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Trump's Love Affair With Israel's Netanyahu
And Trump's Obedient Remarks As President
Of The Zionist Israeli States Of America

From Charlotte Iserbyt

As I read this, I became angrier and angrier and angrier. A little voice whispered in my "Get over it; get over it; get over it!"

Oh, really? "Get over it?"

I will NEVER get over the fact that our great Constitutional Republic under God, not under the Talmudic Jewish religion, has been hijacked by Donald Trump and 'Senior Advisors', the Lubavitchers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

So much bad has taken place under this President.

However, it is not helpful to what is left of our nation to further its demise by contributing to the split between various groups in our nation. That is exactly what the enemy of the USA wants us to do.


So I am going to look for a zipper for my mouth.


Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister
Netanyahu of the State of Israel in Joint Statements