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Maine Conservatives Tell US Combat
Marine Veteran To 'Sit Down' & Shut Up

By Charlotte and Sam Iserbyt


Note - See Charlotte Iserbyt's Bio At Bottom Of Page

Note - All partires referred to in this matter are offered full and equal opportunity to reply on this forum.  Contact

The following text is one pager we prepared to hand out
at the Maine Heritage Luncheon on Friday, 6-30-17

Questions For Portland, Maine Mayor Ethan Strimling

(1)  Why didn't you, as elected Mayor of Portland, Maine, AND unelected/appointed City Manager Jon Jennings, do anything about the "pop [Sam Iserbyt] in the head" audio tape which indicated Portland Police Department planned to take out Samuel Iserbyt in October, 2015?    One of the officers is heard saying "it's not federal anymore" and "Grant's talking to him (Chief or who?) on phone." You and the City Manager  both listened to the tape given to you by Sam Iserbyt.  Was this tape ever made available to members of the Portland City Council? If not, why not?

As a Maine taxpayer, I want to know "who exactly gave patrolmen Ryder and Hurley, whose voices are heard on audiotape, orders to "pop Sam in the head"?

(Said audio tape was mistakenly given to Sam Iserbyt in Discovery Materials related to a misdemeanor charge  subsequently dismissed by Cumberland County ADA Jennifer Ackerman)

(2) Who exactly gave the West End Neighborhood Association (WENA PPD officer Argitis) false/defamatory information regarding the attempted murder of homeowner/taxpayer Samuel Iserbyt, 146 Chadwick Street, on Memorial Day May 30, 2016, seven months later?

Following West End Neighborhood Association WENA published  text, which obtains suspect Fred Dodge's "cooked up version" of what happened:  (Sam, an accomplished U.S. Marine Corps rifleman with combat duty in Gulf War I shot himself in the leg!!!) was published  on Internet by the   partially federally-funded,  Community Oriented Policing (COPS) arrangement (public/private partnership with  City of Portland, Maine):

"The recent shooting on Chadwick Street appears to have been a self-inflicted wound. No arrests have been made. The wounded person is known to PPD but is not expected to be an imminent threat to the neighborhood even after his long recovery."

 Aside from above account being a lie, it is defamation of character of Samuel Iserbyt.

Where did this lie originate?    It appears someone within the Portland Police Dept. immediately put this lying story out to protect the assailant, Fred  Dodge and themselves, from involvement in incident.  This story does not jibe with the excellent official Portland Police Dept. Report documents completed at least eight days later !!! which included eyewitness report of the attack on Sam, and witness testimony from others who saw Dodge coming down Chadwick street, terrorizing the community,  brandishing a gun, threatening (using foul language) to murder Sam, and ultimately trespassing on Sam's porch and assaulting him, which resulted in Sam's being declared in critical condition  with no blood/no oxygen upon arrival at hospital 33 minutes after (!!!!!!) initial eye witness call to 911 regarding gunshot wound through femoral artery.

The excellent (very complete) PPD Report documents referred to incident as "elevated aggravated assault" and Samuel Iserbyt as "victim" and Fred Dodge "suspect".    For some weird reason, word came from somewhere high up, very early on, to NOT charge Fred Dodge with anything and to let him loose to wander the streets of Portland, with a gun, which Dodge has been doing for the last 13 months.

Doesn't the  public have a right to know about these two incidents which occurred in the West End to a taxpaying home owner and U.S. Marine combat veteran during Gulf War I?  There has been a complete Maine media blackout regarding this incident, other than original partially correct but incomplete articles by Matt Byrne in PPH.

What are you, Mayor Strimling, going to do about this very serious and unconstitutional breach of the law in Portland, Maine?

Be sure to listen to audio clip below...


Transcript Of Hearing

Note - All partires referred to in this matter are offered full and equal opportunity to reply on this forum.  Contact


Charlotte Iserbyt is a well known American activist, speaker, writer  (whistle blower)  and daughter of member of Yale's Order of Skull and Bones
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt who  served her country from 1953 to the present:

Social worker at U.S. Air Force  bases abroad during the Korean War; administrative assistant to  Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II in Brussels, Belgium; elected school board member in Camden, Maine; founder Maine Conservative Union and Guardians of Education for Maine; Sr. Policy Advisor in  Reagan U.S. Dept. of Education  where she leaked to  press a technology grant  which implemented  federally-funded and developed OBE Skinnerian ("I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule") computer curriculum in  all schools of America.    She is the author of  pamphletSoviets in the Classroom:  America's Latest Education Fadwhich details the 1985-2017 U.S.-Soviet (Reagan-Gorbachev) Education Agreement, which merged the two nations' education systems  in order to brainwash Americans to reject  traditional American values in favor of humanistic/globalist (UN agenda 2030)  corporate fascist/public-private  (lifelong communist polytechnical)  work force training (no personal choice or upward mobility for your children) being implemented in all schools of America in 2017 through tax-funded school choice/charters with no elected boards.

  Iserbyt is  the author of  the deliberate dumbing down of America, 1999/2011 which  documents Carnegie Corporation's  Conclusions and Recommendations, 1934  plan "to  use the schools to  change U.S. capitalist economic system to a lifelong communist planned economy" and "Back to Basics Reform or OBE (Skinnerian International Curriculum), 1985.  See also American, developed and managed by Charlotte's son, Samuel Thomson Iserbyt.  (All publications/websites cited above  are FREE pdfs on the Internet).