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The United States Consitution -
May It 'Rest In Peace' R.I.P.

By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt


Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an American freelance writer who served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office ...
(with help from Dorothy LaFortune, long-time Maine patriot and activist...

FBI Chief Louis Freeh, late nineties quote:
"We are actually comrades today as I speak to you". Partnership with new Russian KGB. Click on

The MERGER  with former Soviet Union (Russia) has been going on for a long, long time (since President Eisenhower signed first agreement in 1958 with Soviet Premier Khrushchev; and President Reagan followed up in  1985 when he (Reagan) signed the  U.S.-USSR exchange agreement with President Gorbachev.)  Click on:

Phoney fall of Soviet Union in 1991 allowed this to happen.  Gullible, deliberately dumbed down Americans, with no history, fell for the lie.  Merger with Communist China as well,  and with other nations, while Americans focus on the controlled media's daily menu of distractions.  (These exchanges are/were the mechanism to create the New World Order planned in early years of 20th Century.

Note in above Rense link role of Maine attorneys involved in Maine Rule of Law Project: Neal Duffett, Esq. and Stephanie Anderson, District Attorney, Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.

Both  attorneys also involved in illegal prosecution of U.S. Marine Core Operation Desert Storm combat veteran Sam Iserbyt (creator of American website) and allowed immediate release (night of crime) of murder attempt suspect, Fred Dodge  back into community, with no charges whatsoever (allowed to walk the streets of Portland, Maine!!!!!) Click on Rense link above.  Be sure to click on link (upper left hand corner Rense page) for police audio of patrolmen planning to "pop Sam in the head if he moved" and for comment of one of patrolmen "this is the end of the FEDERAL role".
Click on  ALL links below.

Charlotte Iserbyt: "Maine is deep into U.S.-Russia Rule of Law exchange with Maine Attorney Neale Duffett, involved in exchange since late eighties; as a result of 1985 Reagan-Gorbachev exchange agreements in 1985.

Stephanie Anderson, Cumberland County District Attorney, has been conducting mock jury trials in Archangel, Russia as part of the Rule of Law Project. US presents its system of law through various modes; Russians present theirs; then they merge parts of law  (into new global LAW/Constitution)? that suits  individuals from both sides.

Same type of exchanges are taking place in other  government areas:
Labor,  criminal justice (COPS program), transportation, education,  medical, arts, municipal (regional/communist) government, etc., etc.

All funded by your federal taxes, U.S. AID,  and tax-exempt foundations, etc.

There is much information on the Internet...just follow links from Archangel Rule of Law Project.  All exchanges initially originated with Sister City projects.  Check links to Sister City projects, U.S. AID,  Iserbyt U.S.-Soviet education agreements,,,, American,, FBIAppointeemustnotadoptStasiPlans.pdf

Check to see what is going on in your state."

1) Rule of Law Project
2)Norman Dodd nailed it in his interviews.
3) FBI Chief Louis Freeh, late nineties quote "We are actually comrades today as I speak to you". Partnership with new Russian KGB.…;…/;

Rule of Law Project

"the cities and towns that make up Greater Portland, Maine established a vibrant Sister City Relationship with the City of Archangel in Northwest Russia