Reactors (gosh)

Japan Workers Losing Race To Save Reactor

Radiation Levels In Fukushima Seawater Jump

Food Fear As Radioactive Water Pours From Fukushima

Bone Marrow Transplants For Nuclear Workers

'Suicide Squads' Paid Huge Sums Amid Fresh Fears 

TEPCO President Health Crisis - Admitted To Hospital

Quake Evacuees Barred From Shelters Over Radiation Fears


TEPCO To Spray Resin On Ground To Try To Hold Plutonium

200,000 US Military, Dependents To Be Evacuated From Japan

Japan To 'Decommission' 4 Trashed Fukushima Reactors

Brit Expert - No Worries From Radiation Detected There - Vid

Fukushima Radiation Found At UK Sites

USS Ronald Reagan - Radiation And Rescue

US Sending Robotic Observation Devices To Japan

Container Ships Continue To Port In Tokyo, Yokohama

Sushi Purchases From Japan Canceled

Fukushima Choices - Bad And Worse

Busby - Deconstructing Nuclear Experts

Radiation Toxicity And Antidotes

Radiation Particles In Food Are A Slow-Release Health Threat

Who Are The Liquidators?


Japan Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant Danger

56 Serious Violations At US Nuke Plants In Last 5 Years

Japans Nuclear Lessons To Get Applied Right Away - NRC (sure)

Chernobyl And What To Expect From Fukushima - The Facts

Fukushima Reactor 2 Core Melts Through Containment Vessel

Plutonium Leak Puts Japan Into Worst Position Yet

Superb Indian TV Report Of Current Fukushima Status - Vid

Japan 'Maximum' Radiation Alert - Radiation Hits GLASGOW

Japan Mulls Nationalizing TEPCO

Japan Tries To Stop New Leak Of Deadly Radioactive Water

When The Fukushima Meltdown Hits Groundwater

Is Fukushima About To Blow?

Japan On 'Maximum Alert' Over Nuclear Crisis

Japan Radiation Makes Its Way To America

Japan Admits Reactor May Be Leaking (gosh)

Sayonara, Tokyo

Worried About Rainwater? - Vid

More Radioactive Water Found At Fukushima Plant

Tanks With NBC Air Filters Sent To Destroyed Reactors


Plutonium 'May' Be From Breached Reactors (But Don't Worry...) - Vid

Where Is The Deadly Radioactive Water Coming From?

Many EPA Radiation Stations Not Working

Plutonium Found In 5 Places Won't Stop Work At Plant - TEPCO

Trace Of Japan Radiation Found In US Rain Water

Shocking New Footage Of Destroyed Reactor Buildings - Vid

Reactor Core 'May Be Leaking' At Fukushima 3 (2 and 3 likely breached)

TEPCO Failed To Adequately Warn Workers Of Radiation

Tokyo Resident Says Many Are Evacuating - Vid

6.5 Quake Jolts NE Japan


When Does a Nuclear Disaster End?  Never

TEPCO Admits Crisis May Last 'Months Or Years'

US-Europe Radiation, Jetstream Forecast Update 3-27-11

Severe Radiation Forces Fukushima Plant Evacuation

TEPCO - Soil Samples Being Checked For Plutonium

Out Of Control Fukushima Radiation Reaches New Highs

An Even Longer Delay In Starting Cooling Operations

Indian TV News Properly Shows Fukushima Radiation Disaster - Vid

Status Report - Reactor By Reactor

Workers Fight Radioactive Water


Fukushima Workers Conditions Worsen - Saltwater Underfoot

What They're Lying About In Fukushima - Japan Expert

Fear Grows Near Another Nuclear Plant In Japan

TEPCO Says 10 Million Times Radiation Is Exaggerated

TEPCO Now Says 'Ten Million' Reading Was A 'Mistake'....

