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Transcript Of Hearing

From Charlotte and Sam Iserbyt


"My name is Steve Schran:  I grew up in a city.... so I understand a lot of the concerns here.  But  I have one major concern.  I'm going to ask you a question.  I have all these sheets...each and everyone  of you can have a copy of this.  Why didn't  you    as elected major of Portland Maine and  unelected appointed City Manager CM Jon Jennings, do anything about the "pop sam in the head"audio tape which indicated that Portland Police Dept. planned to take out Sam Iserbyt, in Oct 2015...this gentleman right here, a former Iraqi, Maine,  he was in Marines in Iraq.  One of officers is heard saying "it's not federal anymore" and Grant's talking to him (chief? ed) on phone.You and City Manager both listened to tape given to you by Sam Iserbyt. Was this tape ever made available to member of Portland City Council?   If not, why? As a Maine taxpayer I want to  know who exactly gave patrolmen Ryder and Hurley, whose voices are heard on audio tape, orders to 'pop Sam in the head'

"You ought to read this entire sheet.

"You think your city is safe? I don't think so. I live in New Gloucester..  It's safe there. We don't even have a Police Dept."

Audience:  Laughing.

Strimling: "I don't really have a response, don't  recall issue..."

Sam:   "I think you do. We spoke privately on phone, private emails...I sent you the recording and you disappeared.  I went to Jon Jennings and  I told him about our conversations and  he said 'I run this city.'  Well, I'm not sure where you stand on that...Ethan.  I would like to know who shut you up because I think someone told you to be quiet and  you are also named on the Tort Notice for the lawsuit.   Probably largest suit city has ever seen.   As you know, since you've,  I  presume, read it  since I took it to your office.    District Attrorney Stephanie Anderson and Police Chief Michael Sauschuck are also named in it.

"At end of day, the Chief as you may wonder, because I don't have people shoot me that often, instead of using his officers because parameters did not match, had a hit man come to my house and shoot me. The odd part is that after all surgeries I've been through,  straight through my femoral artery, nothing has bled, and it is mysterious today, in this room, that this started coming out of my leg."

Audience:  "Ha. Ha.  Whew."

Sam:  "Anyone want to see the wounds? Chief Sauschuck sent his officers.   If anyone would like to hear it, I'll play it for you. It's short.  Ethan's heard it. I'm sorry....I know you have been stuck in the corner."

Someone (Exec. Director Maine Heritage Gagnon?):   "We ought to hear this man."

Strimling: " I  don't think right now is  the time for this. Have a private conversation afterwards."

Sam: "I think everyone needs to hear this."

Audience:  "No,No, No; sit down", and is followed by others who say to Sam "Sit down".

Sam:  "Sit down?  I'm a taxpayer in City of Portland.  Do you want to see the injuries?"

Schran:  "Let's go. Let's go.  Let's go.  They don't care."

Sam:  "There's a witness who watched the whole thing happen."


Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education