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Finally Out Of The Closet -
'Competency Based Education'

By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

I feel truly (literally) sick to my stomach. Jane Robbins 2017 article is 32 years too late.    Did she really just find out that Outcomes Based Education (OBE)  is Skinnerian/Pavlovian performance based education!!!!!!!!!????????????

Note Robbins carefully does not tell you what the OBE method is:

It is the Pavlovian/Skinnerian  method.  Skinner said "I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule."

Did you know your children are considered animals/birds and this method is necessary for school-to-work, Soviet polytechnical education, to spin off profits for the global elite? Tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards (taxation without representation)which are also international,  are, of course,  necessary.  Is Robbins naive or is she a willing accomplice to Heritage's  implementation of the Trotskyite globalist agenda...through education restructuring?

Of course, so-called experts like Jane Robbins, American Principles Project, and the so-called "education experts" in all the other Trotskyite organizations, especially Heritage Foundation, trotting all over the country, since the early years of this century, opposing Common Core (major diversion from most important/dangerous issue: tax-funded school choice/charters going in all over the world...necessary for workforce training)... shouldn't be expected  (?) to have read small booklet  Back to Basics Reform or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum, 1985, *necessary for United States Participation in a One World Socialist Government scheduled for the early years of the 21st Century.   Or to know that Competency Based Ed is Outcomes Based Education (Skinner)?  Click on following link:

  And they couldn't be  expected to have read my later 700-page book the deliberate dumbing down of america...a chronological paper trail, 1999; 2011.  Click on following link below:

or  my Soviets in the Classroom...America's Latest Education Fad which covered the details of  the 1985 Reagan-Gorbachev Education Agreement and the Carnegie-Soviet Academy of Science Agreement.   Click on following link:

all of which were very successfully BOYCOTTED across the country by the Heritage Foundation and all other neocon Trotskyite conservative groups across the nation...over the past 35 years!!!

(Please connect this email with email I  sent out May 2 regarding the Heritage Foundation being THE Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. That doesn't mean there aren't many more baby wolves, all of whom fell for the $ bait provided by the Council for National Policy (CNP) and Heritage, (right wing of the left wing Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) eagle) and other tax-exempt foundations and corporations like  Gates, etc.

 Bait  was funding to keep our true education researchers' (some long gone) work from being circulated and read. Major media was also  deeply involved in treason.   Book SPAN had three copies of my 3D book.  I finally gave up trying to get an interview with them.
Carroll Quigley told all of us in his book Tragedy and Hope:

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers." Carroll Quigley.

The money and power behind the left/right combo, including media, is so IMMENSE it can and has  very successfully denied  Americans and others access to true, unadulterated history of how education was used to bring our nation into the United Nations spawned communist New World Order (disorder).  

There are others we all know and admire who have  had their excellent work 100% censored.  Especially reading expert/teacher Ann Herzer who, in 1981, educated Charlotte regarding the evil OBE Mastery Learning Skinnerian/Pavlovian method.  Herzer wrote her Arizona Congressman Eldon Rudd regarding having to go through the truly "sick" ECRI teacher training in the early eighties, which really did make students sick.  (She sent me doctor statements to that effect.)   Her letter to Rudd was forwarded  to my office in the US Ed Dept.  All of that history is in my Back to Basics booklet.

Dennis Cuddy's work is prolific and sells on the Internet as well.  Dennis also worked in the U.S. Dept. of Education in the eighties.   Click on following Amazon link: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

Is it too late?  I don't know.

 "They" would never have allowed Robbins to get her May 4, 2017 article published if they weren't 100% sure "they" had accomplished all their objectives, starting with Skinner/Spady/Block/Bloom OBE in late sixties, followed up by the Leave No Child Behind  concept (many deceptive labels),  and recent reauthorization of ESSA:

U.S. Soviet (Reagan-Gorbachev) and Carnegie-Soviet Academy of Science education agreements 1985, supported by Heritage Foundation (Soviet polytechnical training and Marxist brainwashing); Common (Communist) Core (early pilot assessment:  testing initiated by Carnegie Corp. in 1947); first formal assessment  in 1969 in form of   National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP); and tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards, to put in the Soviet polytech workforce training system lifelong, called for in Carnegie's Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies, 1934, pdf available at American  Tax-funded School Choice, necessary for workforce training, originally came from the left!

Please google Charlotte Iserbyt and pick and choose what you find on Google page.   The Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education multi-video disc set is a FREE download at  Full 8 Disc YouTube Video Links
It is also for sale at Amazon.  Be sure to use all links at end of this article for access information.

Do I really exist?  Are the names and works of Barbara Morris, Patrick Huff, Steve Schran,  Ann Herzer, Dennis and Peggy Cuddy, Anita Hoge,  Angela Alef, Cris Shardelman,   Edward Griffin, Robert Goldsborough, Mary Thompson,  Betsy Kraus, Polly Anglin, Beth Trotto,  Betty Freauf,  Linda Liotta, Jackie Lawrence, Jeannie Georges,  Jil Wilson,  Jane Aitken, Martha Spalding,  Jake Speed, Judith Reisman, as being expert writers/researchers ever made  public by the controlled conservatives and controlled media?    Have you ever heard of any of these great researchers/writers/school board members/activists?  