Updating Japan's Nuclear Disaster

Worry About Safety Of Eating Japan Fish Grow - Vid

US Nuke Plant Open House To Show How 'Safe' It Is

Workers Pulled - Radiation Now 10 MILLION Times Higher Than 'Normal'

Radiation 10 MILLION Times Normal In Fukushima 2 Reactor

Radiation And Jet Stream Forecast Monitoring Sites

Nuclear Crisis May Go On For Many Weeks

Radiation Still Pouring From Wrecked Plant - Vid


Sea Raditation Levels Spike Even Higher

TEPCO Ignored Seismic, Tsunami Warnings 2 Years Ago - Report

New, Stunning Tsunami Footage - Vid

Tiny Amounts Of Radiation From Japan Reach Nevada

Raising Japan Radiation Limits Means Kill People In Place

The TRUTH - Iodine For Radioactive Fallout By Dr. Donald Miller MD

Commission - Japan Should Up 'Safe' Public Radiation Levels

Engineers Fight To Pump Radioactive Plant Water (into ocean)


US Rushes Fresh Water To Japan Nuclear Plant

Nuke Plant Survivor Doesn't Know Who The Heroes Are

Radiation In The Food Chain Is Hard To Predict

Gaps In US Nuke Plants Radiation Monitoring Revealed

Apple Rejects iPhone Radiation 'App'

Workers Try To Pump Radioactive Water From Plant - Vid

US Bringing Fresh Water To Cool Fukushima Reactors

Ocean Radiation Off Fukushima Plant 1,250 Times Normal


Global Food Scare Widens From Nuke Disaster

Fear, Devastation On Road To Fukushima Disaster

Japan Cows Barred From Grazing Over Radiation

Radioactive Plume Hits Hawaii?

Tsunami Was More Than 77 Feet High At Its Peak

Ocean Radiatio Off Fukushima Plant 1,250 Times Normal

Global Food Scare Widens From Nuke Disaster

Workers Frantic Tries To Pump Deadly Water From Plant

Radioactive Levels Rise At Sea Next To Fukushima Plant


What Does Japan's Quake Mean for the US?

Fukushima - Worsening Radiation And Growing Fear

Japan Widens Evac Area - Orders People To Leave Asap

Japan's Radiation Crisis Worsening

High-Radiation Leaks In Fukushima Reactors 1, 2 & 3  

High Levels Of Radiation Leaking From Reactor #3 - Vid

Up Close Look At Fukushima Plant Devastation - Vid

Japan PM Pessimistic - Wrecked Plant Still Out Of Control

Salt Crystals From Seawater Could Be Major Problem - Vid

Japan Virtually Admits MOX Reactor 3 Breached, Plutonium Releasing

Scientists Enraged By Japan Coverup, Gaping Holes In Data

Dr. Helen Caldicott - Japan Can Dwarf Chernobyl Disaster

Cost Of US Nuke Plants To Soar (shut ALL nukes down)

USS Reagan Contamination - '4,500 People Freaking Out'

More Countries Stop Japan Imports - Vid

Japan To Help With Voluntary Evac Near Fukushima Plant

Japan Coast Guard Cutter Rides Up And Over Tsunami At Sea - Vid

Radiation Injuries To Workers Slow Fukushima Efforts

Japan - Time For The Chernobyl Option - Lethal Doses

Radioactivity Found 30km Out To Sea


Radiation Extends Past Japan's 20 Mile Evacuation Zone

Gripping Footage - Tsunami Life And Death Choices - Vid

Ships Avoid Tokyo Over Radiation Fears

Brave Japan Firefighters Inside Fukushima Plant - Vid

Japan Worries Over Tap Water Radiation - Rationing Begins

Water, Basics In Short Supply In Tokyo

Japan Bottled Water Makers Working Around Clock

How Reuters Manufactures The News

Singapore Finds Radioactivity In Imported Japan Vegetables


Japan Nuclear Plant Workers In Hospital After Exposure

Japan Highway Repaired In Only SIX Days After Quake

US Nuke Plants Store More Spent Fuel Than Japan

US Storing 145 MILLION Pounds Of Spent Fuel Rods In 35 States

Incredible First Photos Of Dying Workers At Fukushima

Fukushima Now 72,000 Times Hiroshima Radiation

Neutron Beam 13 Times At Wrecked Plant (Plutonium!)

Japan Nuclear Crisis Remains Serious

Black Smoke Coming From Deadly MOX Fuel Reactor 3 - Vid

Smoke Spews From Fukushima Reactor - Vid


Nuclear Crisis - Engineers Battle To Stop Boiling Pool

Fukushima Plant Particles Pass Over US - Now In Europe

Tokyo Water Unsafe - High Radiation Found

Far Too Much Spent Fuel Was Stored In Fukushima Plant 

TEPCO Admits Missing Safety Checks At Wrecked Plant

What Price Nuclear Power? And Who Is Lying?

UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air Monitoring Station 

Tokyo Says Tap Water Radiation ABOVE Limit

Nuclear Disasters - How Much Fear Should We Have?

Litany Of Mishaps In Japan Nuclear Industry

Radiation Fears Grow From Wrecked Japan Nuclear Plant

More Quakes In Japan, More Factories Shut Down

Radiation Fears Grow Over Japanese Foods, Dairy

Fukushima Reactor Design Caused GE Scientist To Quit 

Hazards Of Low-Level Radioactivity - PDF


Power Back At Fukushima - Unknown What Still Works - Vid

Scientists Say Radiation In Japanese Food 'Very Low'

Japan's Crisis Intentionally Prolonged?

Japan's Mafia First to Deliver Aid

Power 'Reconnected' To All 6 Fukushima Reactors

Official - Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool At Or Near Boiling

Smoke Again Pouring From Destroyed Fukushima 2 & 3 - Vid

Japan - High Seawater Radiation No Cause To Worry, Be Happy

Steam From Fukushima 2 'No Cause For Worry' - Vid

Radiation 430x Normal 25 Miles From Plant

Work Resumes At Fukushima After Smoke Release - Vid

Nichols - Solution To The Blown Reactors


East-Japan Rolling Blackout Information

1,000s Of US Personnel Evacuated From Japan To WA State

Japan Quake Loads Stress On Fault Nearer Tokyo

Radiation In Japan Food Poses 'Low Risk' - Scientists

Japan's Nuclear Crisis & Depopulation

Most Vulnerable Reactor In US Is Indian Point 3, NY

Little Known About Radioactive Food Effects On Humans

Contractors Rush In To Rebuild After Japan Quake

Kaku Demands Entombment Of Fukushima - Vid

Iodine And Cesium Now Found In Tokyo Tapwater

More Water Sprayed On Overheating Reactor 4

Smoke Pours From Two Fukushima Reactors Again

Japanese Radiation Map By Prefecture


Workers Get Some Cooling Pumps Working At Fukushima - Vid

Unknown Damage Slows Efforts At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Dangers Linger, Despite Progress

US Energy Chief Says Worst Might Be Over

Japan Finds More Types Of Radiation -Tainted Food

Corrupt FDA To Monitor Japanese Food Imports

Dr. Chris Busby On Fukushima Radiation Risk

First West Coast Radiation Detection Yakima, WA

Radioactive Material In Tokyo Water Supply

Fukushima Plant To Be Closed - Vid

Fukushima Heroes Cut Off From Families

Japan Quake, Tsunami Dead, Missing Now At Least 20,000

Bad To Worse In Japan

Efforts To Cool Fukushima Reactor 3 Fail - Pressure Rising Again


Fukushima Core Partial Meltdowns Coverup Over - Vid

Light, Easterly Winds Forecast For Fukushima Plant

French Radiation Map Not Encouraging - Vid

Japan Finds Radioactive Food 90 Miles From Fukushima

Radiation Found In Food Near Fukushima Plant

Japan Admits Radiation In Milk, Spinach 'Near Plant'

Quake Moved Land Mass Seventeen Feet - Vid

An Israeli Firm Was In Charge Of Fukushima Plant Security (gosh)

Japan Officials - Radioactive Iodine In Tokyo Water

Power Connected To Stricken Fukushima 2 - Hope Cooling Works

Japan Hails Heroic Fukushima Workers

Japan Considers Chernobyl-Style Entombment For Fukushima


Hong Kong Out Of Hotel Room For Quake Evacuees 

Multiples Worse Than Chernobyl

Feds REFUSE To Say How Much Radiation Coming From Fukushima 

Confusion, Axiety Abound Near Wrecked Nuclear Plant

Radioactive Plume Heading Toward CA Is 'No Threat' (oh?)

