Celente - All Aboard!
Next Train To Auschwitz

By Gerald Celente
Spring 2012 Trends Journal

Kiss Those Calories Goodbye! 
This isn’t hyperbole.
In our just-released Spring 2012 Trends Journal, we identify why trends in place now and trends in-the-making presage escalating social violence, economic turmoil, and a world heading for war.
As conditions deteriorate in America and around the world, supposedly “democratic” governments will crack down on restive populations protesting austerity measures and economic hardship. It’s already happening … and it’s all spelled out in the Spring Trends Journal.
The future is coming at us with so much sound and fury that alarms should be blaring, “Danger! Danger!” Instead, the word from Presidents, Prime Ministers and Wall Street is, “The worst is over, better times are ahead.” That’s not what the facts reveal!
Some of our forecasts in this issue:

Next Train to Auschwitz: Welcome to the Brave New Police State USSA
“The Presidential Reality Show”: starring Backtrack Obama and Mittens Romney
The New Economic World Order
War, War, and Still More War … and how about another war?
The Economic Recovery that Isn’t

Providing hard facts, sound analyses and accurate forecasts is the mission of Trends Journal Publisher Gerald Celente. Celente’s fiery, take-no-prisoners, internationally-applauded TV and radio appearances captivate audiences around the globe. When Celente is featured, ratings rise.

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