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Forensic Global Analysis Of
Fukushima Daiichi Crisis
World PEAK Oxygen In The 21st Century

Dr Bill Deagle MD
The Fukushima Daiichi plant disaster was precipitated by an earthquake that damaged Unit 1 even before the tsunami struck destroying backup power to the plant. It is now evident more than two months after March 11th 2011, that Cold Shutdown will 'never' occur. The Hamaoka plant Unit 5 was just reported to have 400 tonnes of seawater, caused by the earthquake.  TEPCO has an ongoing cover-up and other Japanese nuclear power supply companies, the Japanese government and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Rolling power brownouts belie many other reactors were taken offline stealthily after March 11th 2011. Now TEPCO appears to be headed for government backed public money to cover liabilities and repairs that are bungled at every turn.
The shroud of mystery is dropping and the horror of all three reactors having a complete core breach, reactor cooling pool to Unit 4 blown sky-high and Arne Gundersen analysis of MOX Unit 3 cooling pool going hypercritical with a hydrogen trigger nuclear explosion. Up to 50 km away from the plant debris with highly radioactive soil has been revealed. The Pacific Ocean is a TEPCO Fukushima dumping ground, with the Humbolt or Black Current carrying toxic death to Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and Baja California.
EPA, CDC, and FDA came out early after Fukushima to quell American fears of internal contamination. Like the Bobby McFerrin song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" ! Now EPA has announced after purposely dropping the environmental and individual monitoring ball on the Gulf Oil Disaster Last year, they will reduce and discontinue existing inadequate testing of air, water, rainwater, soil, crops and people downwind of Fukushima.
We are pursuing Pro Se litigation against EPA for not legally following their charter to inform the public. Their officers and scientists are culpable and liable for harm to American citizens. Other citizens in America, in Japan and worldwide, must take action to assure proper data for public and personal decisions, to prevent inaction or rash decisions in the midst of a crisis.
We had a flurry of concern early, but now the sound of a slumbering population is deafening with apathy and fanciful thoughts that all is well in our air, food, water and we should listen to the EPA. Now, the radiation on my North County, San Diego, CA, Inspector PLUS shows daily waves of radiation with CPM climbing and falling over hours with low 20s to middle 50s when it rains, mists or just when a new cloud of nanoparticles arrives fresh from the inept exploits of TEPCO in Northern Japan.
What can you do? Much, you can block radioactive Iodine 131 with NutriDine the most bioavailable diatomic Iodine in the world. I have developed with top doctors the most powerful radiation internal contamination program for people worldwide. Protect your DNA and mitochondria with the most powerful unique long acting high potency Alpha Lipoic Acid, NutriTRALA, that has completely unparalleled DNA and mitochondrial protection from radiation and isotopes. You can chelate heavy isotopes your breath or swallow from your respiratory and gastrointestinal tract with NutriDefense and ChelorMAX and the only organic non-acid washed Zeolite and protect your bone marrow with Nutrimmune and ImmunoMAX... This is the Core Protocol, and many other can be taken per my two part video and PowerPoint presentation that are exclusively on www.NutriMedical.com 24/7 or 888-212-8871 to order.
You must not drink unfiltered water and our Pure Water System will eliminate ALL Toxins and ALL Isotopes.  Again, you may obtain this unique drinking water system from www.NutriMedical.com .
If radiation levels jump or rise significantly, we must consider NIOSH 95 masks, part of my First Line of Defense Kit. Also, when outside, use recirculating air only during travel in vehicles, and using a HEPA and nanoparticulate home or office filters.
We must  push for developers and the government to make available carbon Bucky ball atomic sized nanoparticulate filters to remove all airborne isotopes. Just one Plutonium stray particle embedded in lung, pancreas or bone marrow is terminal with cancer being a virtual certainty.
An international emergency nuclear team, such as the Manhattan Project should immediately be assembled of all the great nuclear powers, USA, Europe, China, Russia to rush to Japanese aid. They must deploy radiation proof robots, and contain and filter airborne isotopes with high tensile strength Spider-silk Kevlar Tents, to prevent further air release.  We must consider a Corium Catcher under the plants with a wall to undermine any lateral migration of super radioactive Feed-And-Bleed water continuing to poison the greatest ocean on Earth, and we must test and develop a "Zone of Alienation" as with Chernobyl to prevent future Japanese from sacrificing their health and descendants to the toxic zones of Fukushima.
Here in America, we urgently must face several realities. First, the Nuclear Fission Age is OVER ! Second, immediately decommissioning of plants in fault zones, along the coasts in tsunami target range, and plants that can be swamped by flooding is TOP Priority. Next, we must replace all nuclear plants with Natural Gas upgrades, which is quick and inexpensive. Re-licensure of old and dangerous plants must be properly funded and carefully carried out worldwide from Chernobyl reactors across the former Soviet Union, to Mark I reactors in America.
We cannot take the Faustian bargain of Cando Canadian, Thorium or Pebble Bed reactors, because although critical hydrogen and nuclear explosions are less likely. They all vent off radioisotopes and no country is willing to accept the worlds undying nuclear pollution heritage. The poor country of Mongolia has come up with analysis of where to move Fukushima waste but it is too radioactive to move. No human can stand the Fukushima radiation dose in Sieverts more than minutes without the loss of rational thought, bodily functions and death ensures quickly to all who try to service the core regions of Fukushima.  Without urgent global plans, our Pacific Ocean and the Northern Hemisphere will suffer endless toxic poisoning of our environment and populations and all species will suffer an extinction level event.
Our world must come to grips with the Peak Oxygen Reality.  Our oceans are dying and 10,000 plus dead zones up to 20, 000 square miles in size are now joined by the Gulf of Mexico with 200 pound Australian Man-Of-War jellyfish are taking over much of the Gulf, as the oxygen concentration plummets and fish dying with mammals of the sea, dolphins, while contract incinerator ships destroy the evidence at sea. We must transition to solar, wind, wave, and non-carbon based new energy technologies such as Nuclear Fusion, Vortex Field, and geothermal and develop rugged plasma distribution lines that will not succumb to Solar CME Coronal Mass Ejections, Earthquakes or Tsunamis.
If we don't hear the planet cry, and heed the warning of Revelation 11:18 from God, "I shall return to destroy those that destroy the Earth.." we shall have a tiny remnant of humankind, living on a strange toxic hypoxic planet in domed cities, fearing to venture into the outer world without a radiation oxygen suit, much like space travelers to our own world.
We can survive, we can thrive, then we must act now to save our Earth.
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