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H1N1 Swine Flu

Students Not Complying With H1N1 Preventive Measures 

Transmission Of Tamiflu Resistant H1N1

Blaylock - Swine Flu Vax More Dangerous Than Flu

Blaylock On 1976 Swine Flu And Current Outbreak

More Tamiflu Resisatnce Showing Up In US

Tamiflu Resistant Swine Flu Cluster In Hong Kong

Maine Governor Declares Swine Flu Civil Emergency

Nurse Refuses Mandatory Swine Flu Shot

Refuse And Resist Mandatory Flu Vaccines


True Ott On The Swine Flu Vaccine Preparations - Pt 1

True Ott On The Swine Flu Vaccine Preparations - Pt 2

True Ott On The Swine Flu Vaccine Preparations - Pt 3

True Ott On The Swine Flu Vaccine Preparations - Pt 4

True Ott On The Swine Flu Vaccine Preparations - Pt 5

Martial Law Alert Over Swine Flu

Pandemic Unfolding

Canada To Buy Only Adjuvant-Free Vax For The Pregnant

Why? - Health Workers Won't Take Swine Flu Vax

1977 Swine Flu Expose

2,000+ WA State University Students Hit By Swine Flu


Iowa Contemplates 'Forced Confinement' In A 'Quarantine Facility'

Student Flu Deaths Explode As Schools Open

Fatal A-H1N1 Patients Lungs Look Like H5N1

36 US Student Deaths Raise Pandemic Concerns

Co-Transmission Of H5N1 W/Pandemic H1N1 In Egypt?

Tennessee School Closings Raise Pandemic Concerns

CDC - Swine Flu Remains MIld

UK Projected Swine Flu Deaths Reduced By 2/3

Feds Want Day Care Workers Vaccinated

Swine Flu Media Coverage - Hysteria Over Facts?

1976 Swine Flu Vax 'Similar' To 2009 Vaccines

Swine Flu - When Pigs And Birds Collide

WHO Admits Putting Pandemic Viruses In Mock-Up Vax

Swine Flu Vax 'Successful' - Big Pharma In-House Study

Italian In Egypt 1 Of 3 Suspected H5N1-H1N1 Cases


H5N1/H1N1 Co-Infection In Dead Egyptian Suspected

TN School District Closes Down - 30% Absenteeism

Widespread Tamiflu Resistance In TX?

Tamiflu Resistance In TX Confirmed (After WHO Denial)

CDC 'RECOMMENDS' Swine Flu Shots - No 'Mandatory' Anywhere

France - Mass Forced Vaccinations In October?

Vaccine Creators Will Refuse To Take H1N1 Vax!

Evolutionarily Fit Tamiflu Resistance In NoCal

Colombian President Hit With Swine Flu

WHO - No Signs A-H1N1 Is Now 'More Virulent'

New Swine Flu Mutatation 'Far More Deadly'

Obesity Linked To Swine Flu Deaths

Forced Vaccines, Quarantine, Health Interrogations, Decontaminations

Human-To-Bird H1N1 Transmission A Reality

WHO Warns Of New Severe Swine Flu Strain

Up To 50% Americans May Get Swine Flu

CDC - H1N1 Vax May Maim And Kill 30,000 Americans

Feds Propose Bribing Citizens To Take Swine Jab


Historical FACTS On Dangers, Ineffectiveness Of Vaccines

Gulf War Illness Toxins In Swine Flu Vax

Tamiflu Resistance Confirmed In N California

Unproven, Rushed H1N1 Vaccine Arrives In UK

Emory Giving 6 Month Old Infants H1N1 Test Vaccine

Swine Flu Misinfo Tied To Explosion In US Schools

RFK Jr - Vaccinations - Deadly Immunity

50% Hong Kong Health Workers Refuse Flu Shot

Swine Flu Testing For US Troops Overseas

Mom Worried About 'Proof Of Vaccination' For School

Million X More Squalene In H1N1 Vax Than Caused GWI !!

