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Charlotte Iserbyt

Garland's Shocking Confirmation
Testimony 10-21-21

Refuse The National ID card!

Intelligence Reforms Internal Passport

'Achtung! Your Passport, Bitte'

Many Ways To Skin A Cat

You'll Know It's True When It Happens To You

Kissinger Out Of The Closet

Iserbyt - The Using Of 'Covid 19' To Implement
Global Tyranny

Shocker - Former VP Of WHO European
Advisory Group Says The 'Unvaxed Are NOT
Dangerous, It Is The Vaxed Who Are Dangerous
For Others' And 'Must Quarantine Over The
Winter Months' !!

Jeff And Charlotte Iserbyt
The 22 Top Communist Goals In America

Who Is The REAL Glenn Youngkin?
He's Not What You Think...

The Merger Of The Public And Private
Sector Is Corporate Fascism

Chester Finn Wrote 'Public Service, Public Support And Public Accountability'

The Incredible Consolidation Cartoon In
Charlotte's Timeless Blockbuster The
Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America

US Chamber of Commerce...
Reagan Private Sector Initiative

Rense-Iserbyt - History Of Education Since
1965 And A Strong Warning For VA Parents

Charlotte On Critical Race Theory And Garland

Why Now?

The Hatch Amendment Regulations
Lessons For The Education Profession

From Charlotte's Landmark Book
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America

Child Abuse In The Classroom - Schlafly

Iserbyt On Critical Race Theory

Project BEST and the Forty-Year Plan
to Reimagine Education for the Fourth
Industrial Revolution

Jeff & Charlotte Iserbyt And Dr. Lorraine Day
Nailing Down The TRUTH Of Covid & The Vax

Charlotte And Jeff Reveal The
Pilgrims Society - Listen!

Shut Up About The Deep State, It Calls
Itself The Pilgrim's Society...
That Is Its Specific Name And The Vax
Nightmare Is Its Biggest Game

The Pilgrim Society
Created Lenin & Communism!

Charlotte's Remarkable Ramblings

Charlotte's Magnificent 'Green Dress' Interview
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of Our Schools
And Children From The Truly Brilliant Charlotte

Communist Presidents Since Calvin Coolidge?

The Devil's Thirteen-Pronged Fork

The Plan to Collapse Local Government

Rense Interview 12-17-2020

The President's News Conference

Trump's Love Affair With Israel's Netanyahu
And Trump's Obedient Remarks As President
Of The Zionist Israeli States Of America

Soviet Russia Was Interested In A Trump
Run For President Back In 1988 !

Donald Trump...Just Another Sinner Born Again

Euro Federalists Are Financed By US Spy Chiefs

My Robin's beautiful nest and three beautiful eggs

A Look Into Syria Like You've Never Seen Before
Asma Assad A Rose In The Desert

Iserbyt - The Hidden Education Agenda

Iserbyt's Crucial 1995 Letter To Phyllis Schlafly
With Critically-Important Attachments

Update On 3D Bullis & Origins Of ‘Mental Health’ In Schools

Iserbyt - Changing Values 1968 - A Chicago Inner
City Schools Position Paper

Iserbyt - Too Late For The Table

Iserbyt - Politics Is Biggest US Spectator Sport
...And The Deadly 'COPS' Program

Taking A Look At The 'RED PILL EXPO'
Its Issues And Speakers

Iserbyt - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Iserbyt - American Judicial System On Life Support

Skinner Method - Direct Instruction, Mastery
Learning, OBE, PBE, RBE And The Computer

The Highjacking Of The Traditional Conservative Movement

7.21.17     How Jeanne Gang's Firm
Built A Better Police Station
Iserbyt - The Great NeoCon Deception

Iserbyt - Freedom Of Speech Is In Mortal Danger

ME Town Mgr Fired For Trying To Protect White Culture

Iserbyt -Freedom Of Speech On Chopping Board In ME

Human Freedom...The Last Chapter?

School To Work - A Formula For Failure

NH Researcher Exposes The Tax Bill Nightmare Fraud

Stunning Book Shows Inner Workings Of Communism In US - Bella Dodd's
'The School Of Darkness'

Maine Conservatives Tell US Combat Marine
Veteran To 'Sit Down' And Shut Up

Transcript Of Hearing

The United States Consitution -
May It 'Rest In Peace' R.I.P.

US & Maine Constitutions Dead In Maine


'Competency Based Education'
….Finally Out Of The Closet

DeVos And Education…We Let It Happen

You Just Lost Your Right To Vote On Education

The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid

Stop Nikki Haley's Appointment As US Amb To The UN

Iserbyt Encore - Trump Should Get Us Out Of The UN

The Secret History Of Public Education - Vid


Iserbyt - Chinese Mom Spills The Red Beans

Regionalism Is Communism...Believe It

America's Road To Ruin

Communism - Are We There Yet? Read And Decide

HUD - A Communist Neighborhood For YOU

The Country That Saved Itself

Urgent - ESEA Senate Vote Oddly Postponed Until Tomorrow

Urgent - Iserbyt Implores Us To Press For Defeat Of ESEA Bill

Urgent Action Alert - Defeat Reauthorization Of ESEA

Regionalism Is Communism

The Devil's Seven-Prong Fork

Who Dunnit? How Global Tyranny Annihilated American Education

Read - The Rise Of The Education Transformers

Satanic Influences In Education