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Deadly Dishonestly Of Only Reading,
Reporting Iodine 131 Levels
By Dick Eastman
"Tablets only protect against Iodine 131, not against Cesium 134, 137, Plutonium, Uranium, and Strontium 90 radioactive particles. It's not a surprise that the gov'ts hasn't been more forth coming with the true readings of the radiation. Also, everything is as said, speculative, why??  As we continue to research the bits of info given to us, we too can speculate just how bad it really is!! After all, the Gulf Oil Spill is supposed to all cleaned up now and of course the 9 11 first responders, fire fighters, police officers and volunteer workers all have cancer or have already passed. All the while the EPA said everything was OK!!" --  Ralph Langner
The deadly dishonesty of measuring and reporting only Iodine 131 levels...
Those in high positions critical to our protection but also most able to cause harm through omission or misinforming or under-responding are all showing the same pattern. Where the evidence can't be hidden they are vague and elusive on everthing but what is already obvious -- where data collection requires their diligence which we cannot check up on them -- we see no fruits forthcoming showing that that kind of work has been done.
This is especially so in radiation detection in the atmospher and in detection in plants, animals, water and soil. There is no effort to measure what is being released into the atmosphere. There is no cordon of captive balloons at different altitudes around Fukushima taking readings. Right now whoever the decision-makers in Japan are they are only interested in getting the radiation away from Japan -- no one is thinking of North Amnerica even as much as to get a rought estimate of what is being put into the atmosphere that almost certainly will be carried by the prevailing westerlies population and environment of our continent. And there is no report from anyone on Plutonium and Strontium 90 -- even though we know Plutonium at Chernobyl was carried as far as Sweden. Radio active Iodine has a half life of around 8 days -- Plutonium radiates half of its mass (half life) only after 20,000 years. 
Let me show you how dishonest and fatally misleading it is for those in charge of readings to measure only radioactive Iodine and not the longer lasting (effectively permanent) radioactive elements
Thus if you add to a box one gram of Iodine 131 and a gram of Plutonium 
every 8 days - and if you only meausred radioactive Iodine the readings for 
Iodine would be on successive days sum of  
1.0 total grams of radioactive Iodine found in the box (with half life of 8 days)
1.5 total grams on 8th day
1.75 total grams on 16th day
1.875 total grams on 24th day  
1.9375 total grams on 32nd day
1.96875 total grams grams on 40th day
1.984375 total on 48th day
1.9921875 total grams on 56th day
1.99609375 total grams on 64th day
1.998046875 total grams on 72nd day
1.9990234375 total grams on 80th day -- less than 2 grams!
On the eightieth day of adding one gram of radioactive Iodine to the box there is still less than 2 grams in the box to be measured.
Now look at how Plutonium accumulates in the box if one gram is added every eight days
1.0 total grams of Plutonium in the box
2.0 total grams on the 8th day
3.0 total grams on the 16th day
4.0 total grams on the 24th day
5.0 total grams on the 32nd day
6.0 total grams on the 40th day
7.0 total grams on the 48th day
8.0 total grams on the 56th day
9.0 total grams on the 64th day
10.0 total grams on the 72nd day
11.0 total grams on the 80th day
We are only getting readings for the radioactive iodine isotope, we
are not getting it for Plutonium and the other effectively permanent contaminants.
Do you see how misleading it is to report only Iodine readings!!!
After 80 days at an increase of one unit every 8 days Plutonium will be
increased by a factor of 10
Do you see what a crime it is not to fill the air with radiation counters.
Do you see that this is so obvious that high authorities and the scientific establishments they command must be aware of how misleading this is -- how the people are being given information that drastically understates the rate at which nuclear contamination is increasing in the environment.
We are being murdered and you are too polite to upset anyone by giving out the warning. Why upset people, especially when it will be painful to see and when they will almost certainly turn on you in denial rather than face this most unpleasant music.
The question is do you want a trouble free ride to the morgue or do you love people enough to inform them so they can at least have a fighting chance however poor the odds in our favor? Do you tell loved ones they are dying? Do you tell them when the knowledge may lead them to actions that could give us a shot at survival? - Dick Eastman
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