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One Fukushima Entombment Plan Concept
From: SD
To: Jim Kirwan
If a plan along the lines of Enewetak cactus Dome were to be used at Fukushima
The "dome" would actually be more of a "Vault" shape, about 1/2 mile long and over 1/4 wide at least !
Sand would be needed about 50 feet deep, from the top of the hill/cutbank behind the reactors, to out past the breakwater. See aerial photo of Fukushima below.
Note - cut banks to west of reactors and smaller cutbanks along entrance road.
This is huge - but possible - and of course it would also require many ship loads of Boron from CA.
When buried and the melting underneath is studied, it may be then possible to cover the entire sand vault with concrete much like was dome at the once pristine and beautiful Enewetak Atoll....

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