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Neutron Blue Beams Shooting
From Fukushima Reactor
By Gary Jacobucci
Neutron 'blue beams' can now be seen shooting from one of the damages reactors night and day.
"International nuclear experts believe that melted fuel is causing a small, uncontrolled chain reaction there sending out a burst of heat, radiation and a blue flash of light ­ what the nuclear industry calls a localized criticality. From what we understand, this is not good news for the workers trying to prevent a nuclear meltdown there."
One person gave this reflection on blue beams He was a medical student when the nuclear reactor was installed at UT. The joke on campus was that the good news was that they had an ultraviolet detector that could pick up this type of radiation leak - the bad news was that if you were in a position to detect these 'blue beams' that you were going to be dead in a few weeks.
Besides improvements in nuclear power generation ­ like supercharging the uranium fuel in the reactors with plutonium (MOX fuel), radiation is finding more applications in medicine.
In addition to irradiating parts of the body where cancer is found, one fellow here in town had radiation injected into his blood stream for a diagnostic from a high tech piece of equipment at the Elko Hospital. He was told it would be fine, but to stay away from his children for a few days. When they couldn't get the machine to work right for the diagnostic, they told him he would have to go through the procedure again (he said no).
The FDA pushing for the irradiation of food ­ to keep us safe of course.
The FDA acknowledges the fact that irradiation changes the makeup of food when it says in the same proposal that "Irradiation has various effects on foods that may cause changes in the characteristics of the food. Such changes may occur in the food's organoleptic, nutritional, or functional properties that would not be noticeable at the point of purchase but could be apparent when consumed or cooked."
The USDA allows irradiation of food and calls it "electronic pasteurization" so as not to alarm consumers. An official with the USDA who helped to ease food radiation restrictions now is with the UN doing the same with international guidelines. Many scientists believe that irradiation causes genetic and molecular changes that increase the risk of cancer in those who consume the food.
Then there are nuclear weapons. There are the heavy bombs and the ideology of M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction) which also keeps us safe.
And now we have the use of depleted uranium. Prior to the War on Terrorism, it was thought to be a crime against humanity to spread nuclear waste on an enemies nation due to the long term toxic effect it would have on future generations.
But when it was found that the elements in depleted uranium could penetrate armor like nothing else, the toxic effects were no longer a concern.
DU ignites upon firing, filing the air with microscopic irradiated particles on both the giving and receiving end of the munitions.
Aside from destroying the health of the soldiers, the DNA mutations are passed into the womb...
The use of nuclear, atomic, radiological, etc. is M.A.D. and will be our demise on this planet if we continue down this path.
- Gary
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