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Seafloor Radiation 1,000x Normal 20km From Fukushima
From Yomiuri Online
A Google translation
TEPCO has three days to 15 ­ from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station of the submarine coastal sediments 20 km away, was announced and iodine were detected high levels of radioactive cesium.
Detection location is 20 kilometers south of the coast Iwasawa the primary (Hirono town, city Naraha) 20 3 km water depth offshore Odakaku Soma City about 15 kilometers north to south ­ 30 meters under the sea, April 29 were collected.
Odakaku off the sediment per km, 137 becquerels of cesium up to 1400, has been detected cesium 134 Becquerel 1300, reached more than 1,000 times the normal either. Iodine-131 also was found more than 100 times the normal 190 becquerels. TEPCO, including two around the locality, as well as plans to conduct surveys of fish and shellfish.
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