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You Just Lost Your Right
To Vote On Education!

By Charlotte Iserbyt


Betsy DeVos, billionaire, is new  Secretary,  U.S. Dept. of Education. 50-50 vote broken by Vice President Pence.


$ee the earlier post about MARC TUCKER of the CARNEGIE CORPORATION titled 'Governance' - Eradication of Representative Government: Marc Tucker's Goodbye to Your Rights and Freedoms    

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Tucker's plan is to abolish locally elected school boards, thereby allowing control by unelected councils, using nearly $0.9 TRILLION dollars for brainwashing our children by anti-American, anti-academic education agents.

$ee the above chart from: "US Government Spending Breakdown: Federal, State, Local for 2015 - Charts." Total Federal, State and Local education spending = $0.9 trillion dollars, of which $141 billion is federal funding.  Defense Department spending, in contrast, is $0.8 trillion dollars.

In time, once the tentacles of this unelected form of government reaches down into all budgetary items at the polls, how many Americans will bother to go to the polls to vote?  Why would they when they are not  allowed to vote on the biggest budget item,  education?

They will no longer have the right to vote  "yes" or "no" on  the one $ item that affects their children's futures, their pocket book, and the continuation of our representative form of government.

When public and private sectors  are merged one has fascism, socialism, communism, none of which are accountable to the public.

The USA didn't used to have an "ism" form of government.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

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