Are the names and works  of the late Antony Sutton,  Maureen Heaton, Marilyn Boyer, Joan Veon, JoAnn Abrigg, Ruth Feld,  Mary Larkin, James Townsend,  Bettina Dobbs, Gene Malone, Shirley Correll, Rosalind Haley,  O. Jerome (Jed) Brown, Don Bell, Arch Roberts, Betty Lewis, Ann Frazier, Robert  Morris,  Jo Hindman, Elisabeth Russinoff, Norman Dodd,  Cong.  John Ashbrook, and all the other "late" greats  ever made public by the controlled conservatives and controlled media? Have you ever heard of any of these late great researchers/writers/activists?  

  Apparently not.  At least in the minds of the great majority of Americans who have been deliberately denied all their great work exposing the communist/regional government takeover of America, mostly through education!

No kidding, Jane Robbins article published in The Federalist blew me away; I feel literally ill.   I suspected, but wasn't 100% sure what the neocons were up to in pushing  the global school to work agenda, but her article absolutely confirmed my suspicions.  "They" who went up against me, lead me, of all people, to believe I might possibly  be "slightly off target" in my suspicions.    

Having been fighting and writing about Outcomes Based Education (OBE: Skinner) for 36 years and having been boycotted, lied about, etc., and finding out that so-called experts like Robbins really haven't a clue  about what many of us have been writing and speaking about (or does she?) has me in total shock.  They have obviously been entrapped by the "big guys" like Carnegie, Heritage, et al. who support the lifelong community education/workforce training/global economic system.  Click on following link for history of communist agenda, using education, starting in early 20th Century.

Have I been living under a rock since 1981 when I served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement in the U.S. Dept. of Education... when I went to the first Skinnerian "Mastery Learning": aka  Competency-Based (CBE); Performance-Based (PBE)l Results-Based (RBE);  Outcomes-Based (OBE) brown bag luncheon held in the basement of the Department, at which  sociologist William Spady propounded the amazing facts about Mastery Learning OBE/Skinner, using videos to back up his claims that "IT WORKS".  So does dog training: "Sit, Fido"... Fido sits; then give Fido the dog biscuit.  Stimulus/response.   

And subsequently wrote Back to Basics Reform or OBE (Skinnerian Operant Conditioning) in 1984.

Beverly Le Haye, President of Concerned Women for America, invited me to speak at one of her conferences in New Jersey in mid-eighties, after I had leaked a major technology grant Project BEST to Human Events and gotten myself fired for doing so.  I had brought copies of my Back to Basics to sell at the conference, but when I put copies of Back to Basics on my table Le Haye or one of her people told me "you can't sell that book here".

  One of the leaders at Eagle Forum spread the word that "Charlotte wrote Back to Basics Reform or... because she was sour grapes over being fired from her job in the Dept. of Ed."  That is a lie and so very, very funny.

  I got myself fired in 1982 because I decided to leak Project BEST:   Better Education Skills through Technology to Human Events.    Knowing I would get fired for doing so, I got all the important confidential documents out of my office BEFORE I leaked Project BEST to Human Events.  I GOT MYSELF FIRED!!!!

And then I wrote President Reagan a lengthy letter giving him background info regarding Dept. of Ed being a Marxist factory.  I never received a response to that letter, and waited 35 years to write Reagan Library to see if the President had in fact received my letter.   Click on following for amazing response from  Reagan Library:

Patriots Or Manchurian Candidates? A WARNING FOR ALL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: Check carefully track record of your ed...

Many of  original documents I took out of my office (absconded with)  can be accessed at American

Click on Education Category in left-hand column. When that section pops up type into search engine (upper right) whatever document you want to view.  Example: for Reece/Dodd Committee Hearings Tax-Exempt Foundations, type in "Reece".    The 3000 page document will pop up.  For Skull and Bones membership catalogs, type in "skull".

 If you have a problem getting into website, here is my access password/user:  c and i. We have made the website 100% FREE for all.   Everything you want to know about "what happened" is at that website, hand-scanned original documents none of us were ever meant to see.

 Maybe what I found out today is a blessing, since there is no longer any way (excuse) for people to deny that neoconservative organizations are  THE problem.

At least the leftist Democrats have been  honest about their wicked globalist agenda.  My feeling is the leftist Democrats in Congress put their feet up on their desks once Congress passed  President Carter's legislation creating the Dept. of Education in 1978.  They probably said "our job destroying American children's values with Office of Education programs, starting in 1965, has been institutionalized."  "Good job, Democrats!"

So they turned future education policy, which was really Carnegie's 1934 plan (change education from academics to workforce training/school choice, etc.) over to the neoconservative Trotskyites who flowed into the U.S. Dept. of Education under President Ronald Reagan.

  President Reagan's late Secretary of Education T. H. Bell was a real commie "wolf in sheep's clothing".  Read his Performance Accountability System for School Administrators?  Especially Appendix A, pages  160-161 titled "Humanizing Education" and decide what adjective you would put before Bell's name.  You can buy it online.

It was the late Secretary T.H.  Bell, Utah,  who came up with the deceitful "Nation at Risk" report, part of dialectic to change American education from academics to lifelong Soviet workforce training (including community  education with its very dangerous communist mental health and early childhood education) going in as I write.

Education was far better back in 1980 than it is now.  Bell had to put phony statistics out there in the Nation at Risk  Report (create problem, get people to scream, impose FINAL solution): Passage of latest ESSA (above link)  with all its Skinnerian "freedom killing" requirements.

May God bless America.  We need massive prayers.

 P.S.  The late English novelist, C.S. Lewis, said:  "When education becomes training, civilization dies", or words to that effect.

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education
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