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Minister's Resignation Sign
Of Japan Disintegration

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense.com
The forced resignation of the Reconstruction Minister Ryu Matsumoto is yet another symptom of the political and social disintegration of Japan in the nuclear crisis.
The Japanese tend to be creatures of routine who do not cope well in crisis. Japanese history shows that between dynamic eras of unification, Japanese society tends toward atomization, descends into a Dark Age of ignorance, distrust and fear. That negative tendency is playing out right now, as individuals retreat into their shells and the social cogs fail to align into a working machine.
Matsumoto, a burakumin (the traditional underclass) from Kyushu who understands hardship and endurance (and already a target of the LDP), expressed a frustration with Tohoku authorities who are like monks with begging bowls, expecting the national government to dispense a river of golden coins. The central government is in dire debt and besieged with problems and cannot deliver endless largesse for each prefecture's wish list, much of which has nothing to do with tsunami victims. Added to that, the ministries are going in their own directions with nothing like a coordinated list of priorities or timetable.
Right now, beside clearing the rubble and dumping the radioactive mess into trash mountains, much of the recovery program is "make-work" - six men cutting grass or repairing slightly cracked sidewalks. Surplus workers, most doing redundant unnecessary jobs, are being hauled in from surrounding provinces by the GeneCon (construction contractors), filling every hotel room in the Tohoku, making it difficult for volunteers to come in to do other important tasks. In short, we are seeing a colossal waste of money, manpower and resources for communities that may be facing permanent depopulation.
Fukushima, for example, depends on farming and fishing (and food processing) and just a little mainly domestic tourism, which depends on the region's food quality. Radiation from Fukushima No.1 will threaten and curb all these three mainstays for at least 30 years and, in many hotspots littered with uranium and plutonium particles up to thousands of years.
Without a viable economy over the foreseeable future, the local towns have little chance of long-term survival. Therefore, should the national government be automatically be rebuilding the entire infrastructure for what will soon be, for economic reasons due to irradiation, ghost towns?
That is Minister Matsumoto's point about prefectures and townships needing to make rational and quite serious priorities, to develop a plan even under such conditions of stress and distress.
Another problem, from my observations, is that long periods of exposure to radiation causes the deterioration of nerves, harming eyesight, eye-hand coordination and, worse, cognitive functions. People in the radiation zone (and even in Tokyo) seem to move much slower and react tardily - they cannot notice it, but it is clearly visible to me. I have experienced some of this myself, at least the damage to eyesight and spent time outside to recuperate with lots of herbal treatment to regain some vitality. I am not talking about mere stress or fatigue, this is a physical effect of radiation exposure.
While the large Japanese export-oriented corporations, based in Kansai or Tokai, are greatly benefitting from the disaster bailout (easy money from Bank of Japan, a holiday from ratings cuts, supplemental budgets from the Diet), the long-term loss to the national economy will come from the rise in cancer-related illness over the coming decade and the deterioration of human functions as a third of the Japanese population show symptoms of declining mental health and reduced motor functions.
The situation and implications are so far gone now that the government bureaucracy, particularly the Home Ministry or Somu-sho,
is putting vast effort into fudging the data, outright falsification and disinformation, media censorship, harassment of journalists, and electronic surveillance of anyone who dares to seek out the facts.
Thousands upon thousands of imported dosimeters have been damaged beyond repair, apparently by X-ray examination by Japan Customs, probably deliberately to prevent correct readings, and we can only surmise that the dosimeters distributed to Fukushima schoolchildren are wrongly calibrated to show low readings. The government bureaucracy is plotting against the Japanese people and the international community, which also is being massively irradiated by the opening and ventings of the melted-down reactors.
In short, Japan is dying and this disaster is killing people in the biospheres of the Northern Hemisphere, and we cannot put our hopes on the next generation, many of whom are already doomed by fascistic unspoken policies reminiscent of the prewar years. The thought may be horrific, but I am sure that the Health Ministry is already preparing for a massive wave of abortions to prevent the birth of "monster babies". Much of the next generation is already doomed.
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