Manipulating The Data To Create A Pandemic 'Emergency'

H1N1 Swine Flu Now In Birds...Turkeys In Chile

Gardasil Vax Has Now Killed 47 Young Girls

Sebelius - Most To Be 'Fully Immunized' By Thanksgiving

Obama Advisers Wamt Swine Flu Vax In Sept

Tamiflu Resistance Now In Vietnam

Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks


Swine Flu May Cause 90,000 US Deaths

Devvy - Mandatory Vax? Tell The States & Feds To Stick It

Most GPs Likely To Refuse Swine Flu Vax

Tamiflu Resistant Sequence Match In WA Patients

Super Flu Nears As Swine Flu Move Into Birds (H5N1)

Kids Line Up For H1N1 Vax Test And $40 Gift Card

Swine Flu Higher Among Boston Blacks, Hispanics

Swine Flu Conf Plans Forced Quarantines, Mass Vax - Vid

WHO - The Healthy With Swine Flu Don't Need Tamiflu

Russell Blaylock, MD - What To Do If Force Vaccinated

Actual Swine Flu Conference Schedule - pdf

Antiviral Overuse Could Make Pandemic Worse

Swine Flu Pandemic Kills Few, Overwhelms ICUs

WHO - The Healthy With Swine Flu Don't Need Tamiflu

Tamiflu Resisatnce Clusters Showing Up In US

US Tamiflu Resistance Started In NC Summer Campers

'Hot' Needles To Be Used Swine Flu Jabs - WHY?


A-H1N1 Fever Failure Fuels School Cluster Explosions

H1N1 In Turkeys In Chile

Widespread Outbreaks Now In Southern US Schools

'Vaccinate Families Against Swine Flu First'

Swine Flu Cases Down In UK But Surge Expected 

US To Start Testing H1N1 Vaccines On Children

Recycling The Deadly Swine Flu Vaccine (Hoax) Of 1976?

UK Nurses Don't Want Swine Flu Vaccine

H1N1 Vaccine Patent Filed Long Before Virus Showed Up

Tamiflu Stroke Risk For Some Who Take It

UK Govt Plans Mass Swine Flu Graves If Needed

Stop Prescribing Killer Diabetes Drug, Scientists Warn

Coroners Refuse To Test For Human Mad Cow Disease

30% UK Nurses Don't Want Flu Jabs

WHO Hid Tamiflu Resistance Locations

Pandemic Vaccination -  Why You Should Be Concerned


Gene Analysis Proves H1N1 Mutates Past Tamiflu Quickly

Experts Warned Tamiflu Does More Harm Than Good

A-H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Result Of Govt Overuse

Poor Will Suffer Most From Swine Flu 

Doctors Watch For Guillain-Barré In Swine Flue Patients

Side Effects In Race To Beat Swine Flu

Coercive MIlitary Action And The Swine Flu

Bizarre - Mystery Man Claims Baxter Flu Vax Is A BioWeapon 

Two Tamiflu-Resistant Cases Of Swine Flu In Seattle

Immunosupressed Shed H1N1 Virus For Long Periods 

WHO Failure To See Swine Flu Tamiflu Resisatance

1976 Swine Flu Jab Link To Killer Disease

Novartis Sues Glaxo Smith Kline Over Vax Patent

Death Toll From Hospital SuperBugs Hits New High 

Swine Flu Jab Linked To Killer Disease - Neurologists Worried

Silent Spread Of Tamiflu Resisatnce Confirmed


Nigeria Polio Disaster As Vaccine Virus Mutates

Diarrhea, TB Far More Deadly in India Than Swine Flu

More Tamiflu Resisatnce In Hong Kong

'Tamiflu Made My Kids Hallucinating, Sobbing Wrecks'

Healthy Kids, Over 65s Not Swine Flu Vax Priorities

First Swine Flu Vaccinations On Way For 13m Brits

Law Firms Seek Preferential Swine Flu Jabs

'1,000 Patients Suffering' Yet Docs Insist Tamiflu Is Safe

France May Close All Schools Over Swine Flu

Woman Dies Of Meningitis After Swine Flu Diagnosis

Vitamin D Can Prevent Flu

Oil Prices Cloud 'Recovery' Hopes

Canada Looks At Vit D For Swine Flu Protection

Costa Rica's President Oscar Arias Gets Swine Flu


Canada Mocks Tamiflu Warnings For Children

Misleading Prelim Injunction To Halt Mandatory US Flu Vax Issued

UK TV Host - 'My Daugther Almost Died From Tamiflu'   

