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Ukraine Crisis...Behind The Scenes - Celente

By Gerald Celente


The political power plays and miscalculations behind the intensifying crisis in Ukraine that are "stoking a war that can't be won" are broken down and analyzed in the spring 2014 edition of the Trends Journal, a quarterly digital and print journal analyzing the dominate trends taking hold across the globe.

The current Trends Journal, produced by global trends analyst Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute, advances the work of the institute's bold prediction last year that civil war would break out in Ukraine. It did. And now the expert analysis by Celente and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration, tells you why and what to expect next.

Elsewhere in this edition, Celente and his team examine the growing number of secessionist movements across the globe the institute had predicted years ago, and why these movements are taking on new and deeper relevance. The Trends Journal's Globalnomic® feature identifies the common thread connecting each of these movements, no matter where they are unfolding in world, and forecasts what to expect and how it will affect you in the near future.

On the economy, the market downturns and equity tremors of the first quarter signal more and deeper turbulence by summer. In a far-reaching question-and-answer feature with Celente, the forecaster identifies what to look for, why it will happen and what to expect.

Also in this edition, the institute's analysts fast forward to the future with prescient and bold megatrends covering the "Fabrication Lab" coming to your neighborhood soon; why legalization of marijuana matters; emerging health-care employment opportunities for second-career seekers; and how dining out is changing.

And, the institute announces its summer 2014 History Before it Happens® conference. The three-day summer symposium will provide direct access to Celente and Trends Research Institute analysts in an interactive and invigorating environment. It all takes place at the institute's home base in Colonial Kingston, New York. Presentations, workshops and group discussions will combine with fun and leisure activities to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. The aim is to inform and inspire participants to return home better equipped to "Prepare, Survive and Prevail."

Finally, this Trends Journal edition debuts a redesigned website that provides more content that is easier to access and use on any device. In addition, the new website will introduce layers of innovative interactive content, features and services to provide subscribers with more immediacy, depth and engagement with the Institute.

Zeke West
Media Relations, Trends Journal
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