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The 1st Great War Of The 21st Century
By Gerald Celente
The 1st Great War of the 21st Century ­ the first great mega-trend of the new millennium ­ has begun! 
A Great War?  WW III? Superpowers vying for world domination? Or a world at war with itself: civil wars, regional wars, class-wars, religious wars ? What will it look like, how will it develop, when will it begin or has it already begun?
The newly released Spring Trends Journal is devoted to war. All the evidence from around the world points to war! And yet, the governments of the world and the media are either too blind to see the evidence or refuse to make the connections.
The Middle East and North Africa in revolt.  EU cohesion threatened by economic crises and a tsunami of refugees fleeing the war-torn nations to the south. The US/NATO/UN "humanitarian" bombing of Libya, escalating into a ground operation led by military "advisors" has set the stage for "terrorist" revenge attacks.
America's economic pre-eminence fades; its credit-worthiness at risk. The US dollar dives, gold and silver prices break records, oil and food prices soar.
These are just some of the "dots".
In the Spring Trends Journal, Gerald Celente connects them. His message is: Prepare ­ Survive ­ Prevail
Gerald Celente
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