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Stop Nikki Haley's Appointment
As US Amb To The UN
Nikki Haley Says She’ll Show Trump How
The ‘UN Matters’ - Oh? Or, Is She Wanting The US To
Stay In So She Can Use It As A Springboard?

By Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt

Exactly WHO recommended Governor  Nikki Haley to President Trump for position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations?

Does Haley have any understanding of unbiased/uncontaminated  United States history, or was she a victim of the  deliberate dumbing down of America.  Her ruling to ban the Confederate flag from South Carolina tells much.

I'm not accusing Nikki Haley of being a commie like Khrishna Menon (see below); I'm just asking Americans to ask themselves if they really feel Trump could not have come up with a nominee with American roots who would not have been amenable to any suggestion to remove the Confederate Flag from the grounds of the state of South Carolina.  This was a slap in the face of not just S. Carolinians but many Americans who lost or had relatives serving in the Civil War.  I am one of them.  Had  great grandparents involved and injured on both sides (north and south).

Is the Confederate flag racist?

From the Internet:  NO this flag is not a symbol ofracism. If you think the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism you need  a history lesson. The Northern economy depended on slavery. And so did the Southern one.  The US flag flew over slavery for 86 years, theConfederate only 4.
Where has Nikki been during all the so-called unconstitutional peace actions (Korea, Vietnam, multiple internecine wars worldwide, etc.)?  Very young or not  born yet?

Doesn't she know who was involved in drafting the UN Charter, anything about the guy (Alger Hiss) who brought it back from San  Francisco,  who was a Soviet spy?  Did she ever read Witness by Whitaker Chambers?

Iserbyt - Trump Should Get Us Out Of The UN

Republican South Carolina Governor Nimrata NikkiRandhawa Haley, better known as Nikki Haley, was born on January 20, 1972 in Bamberg, South Carolina, to Sikh immigrants from Punjab, India.

Example. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Kids are like their parents; a chip off the old block; like father, like son.   Nothing really wrong with that; just a fact to be considered.  There are many E. Indians who love the United States as I do; who understand American history far better than Nikki Haley and understand what "we" are supposed to be all about.  

P.S.   I remember an important incident when working in the Department of State and being assigned to the  U.S. Mission to the United Nations back in 1959.  I was living at the Vanderbilt Hotel in New York City.  One evening I was in the restaurant and sitting next to me was this East Indian diplomat attached to the UN.  We started to chat, and he became more and more impolite, insulting towards the United States...a real commie.  His name was Krishna Menon.

Congress Betrayal - How Nehru and Krishna Menon conspired against India in run up to the 1961 Indo-China War



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