From Meltdown To Mayhem...
We Told You So!

By Gerald Celente

KINGSTON NY -- Oh, that Gerald Celente, “He’s such an alarmist, such a gloom-and-doomer with his sky-is-falling economic forecasts.”
Why should anyone listen to Celente? Just because he’s so often right?
Days before the world equity markets tanked and gold spiked, you received a Trend Alert® warning that just such a scenario was imminent. And now, right on cue, it has played out. Click here for Trend Alert®: “From Meltdown to Mayhem - Are You Ready?) We asked if you were “ready.” Were you?
Are you ready for what comes next? Or are you going keep on relying on the forecasts of the Fed, the stable of blue-chip mainstream pundits, and the White House schemers and dreamers ­ the bunch who all got it wrong … and keep on getting it wrong?
The economic turmoil is not over and we can confidently forecast how it will develop.
This isn’t just a “market correction.” There’s much more to come, and the fallout will affect much more than the economic sphere. There will be far-reaching social and geopolitical repercussions. Celente has been forecasting exactly such a global meltdown since the onset of the “Panic of ‘08” ­ the “Panic,” you might remember, that he had warned of in ’07… at a time when Ben Bernanke and the vast majority of “experts” were forecasting the US would avoid recession.
Yes, there will likely be an array of economic sleight-of-hand tricks and quick monetary fixes from central banks and governments intended to forestall a crash. And yes, Germany may well lift its objections to a common eurozone bond or other massive bank bailout plan. But whatever measures are applied, they will do no more than provide temporary symptom relief; they will not cure the deeper economic problems.
As we suggested in our Trend Alert® last week, if you want to do your audience a real service, and help them prepare for the turmoil ahead, you will want to schedule an interview with Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal.
To schedule an interview with Gerald Celente, Trends Journal publisher, please contact: Zeke West, Media Relations, <>  845 331.3500 ext. 1
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