Pathogenic H5N1 Flu Ups Risk Of Parkisons

Dangers Of Swine Flu Anitviral Free-For-All

Canada Examines Vit D For Swine Flu Protection

27 Year Old NY Man Dies From Swine Flu

Tamiflu Harm Outweighs Benefits For Children

Giving Tamiflu To Kids In Pandemic Wrong - Study

Constitutional Law, Vaccinations & Quarantines

H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance In Hawaii

Reporting Delays of Tamiflu Resistant Pandemic H1N1

Healthy People Lying To Get Tamiflu

12 Million Kids Could Get Untested H1N1 Vaccine


US A-H1N1 Swine Flu Deaths Jump 24% To 436

Tamiflu Resistance H1N1 In Thailand 

Tamilflu-Resistant Pandemic H1N1 Spreads Worldwide

Teachers Should Get Swine Jab First Say Unions

UK H1N1 Hot Line Uses Teens To Diagnose, Prescribe

Swine Flu Fears Spawn Bogus Cures

3-Shot Series May Trigger Fatal Cytokine Storms

Feds - Swine Flu Should Not Close Most Schools

Clues Leading To Actual Origin Of 'Novel' H1N1 Variant

Makow - Brochure For Swine Flue Conference

Swine Flu Lull After Dramatic Drop In Cases

Swine Flu Linked Death Rise By 33%

UK Readies Jabs For All 60 Million Citizens


UK Plan School Vaccinations For 8.5m Kids

Extremists' Attacks On Novartis Chief Intensify

A-H1N1 Rapid Tests Wrong At Least Half The Time 

Baxter To Test Swine Flu Vaccine

Pandemic Has Taken Hold In California

Doctor Dies From Swine Flu In Bolivia

Mexico Reports 1,000 New Swine Flu Cases

Retired Vax Scientist Would Never Vaccinate His Kids

Swine Flu Panic Grips Indian City

CA Nurses - Swine Flu Training, Protections Inadequate

Argentina Swine Flu Deaths Double

Tamiflu For Babies To Run Out - GPs Warned

Is Demand For Cheap Meat Involved With A-H1N1?

Swine Flu Phonies Cost Firms More Than Virus

Obama Cartel Ponders Tighter Quarantine Power

Diseased African Monkeys Used To Make Swine Flu Vax


Dr. Orly Taitz' Lawsuits Exposed To The 'Flu Pandemic'

All Vaccines Cause Impaired Blood Flow, Chronic Illness

Preliminary Injunction Filed To Stop Forced Flu Vaccinations

UK Soldier First Armed Forces Swine Flu Death

Russia Warns Not To Travel To Flu-Hit UK 

Spread Of Tamiflu Resistant Pandemic H1N1 In TX

Dangers In The Shots - Components Of H1N1 Vaccines

Greece Plans To Jab Everyone 'Without Exception'

Tamiflu Resistant Cases In Texas

Adverse Tamiflu Reactions Double In Week

Vaccination Myths And Truths

Ft Worth Firm Testing H1N1 Vax On Humans

Ott - Evidence Of Actual Origins Of The H1N1 Pandemic

WHO Warns Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Unsafe

Argentina Experts See No Swine Flu Mutation


Swine Flu Coverage In Brazil Call 'Irresponsible'

Quebec Finds Pandemic Swine Flu in Hog Herd

UK Docs To Get Big Bonus Per Swine Flu Jab

BBC May Screen Lessons If Schools Closed

UK Govt Virus Expert Paid £116k By Glaxo

Fears Swine Flu Can Attack Unborn

Drug Makers Dodge Flu Vax Liability

Swine Flu Vax Volunteers Needed? No Thanks

'Pandemic Of Fear' Grips UK

Fast-Tracked H1N1 Vax Will Be 'Safe' - Officials

Drug Addicts May Be Given Priority For Flu Jab

Economic 'Recovery' Could Be Slowed By Pandemic

Catherine Fitts On The Swine Flu Pandemic

Startling New Evidence 'Swine Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made

Guatemala Reports 7 A-H1N1 Deaths To Date

Brazil H1N1 Swine Flu Death Toll Now 34

Vit D Deficiency & Swine/Bird Flu Link?


Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D

Avoid Flu Shots, Take Vitamin D Instead

The 1918 Pandemic Was A Vaccine-Caused Disease

Flu In Pregnancy Could Lower Child's IQ

UK Docs Slowing Down On Tamiflu Use

Cashing In On The Pandemic

1 In 6 Health Workers Won't Show For Pandemic Work

WHO - In 2 Years, 2 Billion Will Get Swine Flu

Burgermeister - WHO Begins Global Depopulation Agenda

WHO Will Be Killing You?

California's Fiscal Charade

British Economic Collapse Rivals Great Depression

Buffett Makes $4B Profit On Goldman Sachs Stake

Bank of China Offers Mortgages In The UK

Spanish Unemployment Hits 17.9%

Catacombs May Be Use For Swine Flu Dead


Swine Flu Screening At UK Airport

Swine Flu Could Hit 40% In 2 Yrs With 300,000 Deaths

How Many People Have Swine Flu? Nobody Knows

Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations Coming?

Fall Vaccination Onslaught To Target Children

Public Fear Mounts As UK Swine Flu Cases Soar

Swine Flu 'Patient Zero' Found In Mexico

Doctors Warns Of H1N1 Intensive Care Crisis

Kids 'Super-Spreaders' Of Swine Flu

Virus Spreading Fast In UK

Explosion Of H1N1 UK Cases Raises Concern

A-H1N1 Neurologic Complications In Children 

100,000 New Cases In UK In Last 7 Days

WHO Issues H1N1 Pandemic Updates

Pandemic Could Infect Millions In FL Alone


Cytokine Storm Stage Near? - Woman Sent To Sweden

1 In 3 Fatal Swine Victims No Underlying Health Probs

10 H1N1 Dead In S Mexico In Last Four Days 

GSK Preparing For 3 Year Swine Flu Gold Rush

Drug Groups To Reap Swine Flu BILLIONS

GSK Takes Orders For 195M Swine Flu Jabs

Swine Flu Work Absences Triple In Week

France Suspects Flu Tells UK Kids To Go Home!

Million Plus Callers To Flood Swine Flu Help Line

Icke - Biggest Danger Is The Vax - Not The Flu

Mass Not Fully-Tested Flu Vaccinations Are Madness

First Human Swine Flu Vax Trials Start In Oz

UK Toll Now 31 As Teen Girl & 51 Yr Old Mom Die 

World Swine Flu Death Total Over 700


Swine Flu - Church Uses 400 Yr Old Plague Laws 

Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 Now In Canada, Japan

Drug Groups To Reap Swine Flu Billions

US Navy Ships Under Swine Flu Quarantine 

Flu Vax For Fall Does Nothing To Swine Flu

Now Legal Immunity For Swine Flu Makers

FDA OKs Flu Vax For 2009-2010 - Not For A-H1N1

Swine Flu May Severely Worsen Economic Crisis

Airlines To Stop Suspected Swine Flu Victims From Flying

'No Sneeze, No Temp' Fit To Fly Certificates

BBC Stockpiling Tamilflu

China - All Inbond Passengers To Have Temps Taken

Ecuador Reports First Deaths From Swine Flu


UK NHA Ordered To Prep For 65,000 Deaths

Baxter Can Take No More H1N1 Vax Orders

Novartis Readies Trials As H1N1 Orders Pour In

Argentina Pandemic Swine Flu Spread Worsens 

Law Can Force Norwegians To Take H1N1 Vaccine

Belgian Law Allows Police Use In Forced Vaccinations

List Of Components Of Glaxo H1N1 Vaccine

Fastest Pandemic In History May Hit US Early

Argentina Health Emergency - A-H1N1 Found In Pigs

4000 Claim Damages From 1976 Swine Vaccine

Transcript of 1979 60-min Swine Vaccine Episode

More Swine In Argentina With Pandemic H1N1

Why Is The UK A Swine Flu Hotspot?

