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Japanese Surfer In Hawaii -
Fukushima Radiation Dumping 2 Yrs?

From Dick Allgire
Exclusive to Rense.com
From: Tsukidate Chiharu 
To: Dick Allgire - KITV (Honolulu) Health
I have a huge favor for you folks that since many people in Hawaii watching this channel.
As you know, nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan is draining radioactive water to the ocean
but it was already happened before they share the information (with the public).
And also most important part (the reactor) has puka (hole) so (radioactive) water is keep running to the ground that they gonna have to drain it to the ocean as well.
But how long? Some professor say 2years.  The radiation is 1000times more than Hiroshima.
I'm going to paste the site (where) there is one free journalist try to tell people true information since Japanese government keep inventing stories and controlling medias. Hope some one can translate this for you.
And my favor is please get some machine to detect and major the radiation in the water here, and tell us every day with weather report. Here are many surfers, kids in the water and fishermen. If media doesn't share true information then media means nothing.
(Here is the link...)
Mahalo nui loa,
Chiharu Tsukidate
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