Reactor Fuel Amounts At Fukushima Nuclear Plant 1

Options Are Very Few To Stop Nuclear Catastrophe

Dozens Of Nuclear Plants Sitting In Quake Hazard Zones

Japan's (world's) Nuclear Crisis Deepens - Vid

TEPCO Chief Weeps After Announcing Radiation May Kill Many

Listen To The SOUND Of Japan's Monster Quake - Vid  


Japan Asked To Be More Honest About Fukushima Disaster

Sacramento Monitors Detect Small Amount Of Radiation

Severe Radiation Drives Workers Away From Fukushima Plant - Vid

Fukushima Workers Accept Death - Tell Families

Situation Said 'Grave' By Japan PM - Plant Workers Risk Lives

Water Drops Have Little Effect On Reactors

Yoichi Shimatsu - The Next Nagasaki - Nuclear Fears Stalk The World

Japan Weighs Need To Entomb Plant

'They're Leaving Us To Die' - Mayor Of Town Near Plant 

Lights Down As Tokyo Becomes A Ghost Town

Japan Raises Nuclear Disaster Level - Vid

Full Core Meltdown in Japan?

Japan Upgrades Severity Of Growing Nuclear Disaster

Frantic Efforts Increase At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Japan Disaster 'On Par With Three Mile Island' (fluff piece) - Vid

More Fire, Smoke From Wrecked Fukushima 2 - Vid

Japan's 9.0 Equal To 31,250 Combined Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bombs

May Be No Way To Deal With Breach In #4 Spent Fuel Pool

Eyewitness Account Of Escaping Fukushima Plant - Vid

Photos Show NO Water In Rod Storage - Meltdown Underway

Japan Govt Hiding Catastrophe With Japan TV PsyOps - Vid

US Nuclear Plants Store More Spent Fuel Than Japan's 

Yoichi Shimatsu - Japan Nuclear Disaster...'Full Metal Alchemy'


Electricity Restored To Fukushima 2 - Report

US Flying Over Fukushima Plant To Get Data

US Flights From Japan Show Radiation - Trigger Alerts

Indian Point Nuke Plant Leaking 2-20 GPM Since 1993!

Japan Nuclear Crisis Deepens - Radiation Keeps Crews At Bay - Vid

Fukushima Release 10% Of Chernobyl...So Far

Banksters, 'Executives' Leaving Tokyo

New Madrid Fault Worries - 15 Nuclear Reactors

Forecast For Plume's Path To US West Coast (Click Play)

Japan Using Chinooks, Water Canons On Reactors - Vid

Water Drops Largely Blown Away - Vid 

Just 48 Hrs To Avoid Another Chernobyl


Freezing Weather Slows Relief Efforts

Japan Disaster - The Exodus Of Tokyo

ATM Outages - Warning Of Blackout In Tokyo

Global Rush For Radiation Pills

Don't Take Potassium Iodide, Illinois Advises

Chinook Water Drops Blown Away By Winds

French Claim Japan Is Covering Up

Leuren Moret Warned Of A Japan Nuclear Disaster In 2004

GE Reactors Criticzed For Decades By Nuclear Experts

EPA Sends Mobile Radiation Monitoring Stations To West Coast

Scientists Project Path Of Radiation

Japan Lying - US Experts Try To Decipher Reports

US - 'Extremely High Levels' Of Radiation Out Of Fukushima 4 - Vid

Japanese Army Moves Into Ghost Towns

US Says Spent Fuel Rods Dry - Japan Says No - Radiation Surges

Radiation Emissions Worsen, Containment Breached - Vid

US Alarm Over Japan Disaster Growing Fast


Fukushima Reactor 2 Hit By Loud INTERNAL Explosion

Praise For Heroes Risking Their Lives At Fukushima Plant

Fukushima 50 'Not Afraid To Die' - Japan 'Lost Control' Say French

Heroic Fukushima 50 Battle Radiation Crisis - Walking Dead?

Chinooks Dump Water, Then Withdrawn Over Radiation - Vid

Thousands Flee Tokyo - Experts Try To Calm Public

Japan Electric Close To Restoring Power To Fukushima Plant

Foreign Bankers Flee Tokyo As Nuclear Crisis Deepens

US Backing For ONE World Currency Stuns Markets

14 Reasons Japan's Economic Collapse Has Begun

Red Alert In Japan - An Unfolding Nuclear Catastrophe

More Nations Advise Citizens To Leave Japan

Japan Govt Under Fire For Not Telling Immediate Truth 

More Nations Advise Citizens To Leave Japan

Japan Govt Under Fire For Not Telling Immediate Truth 


Japan Faces Meltdown Of SIX REACTORS - Russian Scientists

Operators Order Workers Back InTo Fukushima Plant After Radiation 'Drops'