Swine Flu - Known Unknowns

Safety Concerns Rise Over Swine Flu Jab


Coming - Either Forced Vaccinations Or Prison?

Obama Pledges $1.8 Billion To Fight Swine Flu

65,000 Swine Flu Death In UK 'Worst Scenario'

Swine-Flu Vaccine Production Hits A Snag

Fight For Swine Flu Vaccine May Get Ugly

H1N1 Swine Flu Spreading Too Fast To Count - WHO

UK Swine Flu Cases Soar 600% Last Week

Britain To Be One Of First To Get Swine Flu Vax 

Swine Flu Will Be Biggest Pandemic Ever - WHO Chief

Doctors Criticize Response To Swine Flu Pandemic 

UK - Pandemic To Force 1 In 8 To Miss Work 

Has Swine Flu Begun To Mutate?

WHO Chief - Swine Flu Vax Still Months Away

Labs Say Swine Flu Close To Lab Trials

Experts 'Surprised' By A-H1N1 Spread In  UK


Foreign Schools Cancel Trips To UK

Journalist Beurgermeister Fired For WHO Lawsuit

1918 Pandemic Human-Swine Recombination

O'Shea - The Truth About The Flu Shot

Blaylock - Vax May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu

121 USAF Academy Members Isolated For Swine Flu

Swine Flu Six Times More Virulent Than 'Normal' Flu

Doctor And 6 Yr Old Die In UK - Fears Rise

Swine Flu - It's Worse Than You Think

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination Alert

Dr. Niman Confirms 1918 & 2009 Pandemic Similarities

Swine Flu Vaccine To Be Given To Entire Population

Peruvian Lists 1753 Cases Of H1N1

15th UK Swine Flu Death

UK 'Everyone' Will Take Swine Flu Vaccine

100 Dead In Argentina From Swine Flu


Kids, Pregnant Woman First Targets Of Flu Vaccine 

Obesity New Risk Factor For Swine Flu

FDA Threat To All Natural Products Mentioning H1N1 

Every Brit To Get Fast-Track Swine Flu Vax

Swine Flu Could Bring UK To A Halt

Disinfo - 'Pigs At Risk' Of Contacting H1N1 Swine Flu

300 Died From 1976 Swine Flu Vax - Only 1 Dead From Flu

Swine Flu Vaccine To Be Cleared After 5 DAY TRIAL

Two A-H1N1 Deaths In Equador

US H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Surveillance Failures

Swine Flu Claims First 'Healthy' Victim In UK


Experts Warn Swine Flu Unpredictable

UK A-H1N1 Deaths Double In Three Days

UK Nears Epidemic - Swine Flu Deaths Reach 14

2100 Now Quarantined At San Quentin

NZ Suffering Worst Flu Season In Decade

Swine Flu Like Seasonal Flu Out Of Season

Swine Flu Outbreak On Main US Afghan Base

Tamiflu Resisatnce In Novel H1N1 In Canada

Argentina Banks To Shut Friday As Swine Flu Measure

Novel H1N1 In Canada Raises Pandemic Concerns

Bioweapons, Vaccines & The Threat Of World Pandemic

Homeless Die After H5N1 Bird Flu Vax Trial In Poland

Three More Die As H1N1 Passes 7,500 In UK

Hong Kong Tamiflu-Resistant Sequence Released

Legal Steps You Can Take Against Forced Vaccines

N Hemisphere Bracing For Mass Flu Carnage


Two Kids And A Man Up UK H1N1 Toll

German News On Swiss H5N1 Bioterrorism Incident

Explosion Of A-H1N1 Pandemic Deaths In Argentina

Oz Govt Downplays Numbers Of Infected

Canada's A-H1N1 Death Told Reaches 33

Asymptomatic Tamiflu Resistance

800 At San Quentin Quarantined - Swine Flu

Swine Flu Reaches Into The Lungs And Gut


100,000 UK Swine Flu Cases A DAY By August

Surveillance Flaws Drive Spread Of Tamiflu Resistance

Tamiflu Resistance Now In Hong Kong And SF

New Zealand Cases Close In On 1,000

Argentine Workers Suspected Passing A-H1N1 To Pigs

Pandemic Worries Rise In Southern Hemisphere

Obama Consults Experts On 1976 Flu Pandemic

UK Bracing For 100,000 New Swine Flu A Day

Tamiflu Resistance Confirmed In A-H1N1 Swine Flu

Human A-H1N1 To Pigs Transmission In Argentina

CDC Eyes 600 Million Doses Of Swine Flu Vax

UK Girl 9 Dies In Big Surge In H1N1 Cases

BMA Warns Against 'Swine Flu Parties'


