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Fukushima 2 Melting Through It's Base On Cue
Hi Jim, 
Well, Fukushima Reactor 2 finally melted through right about on cue.
It lasted a little more than 2 weeks, about like we figured.  The huge amounts
of water may have slowed it down but couldn't stop it.  Now it's eating through
the concrete floors and the bottom of drywell...
I expect a large explosion there soon, and it could come without any further warning.
As the heat really turns up and it hits water line, I figure it's about the same level as ocean,
maybe a little higher, so not many feet to go.  Whole thing was only about 20+ feet above sea level.
The top of the building was 49 feet...add a basement and that makes the concrete floor about 10 feet above sea level.   At 2 feet a day...5 days...not much time to drill those relief wells I bitched about right off and again today.
Of course, all suggestions from the peanut gallery get deleted.  Maybe they will try sandbags like I told them repeatedly, which can build various shaped containments in short time, like a week or two.  But it all seems so far gone on the surface now.
Now, underneath, it's going really badly, too.  And there is not much time left before it does something really bad! 
A number have suggested explosives or even using nuclear bombs on it.  Sorry, that isn't possible ...because they just don't have a clue how to stop fission.  By taking it apart into little peas and pinheads, which perfect explosions could maybe do, but most blasts would just make a huge release...and it will be game over.  So, a drain is their last chance...along with endless sandbags.
But here is the EU solution to the problem!  Yup.  Insanity Goes Critical Mass Media...
Semper Wifi
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