500 European Bone Marrow Centers Asked To Be On Standby

Dr. Russell Blaylock - US May Face Japanese Nuclear Radiation

China Freezes All New Nuclear Reactor Projects

Praise Japanese News Media For Piercing Government Censorship

Crisis Continues At Japan's Wrecked Nuclear Plants


Tokyo Radiation Levels Spike To 20X Normal

Quake Dead, Missing Exceed 10,000 - Vid

Japan Abandons Fukushima Plant Over Severe Radiation - Vid

Japan Stops Heroic Work At Fukushima - Workers Withdrawn

TEPCO Releases Photo Of Wrecked Fukushima 4 Reactor Building

Control Ops Stopped, Heroic Crew Pulled Out Of Fukushima Plant?

Photos Of Radiation Control Efforts Among The Public - PDF

Fears Of Full Core Meltdown At Fukushima 2 Grow

Japan Nuclear Crisis Passes Three Mile Island Disaster

Fukushima 4 Reactor Fire Raises Radiation Threat

Fukushima 4 Reactor Said On Fire

UN Nuclear Chief See More Core Damage At Fukushima - Vid

Some Experts Downplay Radiation Risk To West Coast

Japan's Nuclear Situation Nearing Severity Of Chernobyl 

Japan Braces For Possible Radiation Catastrophe

Japan Residents Stock Up Amid Panic - Vid

Reactor Design (GE) In Japan Long Been Questioned


Handful Of True Heros Fight On At Fukushima Nuke Plant - Vid

Blast Hits Fukushima 2 - Radiation Released - Panic Hits Tokyo - Pics

Spent Fuel Rods May Have Burned In Fukushima 4 Fire

Fukushima Plant Hit By Fire And Third Explosion

Nuclear Alert In America - Radiation My Reach Tokyo In Hours

Japan Officials Tell People To Stay Indoors - Admit Dangerous Radiation

US Military Warns Of Japan Radiation Risk - Vid

Japan Seeks IAEA Help - Vid

Japan Prepares For Worst

Panic Hits Tokyo As Radiation Spreads


Tokyo Streets, Stores Empty - Fear Lies Heavily On City

Japan Families Flee Again As Meltdown Risk Rises

World's Top Radiation Expert, Dr. Chris Busby, Warns Of Danger

Increased Radiation Leaks Detected In Wrecked Fukushima 3

Fukushima 2 Meltdown Probable - Rods Fully Exposed - Vid

Fukushima Reactor 2 Hit By Loud INTERNAL Explosion

Japanese Ordered Indoors As Radiation Worsens

Radiation Fears Spark Tokyo Panic Buying, Evacuations

Japan Quake Death Tolls Jumps To 6,000

CNBC's Kudlow 'Grateful' Human Toll Worse Than Econ Toll

Meltdowns And Jet Stream Map To The US

What Will Spark The Next Fukushima?

Fourth Reactor On Fire - PM Calls For 13 Mile Evacuation Zone

Fourth Reactor On Fire

Aerial View Shows Massive Reactor Building Damage At Fukushima Plant

Wind Changes, Tokyo In Fallout Path - Rad Levels Rising

Will GE Engineers Get Whacked For The Fukushima Catastrophe?

Radiation Leaking At Second Fukushima Nuclear Facility

Piers Corbyn - All Reactors Are Nuclear Bombs - Vid

Spent Fuel Rod Fire - 'Chernobyl On Steroids'

All Three Fukushima Nuclear Reactors Now In Meltdown

Spent Fuel Rods Stored Above Reactor Blown Out Of Roof?