H1N1 Fears Hit Wimbledon, Drug Resistance Reported

Did Lab Leak Cause Swine Flu Pandemic?

New, Quick, Eggless A-H1N1 Vaccine Made In Oz

Denmark - Tamiflu Resistance In Pandemic H1N1

H1N1 Death Among 200 Infected Thai Navy Cadets

Argentine Hospitals Overwhelmed - Verging On Collapse 

Britons With Swine Flu May Top 45,000

Swine Flu Takes Second Brit Victim

Latest - Journalist Files BioTerrorism Charges Against WHO

CDC - NYC Swine Flu Tally May Be 500,000

Swine Flu Emergency Declared In Buenos Aires

Soaring A-H1N1 Swine Flu Death Rate In Argentina

HHS Gives Liability Shield To Antivirals For H1N1

98% Of US Flu Cases Are A-H1N1


US Swine Flu Cases Hit 1 Million

A-H1N1 Moves Into Vietnam

One Million In US May Have Swine Flu

Obama Gets Billions For 'Pandemic' Swine Flu

Israel Finds 29 More A/H1N1 Flu Cases

Oz Reports Third A-H1N1 Swine Flu Death

Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - Vid

NY City Swine Flu Death Toll Now 32 - Virus Mutating?

Phillipines Closes Congress After A-H1N1 Death

Congress Approves $7.65B For Pandemic Response

Germany Warns Of Signs Of A-H1N1 Mutation

Two More NYC Swine Flu Deaths

Flu Vaccines Deliberately Contaminated

A/H1N1 Epidemic Escalating In Middle East


Fatal A-H1N1 Swine Flu Cluster In Buffalo, NY 

Older People May Be Immune To Swine Flu

So Hemisphere Bracing For Swine Flu Winter

CDC Fuzzes H1N1 Pandemic Reports

H1N1 Flu Has Mutated

'New' Swine Flu Strain In Brazil? Not New At All

E627K Acquisition in A-H1N1 Raises Pandemic Concerns

2 More Die Of Swine Flu In PA And New Jersey

33 Premature Babies In NC Hospital Exposed To A-H1N1

Clouded, Suspicious Baxter To Make A-H1N1 Vax

A-H1N1 Spreading In Middle East


H5N1 Survives Buried In Dead Birds For Two Years

Swine Flu Vax A Serious Threat To Your Health

Brazil Finds New Strain Of H1N1 Virus... 

Swine Flu Vax Poses Big Threat To Your Health

NJ Reports First Swine Flu Death

Twin Cities Child Dies Of Swine Flu

Boy Scout Camp Hit With Swine Flu

Novartis Won't Give Poor Free A-H1N1 Vaccines

Oz - 33% Of Victorians May Have Swine Flu

Fear Of Flu Strains Mixing

UK GPs May Refuse To Work In Pandemic

'First' Swine Flu Death In Europe

CDC Plans Massive Swine Flu Immunization


Serious H1N1 Cases In Inuits Raise Concern

CDC A-H1N1 Update (more BS)

Millions Of Swine Flu Cases Possible In UK

Symptoms Of Swine Flu And What To Do

Swine Flu May Have Been Spreading In August 2008

Three More Dead Of Swine Flu In NYC

Swine Flu AND Avian Flu Spreading In Egypt

Delayed Phase 6 Announcement Causes Concern


Swine Flu Unstoppable Says WHO

WHO Declares Pandemic - Goes To Phase 6

Readying Americans For Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations

