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Fukushima Explosion Explanation More TEPCO BS?
By Tom Burnett
Exclusive to Rense.com
The story...
SUBTITLE Sound Of Explosion Heard At, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant - Kyodo News
TOKYO -(Dow Jones) -- Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501.TO) said Tuesday that the sound of an explosion was heard at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, but radiation levels haven't increased and no injuries were reported, Kyodo News reported.
The explosion was heard around 0530 GMT as wreckage was being removed by remotely controlled heavy machinery on the southern side of the No. 4 reactor building.
Tepco said it was possible that a machine ruptured a buried gas tank, causing the explosion, the report said.
- By Tokyo Bureau, Dow Jones Newswires
First, TEPCO gave the time of the explosion at ~05:30 GMT instead of providing the time in the local time zone. I can do that calculation, but how many people can actually take a time in GMT and convert it into a time in JST - it isn't even the same day. But OK, it turns out to be about 2:30 in the afternoon if you believe TEPCO. I don't.
First, I doubt there is an underground fuel tank next to a nuclear reactor. Even if there were, ANY explosion would increase radiation levels because radioactive particles are all over the place. However, I have attached a photo of R4 in case someone can show me the location and type of the underground fuel tank. Conclusion:
The statement is not true.
Secondly, I doubt that people are operating remote-controlled heavy equipment without specific planned routes and copies of blueprints of the facility overlaid on maps in front of them with specific GPS coordinates FOR EXACTLY THE REASON THAT THEY DON'T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Conclusion: The statement is not true.
Third: The 'live' feeds have been off for longer than the time the indecent supposedly occurred. Yesterday it was supposedly because heavy ground fog obscured the area. People are not operating heavy tracked equipment around the R4 fuel pool in zero visibility - I was born at night but it wasn't LAST night. Conclusion: Everything TEPCO says is molasses.
What DID happen? We'll have to wait for the picture to come back on but the most likely scenario is that the R4 fuel pool collapsed and the near-term clean-up effort has been set back to the year 2525.
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