Situation At Fukushima - Facts, Analysis, Potential Outcomes - PDF

Japan's Deadly Game Of Nuclear Roulette

Admission - Fukushima 3 Fuel Rods COMPLETELY Exposed

Situation Worsens At Fukushima 3 - Nearby Residents In Peril

Japan Tries To Coverup Its Nuclear Catastrophe - Vid

The Deadly MOX Fuel Story In Japan's Reactors 


Hundreds Flee In After Shinmoedake Volcano Erupts

Shinmoedake Volcano Erupts In Japan - Vid

Climate Trajectories From Japan

World Starts Backing Away From Nuclear Power 

Japan's Hidden Nuclear Catastrophe

Bad News - MOX Fuel Used In Exploded Fukushima 3 Reactor Bldg

Japan's Radiation Could Spread To US - Vid

Navy Says 17 Americans Treated For Contamination 

Fukushima 2 Is Failing - Seawater Being Poured On

US Pulls USS Reagan, Aircraft AWAY From Nuke Plant

USS Reagan 'Went Through Radioactive Cloud' 

USS Ronald Reagan, Crew Contaminated By 'Cloud' Of Radiation

17 Americans On US Helicopters Said Contaminated


Fukushima Nuclear Plant Before & After The Quake, Tsunami - Pic

Several Japanese Nuke Plant Workers Said 'Sick' From Radiation

Quake Selloff Wipes $287 Billion Off Tokyo Stock Market

Bank Of Japan Pours $220b Into Economy

Japan Says New Reactor Blast Unlikely To Cause Big Leak (nah!)

Fukushima Reactor 3 Building Blows Sky High - Vid

Second Blast - Fukushima Reactor 3 Building Explodes

2,000 Bodies Found On Tsunami Raked Beaches

Blast Reported At Japan Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3

Japan Says Radiation Leaks Could Last 'Months'

Japan Earthquake - Stunning Before And After Photos


Japan's Nuclear Crisis And Chernobyl - Differences

Man Found Clinging To His Roof 10 Miles At Sea - Vid

Fallout Map On Net Is A HOAX - Rad Projections All Wrong

Meltdown Threat - Japan Preparing For The Worst - Vid

Live Japanese News In English - 'Tens Of Thousands' Dead

Full Core Meltdown Will Send Radiation Over US? - Vid

Japan Officials Lying, Stalling On Reactor Truths

Japan Races To Avoid 'Multiple' Nuclear Meltdowns - Vid

Excellent Explanation Of Explosion & Difference At Chernobyl - Vid

Seawater Poured On 2nd Reactor In Bid To Stop Meltdown

Japan Health Risks Low, 'Radiation Won't Blow Abroad'

Differences And Dangers Of Potassium Iodide And Iodate

Potassium & Iodine - Potassium Iodide Pill FAQ 


'We're Told Not To Breathe The Air ­ It's Scary'

Japan Ministers Ignored Safety Warnings At Reactors

Nuclear Safety Worries Spread To Europe

Swept Away - Haunting Video Of Japan Killer Tsunami - Vid

Dramatic Video Of Tottering Towers In Tokyo

Stunning Pictures Show Horror Of Japan Earthquake

Industry In Japan Grinds To A Halt After Quake, Tsunami

Radiation Up 400 Times In Miyagi, New Blast Feared - Vid


Japan Facing Biggest Crisis Since WW 2

Japanese Fighting 'Partial' Meltdown At Fukushima 1 - Vid

Warning Of Fresh Nuclear Reactor Explosion - Vid

200,000 Now Evacuated, Dual Meltdowns Feared - Vid

Japanese Industrial Giants Among More Harmed In Quake

Japan Assumes Meltdowns Underway At 2 Reactors - Vid

'We Are Assuming A Meltdown Has Occurred' - Nos 1 & 3

Tsunami Center Upgrades Quake To 9.1 - 4th Biggest Ever

US Experts Worried About Reactors - 'Containment Breached' - Vid

Japan Admits 3 Reactors In Severe Danger, 180,000 Evacuated 

Meltdown May Be Occurring, Japan Nuclear Official Says

Multiple Meltdowns Possible In Japan? - Vid


More Japan Quakes - Cracks Appear,Water Bubbles Up - Vid

Fukushima Reactor 3 Out Of Control - Cooling System Fails

Japan Nuclear Possible Fallout Map Labeled Hoax(?)

