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Rotary Censors The Trends Journal
Suppressing The Truth - A Troubling Trend
By Gerald Celente  

KINGSTON, NY -- Just minutes before trend forecaster Gerald Celente took the podium to deliver his keynote address at a Rotarian District Conference banquet, he was informed that the 200 copies of the Spring Trends Journal that he had brought to distribute to attendees had been hastily removed.
 Why? Rotary District President Tansukh Dorawala, told Celente, “Someone found the cover offensive and we had to remove them.”
The cover art, created by award winning artist Anthony Freda, encapsulates, graphically and poignantly, an extremely important message regarding the direction in which America is trending and how dire the consequences will be. The illustration portrays a rainbow coalition of obese Americans boarding box cars plainly labeled “Made in U.S.A.” The headline above declares: “Next Train to Auschwitz: All Aboard! Kiss those calories goodbye.”
 Provocative, yes, but who would find the truth “offensive”? After all, Americans of all ages are, statistically, the most obese people on the planet. Was the “someone” who “found the cover offensive” obese? And if so, does that justify censorship?
Or was it the word “Auschwitz?” Was the offended “someone” Jewish? Or was that “someone” German? Or was that “someone” an obese Jew or German?
Whoever the “someone” was and whatever caused him or her to be offended, the craven acquiescence of the Rotary leadership perfectly illustrates the accuracy of that cover (click here): a grossly overweight, slovenly dressed, pop-culture-conditioned, browbeaten populace (systematically robbed of their Constitutional rights by Presidents Bush and Obama, and stripped of their dignity by TSA gropers) is obediently heading for the boxcars.
 The “offensive” cover is, of course, simply an introduction to the content of the Spring Trends Journal. But because a “someone” or somebody’s didn’t like what they saw, a worldwide organization with over 1.2 million members that claims to dedicate itself to “Peace Through Service” deprived its members of 44 pages devoted to peace!
The Journal presents the facts, supportive data and analyses of legislation, Executive Orders, Supreme Court rulings, and government guidelines that portend a Nazi-style dictatorship for the country that still bills itself as the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” … though not quite free enough or brave enough to allow Rotarians to read The Trends Journal.
America has become a land of censorship: government censorship, citizen censorship, and self-censorship. Will the people rise up, stand up, speak out and fight for their freedom? Or will they take the “Next Train to Auschwitz?” The future is not foreordained.

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