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The Make It Or Break It Year
By Gerald Celente
Kingston, NY --  The New Year has begun, and several key trends forecast in the "Top Trends 2011" Trends Journal, are already proving accurate:
We predicted student-led uprisings leading to Revolution - before there was any sign of toppling the Tunisian autocrat. There's more Revolution to come, and it won't be confined to Arab nations.
We predicted the power of "Journalism 2.0" - social networks and citizen journalists galvanizing and uniting the people as they did in Tunisia.
We predicted a major alternative energy breakthrough (beyond wind/solar/bio-fuel/geothermal) that could become a socioeconomic/geopolitical game changer. Prestigious science journals are buzzing about developments that may constitute that breakthrough.
In our special 20th Anniversary Edition of the Trends Journal you'll find the mega-trends that will shape 2011 and the future. Chief among them: Screw the People. (For more "Top Trends," click the image below)
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