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Japan Facing Magma Surges,
Volcanic Fury, Another 9.0 Quake

By Yoichi Shimatsu 
Exclusive to Rense.com
While doing the decontamination project in the north, I dug a deep hole in a field to check on background radiation. Layer after alternating layer of thick volcanic deposits (yellow soil, pyroclastic) and thin bands of black organic matter. In other words, for most of Japanese prehistory, volcanoes - not life - have ruled.
The Tohoku region is a series of vast volcano craters, all of them still alive and well, bubbling up hot springs. Most are not little mountains, but massive, the size of counties in the USA.
The phenomenal frequency of big quakes in Tohoku, they are happening at light speed in geological time, means magma is on the move.
If one or more of these giants blow, the land will be covered by 2 - 4 meters of ash and toxic gas. That, in turn, would completely shut down roads, power and water, meaning all the nuclear reactors in northern Japan would melt down.
The events since 3.11 could be a mere hint of things to come, a triple disaster leading toward the fourth and final catastrophe.
Here is a report on Japan Meterological Agency from early April that somehow managed to slip thru -
Japan's 20 Volcanoes Have Come Alive After The 9.0 Tohoku Quake...Another Is Expected
Japan's Meteorological Agency on Friday warned the country's 20 volcanoes has become alive due to the massive March 11 earthquake, and a study said earthquake over 9.0-magnitude might hit Japan.
The Agency said volcanic explosion occurred after earthquake several times in history and people should maintain vigilance against this tendency.
The number of earthquake above 6.0 M reached 77 on March. And 74 out of them occurred in quake-hit region, were aftershock. The number is 50 times over the same period last year.
The largest aftershock on April 7 hit Japan has killed 4 people, injured at least 166, and caused a power outage over 2.61 million households, according to Japan's police officials. The Meteorological Agency warned aftershocks above 6.0 M like the April 7 earthquake probably would hit Japan again.
Meanwhile, quakes of the  country's 20 volcanoes occurred more frequently after the massive March 11 earthquake, especially, the FujiHakone, and Aso-San.
Authorities in Japan on Friday announced a research findings which indicated chain earthquake over 9.0-magnitude might hit Japan and its offshore area.
A massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit off the northeastern coast of Japan on March 11, 2011, triggering a massive tsunami which caused alerts to go up along the pacific basin.
Japan Volcanoes and Volcanics (USGS)
List of volcanoes in Japan
Tectonics and Volcanoes of Japan
Name of volcanoes in Japanese
Source page...
Additionally, this site below explains the causal relationship between oceanic subduction (as happened in the 311 quake) and magma upwelling.
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