Forecast - 10% Chance Radioactive Fallout Hitting Taiwan

Oil Benefits From Japan Tragedy

Japan Quake May Push Oil And Gas Higher

Potassium Iodide - Precautions And Warnings

Japan - Reactor Intact After Explosion, Catastrophe Averted

Japanese Admit Partial Core Exposure Just Before Explosion - Vid

Fears Fukushima May Become A New Chernobyl

Dangers Posed By Japan's Nuclear Plant Explosion, Crisis

Japan Planning To Distribute Iodine To Protect Thyroid

Japan Authorities Think Fuel Rods Have Melted


Fallout Map From Fukushima Destroyed Nuclear Plant

Surviving Radioactive Fallout

New 6.4 Quake Hits Right Next To Stricken Nuclear Plant

Radiation Level Surge Outside Two Japan Nuclear Plants

9,500 Reported Missing In One Japanese Town - CNN

Japanese Says 'Pumping System' Caused Huge Explosion - Vid

Circumstances Of 40 Yr Old Wrecked Nuke Plant Unclear - Vid

Japanese Nuke Plant Blast Adds To Fear Of Nuclear Meltdown - Vid

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion Analysis - Vid


Damaged Japan Nuke Plant Annihilated In Giant Blast - Vid

Damaged Reactor Building Destroyed In Giant Blast

Japan Govt Urges Calm After Massive Nuke Plant Explosion

Huge Radioactive Blast Destroys Damaged Japan Nuke Plant - Vid

Quake Moved Japan Coast 8 Feet - Shifted Earth's Axis

Scientist Warns Of Chernobyl Like Disaster In Japan - Vid

Hawaii, West Coast 36 Hrs From Radiation In Japan Nuke Melt 

Japan Declares Full Emergencies At Two Nuclear Plants

Japan Nuclear Crisis - Radioactive Steam May Cross Pacific - Vid

Japan Has Only Few Hours To Prevent Meltdown Catastrophe


Japan Quake Causes Emergencies At FIVE Nuke Reactors

Japan's Nuclear Program - Location Of 55 Nuclear Plants

Japan Loses Control Of Pressure At 2nd Nuclear Plant

US Did NOT Deliver Nuclear Reactor Coolant To Japan

New Videos Show Massive Japan Quake Damages - Vid

6 Mi Evac Zone Around Crippled Reactor - 1000X Radiation Released

Vivid Account Of Crew Fleeing Crumbling Nuke Plant - Vid

Radiation Leaked From Badly Damaged Nuke Plant? - Vid

Fears Growing Over Critically-Damaged Reactor - Vid

Damaged Japan Reactor At 2.1 Times Over Max Pressure


Japan Nuclear Reactor 'In Peril' - US Military Racing To Help

Damaged Japan Nuke Plant To Release Radiation - Pics

Major Japan Volcano Erupts - Vid

Millions Stranded In Tokyo Traffic Chaos After Quake

Frightful Footage Montage - Moment The Quake Hit - Vid

Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Video Collection - Vid

9.0 Japan Quake Photo Gallery - Pics

Tsunami Waves 'Destroy' Crescent City, CA Harbor

Santa Cruz CA Evacuates, Some Harbor Damage - Pics

Japan Struggling To Control Nuclear Plant - Vid

Japan Quake Now Upgraded To A 9 


88,000 People Missing In Japan - Bullet Train, Cruise Ship Gone

Quake, Tsunami Toll At Least 1,000 - World Offers Help

TEPCO - Pressures Rising Inside Nuke Plant Reactor

US Sends Emergency Coolant To Japan Nuke Plant

Evacuation At Japanese Nuke Plant

Scenes Of Tsunami Surge Battering Ships, Cars - Vid

Devastation In Japan - Widespread Destruction - Vid

Japan Declares Nuclear Emergency After Quake - Vid


Japan Supermarket Shakes Heavily In Quake - Vid

Tsunami Waves Hitting Hawaii Not Unusually High

CA, WA Prepare For Tsunami

Giant Jellyfish Innvade Japan Before Quake

Second Tsunami Hits Japan - Vid

Japanese Tsunami Creates Whirlpool Ocean - Vid

Millions Stranded In Tokyo Subways System - Vid

Tsunami Warning Issued For Hawaii

People Try To Outrun 10 Meter Tsunami In Cars, Bldgs Swept - Vid

Amazing Footage Of Tsunami Rolling Into Japan - Vid


Aerial Footage Of Tsunami Rolling Through Homes, Farmland - Vid

VIDEO Of Japan Tsunami From 8.9 Giant Quake - Vid

Gigantic 8.9 Magnitude Quake Hits Japan - Vid

The Influence Of Our Moon On Earth - Vid

Super Moon Perigee Due March 19 - Quake Trigger?

Could 'Supermoon' Next Week Impact Earth?

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