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Gerald Celente

Celente - Warren Buffett 'Dead Wrong' On US Future!

Market Madness...Gold's Up - Why? What's Next?

Market Crash Or Correction?

Market Bounce Back BS - Panic Has Begun

Top Ten Trends In 2016

Terrorism...Face The Facts Or Face WW3

Fed's 2% Inflation Fairytale - Who Make It Up, What Does It Mean?

Happy Halloween - Central Banks Rig The Market Week

Celente - Trends This Week - Fed Holds Rates

Celente - China Can't Save Itself, Downside Gold Risk 'Very Low'

Celente - Gold Prices Are Down But Gold's Not Out


Celente – The Panic Happening Now Is Bigger Than Gold

Celente - Gold Yes, Bonds No

Celente's Trends Conference Will Show You How To Survive

Celente - NBC’s Williams - Perjured by Presstitutes

Celente On Coming Global Economic Collapse

Celente's Top Trends For 2015

Putin Is Right, Russia Hit By West Before Crimea

Celente's Top Trends For 2015 Video Now Available

Celente Releases Top Trends For 2015

Teen Shooting Not Only About Race

Gold Gone, West Desperate To Keep Ponzi Afloat

Ukraine Crisis...Behind The Scenes


Banker Suicides Prequel To Global Collapse

'Panic On The Street!'

We Are In A Global Depression - Vid

Gerald Celente...'Traitors Of America' - Vid

Trends - The Greatest Threat - Vid

Top Ten Trends 2014 - A Year Of Extremes

'Peace Prize Killer' - Vid

The Business Of War - Vid

Crash, Depression, Wars...The End Game Nears - Vid

'The Future Is Coming, The Future Is Coming'

The Media Doesn't Matter Trend

Celente - 2013...Renaissance Or Ruin?


Rense & Celente - Gerald Defeats Google...For Now - Vid

Celente Forces Google To Take Down Impostor Sites

Trend Forecaster Celente Sues Google, Blog Impostors

Celente Forecasts Who Will Lose In November

Celente Adjusts Presidential Election Forecast

Rense & Celente - Society Is Now A Rotten Fish - Vid

Paul Ryan Pick Was Political Suicide


The Next Four Years...The Next Great War

Celente Launches 2nd American Revolution

Rotary Censors The Trends Journal

From Meltdown To Mayhem... We Told You So!

From Meltdown To Mayhem Are You Ready?

Obama Vs Romney - The Battle Of The Metrosexuals


Financial Markets Panic While US Obsesses Over Gay Marriage

All Aboard! Next Train To Auschwitz

Goldman Sachs Mafia, Banana Republics,  Iran - Part 1/2 - Vid

Goldman Sachs Mafia, Banana Republics, Iran - Part 2/2 - Vid

Ron Paul Supports Celente’s Call for “Intellectual Revolution”

It's Fascist, Can't You See It? - Vid   

Fourth Estate Pleads The Fifth

Though CME Group Guarantees, There Are No Guarantees

Celente Picks 2012 Presidential Winner

Labor Day Market Bloodbath Gold Tops $1,900


The Collapse Celente Predicted Is Happening!

Celente Solution: The 21st Century 'Global Game Changer'

PIIGS, Presstitutes And The Global Meltdown


Gold Standard Won't Save US Economy

Spain's Protests To Go Worldwide

Arab Spring + European Summer = World Winter of Discontent

Bigger Than Bin Laden - America's New Public Enemy #1

The 1st Great War Of The 21st Century

Military Tax Collector Is Here Again - Vid


The 1st Great War Of 21st Century Has Begun!

Anti-Gov't Protests To Spread - What's Next?

Egypt Welcomes The New Boss ­ Same As The Old Boss

Official Unemployment Rate Is An 'Official' Lie

Revolution To Spread Beyond Mideast - Europe Next

2011...The Make It Or Break It Year

Gerald Celente's Top Trends Of 2011


Trends Journal Scoop - The Top Trends Of 2011

Rense & Celente - Rage Against TSA

Off With Their Heads 2.0!

Economic Collision Course - The 'Crash Of 2010'

Rense And Celente Prepare For The Worst -Vid

'We're Headed For The GREATEST Depression'

Celente - Crash Of 2010 Inevitable - Vid

Celente On The Greek Crisis - Vid

Celente Predicted Terror In 2009, More In 2010

Breaking Point - Top Trends

Breaking Point 2010

Biden Admission: Obama Plan Doomed

Obamageddon Is Coming! - Vid

Celente Nails It AGAIN - Ghost Malls Coming

Obamageddon - 2012

Gerald Celente Speaks On Cap And Trade - Vid

The Bailout Bubble

Green Shoots Or Greatest Desperation?

Top Trends For 2009

Panic Of 08 - Politician Won't Prevent It

The Great Depreciation - The Selling Of America

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