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The TEPCO B*stards At Fukushima
By Dr. Tom Burnett 
Exclusive to Rense.com
The JNN 'live' cam feed has been off for a couple of days again.  There is always a reason they do that and this is no different.  
ALL of the reactor cores AND the fuel pool at reactor 4 are back in, and out, of criticality because there was no place to store more of the water they need to keep pumping over the whole mess just to keep it from getting horribly worse - and the water is just a band-aid as everyone knows.  It's not a long-term fix.  There ISN'T a long term fix.
While the world is looking at Ft. Calhoun, TEPCO dumped - or is still dumping all its radioactive water into the ocean.  The radiation from the melted reactor cores is so bad that even the small drone 'helicopter' they tried to fly over the plant to 'gather air samples' was cooked by the radiation and crashed onto the roof of reactor 2.  Not a surprise.
So, the radiation levels will probably start going down again - for at least awhile - because they can pump more water on the demon cores - until they fill up the tanks once again and have to pour it right back into the Pacific.  After about a hundred years of that, the entire world will be a very different place - and your kids won't have ears.  But you won't know of the danger you are facing because the NRC and EPA aren't bothering with (public) readings anymore.  In fact, the EPA actually REMOVED its monitoring equipment from Boise, Idado this week.  Coincidentally, Boise registered some of the highest readings of Fuksuhima radiation in America. You can try here:  radiationnetwork.com
Let me explain what these instruments are reading and how it affects you.  They are reading radioactive decay.  Not every particle that flies through the tube decays - we can't see the ones that don't - we can only see the ones that do decay while we are looking at them.
The input grid to a typical professional-grade Geiger-Mueller tube is about the size of a silver dollar.  If 20 particles per second are decaying in that tube, twenty more are decaying in every silver-dollar-sized area within miles of that meter and you are breathing a hell of a lot more than that because the meter just reads what is falling on it - you are actually sucking in air - a LOT of it.
If the NRC told you that minor fact, everyone would suddenly realize that the radiation isn't all vacuumed up in the meter.  It's all over everything.  The meter just gives you a wild guess as to how soon the radiation is going to kill you.  Right now, pretty slowly - but radiation is bio-accumulative.  You can play around with drinking clay and bicarb and battery acid, but once that radionuclide gets in you, something breaks.  I'm reading 29 counts per second which is ~.05 Rads/hr.  Everytime I take a breath I get another .05.  Every sip of coffee...  
It is a very imprecise science at best. You are well advised to remember the government's dirty little secret.  If they can't help you, they will deny there is a problem.
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