Ron Paul Supports Celente’s Call for
“Intellectual Revolution”

Gerald Celente

KINGSTON, NY, 18 January 2012 — Following his second-place finish in the New Hampshire GOP primary, when Ron Paul stood before the television cameras to address the crowd, he didn’t crow about his personal victory or denigrate his opponents. Instead, he told supporters that “we are dangerous to the status quo of the country,” and spoke about the power of ideas.

“I think the Intellectual Revolution that’s going on now to restore liberty in this country is well on its way, and there’s no way they’re going to stop the momentum that we have started,” Ron Paul said.

In fact, Gerald Celente has been championing the call for an “Intellectual Revolution” for years. In 2009 he secured the domain, and in an April 2009 Trend Alert he wrote:

“I am calling for an ‘Intellectual Revolution.’ This is a revolution about thinking – not manning the barricades. It’s about brain power – not brute force.
Nothing short of total repudiation of our entrenched systems can rescue America. We are under the control of a two-headed, one party political system. Wall Street controls our financial lives; the media manipulates our minds. These systems cannot be changed from within. There is no alternative. Without a revolution, these institutions will bankrupt the country, keep fighting failed wars, start new ones, and hold us in intellectual subjugation.”

In 2009, when Celente was broaching the concept of an Intellectual Revolution, it was those who felt “taxed to death, angry at government bailouts, outraged by Wall Street greed, and bitterly resentful of a system that rewards the undeserving rich,” who were ready to revolt.

Nearly three years later, in Ron Paul’s view, “it’s no longer that irate, tireless minority that is stirring up the troops. Now that irate minority… it’s growing by leaps and bounds. It’s going to continue to grow by leaps and bounds. And we will restore freedom to this country.”

“While I’m a political atheist, I still vote,” says Celente, who sees Campaign 2012 as little more than ‘The Presidential Reality Show.’ “While I don’t agree with Ron Paul on all the issues, we are in lockstep when it comes to the need for an Intellectual Revolution.

And, it’s not only the US that needs radically new thinking to power it forward. As evidenced by their policies and actions ... political leaders worldwide are afflicted by malignant forms of IDD, ‘Intelligence Deficit Disorder.’ "

As Gerald Celente wrote in the Winter 2012 Trends Journal, “The choices are stark: Follow the leaders or change the course … the future is in your hands: Renaissance or ruin.”

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