WHO Says 27,737 Have Swine Flu Worldwide

WHO Ready To Declare A Swine Flu Pandemic

NYC Officials Say 12 Now Dead Of Swine Flu In City

WHO Says Swine Flu Test Results Unreliable

Oz Swine Flu May Force WHO To Declare Pandemic

Swine Flu Making OZ, NZ Flu Seasons Severe

Serious A-H1N1 Swine Flu Cases In Canada

Manitoba Ventilator Requests Up Pandemic Concerns

Hospitals Missing Extent Of Swine Flu infection

3 Cruise Ship Crew In Alaska Have A-H1N1

A-H1N1 Hits Cairo University Dorm


Second A-H1N1 Swine Flu Death In Philadelphia

US A-H1N1 Totals - 13,217 Cases, 27 Dead

Flu Concerns - Chinese Quarantine N.O. Mayor After Flight

What Happens When  H5N1 Bird Flu & H3N2 Cross?

US Soldiers In Germany Infected With Swine Flu

Oz Swine Flu Confirmed Cases Now Over 1009

Swine A-H1N1 Spreads In China

14 New A-H1N1 Cases In New Zealand

Second WA Resident Dies Of A-H1N1 Swine Flu

NYC Reports 8th Death Connected With Swine Flu

US Swine Flu - 27 Dead, 13,217 Confirmed Cases

Two UK Doctors Confirmed With Swine Flu

Canadian H1N1 Swine Flu Cases Now Top 2,000

The WHO Plays With Pandemic Fire


A-H1N1 - 55 New Cases In UK Today

Chicago Mom Dies Of A-H1N1 Day After Giving Birth

Milwuakee Reports First H1N1 Swine Flu Death

UK Nurse Contracts Swine Flu - Cases Top 400 

Fourth Critical Swine Flu Case In Scotland

A-H1N1 Swine Flu Kills Two More In NYC

A-H1N1 Swine Flu In All 50 States

Sarkozy Secret Plan For Mandatory A-H1N1 Vax

A-H1N1 Flu Cases Continue To Rise In Asia

WHO Close To Declaring Global A-H1N1 Pandemic

A-H1N1 Flu Escalating In Australia

Swine Flu - New Pandemic Or Just Makin' Bacon?

Swine H1N1 Summer Spread Raises Pandemic Concerns

Connecticut Now Over 200 A-H1N1 Cases

Oz Swine Flu Cases Break 300 Mark


'Experts' Were Unprepared For A-H1N1 Swine Flu

Two More Scottish Children Infected

Eton H1N1 Swine Flu Spreads

Five Countries Report First H1N1 Flu Cases

A-H1N1 Spreads In UK

H1N1 Swine Flu - What You Need To Know

A-H1N1 Claims 5th Life In Texas

H5N1 Outbreak Among Wild Birds In Mongolia

A-H1N1 Spreads Further In Asia-Pacific Areas

H1N1 Flu Infects 13,000 People In 45 Counties - WHO

Anger Over Breach In Oz H1N1 Quarantine

H1N1 Swine Flu Quarantines Entire Cruise Ship

44 Cases H1N1 Swine Flu In One School

WHO - 12,954 Confirmed Flu Case (One Million+?)


NY City Confirms 2 More Swine Flu Deaths

56 Swine Flu Cases Now Confirmed In NJ

WHO's Hazardous Pandemic Phase Daze

UK Swine Flu Infected Really 30,000 - Scientist

A-H1N1 Spreading Faster, Wider Than Data Shows

Chicago - Nation's 12th Death From Swine Flu

A-H1N1 Flu Spreads To Egypt, Kuwait And UAE

Obama Admin To Implement Govt Flu Shots? - Vid

A-H1N1 Swine Flu Claims Second New Yorker

Navy To Try H1N1 Vax On Human Subjects

A-H1N1 Hits Spain Military Base - 500 Quarantined

18 US Soldiers Have H1N1 In Kuwait


A-H1N2 Resistance To Tamiflu Expected

A-H1N1 Swine Flu Found In US Soldiers In Kuwait

Genetic Analysis Of Swine Flu Virus Released

WHO Warns Of Double Influenza Threat

A-H1N1 Synthetic Flu May Be Test For H5N1

WHO - World Should Prepare For Severe Flu

H1N1 Swine Flu Spreads In Australia

Some Older People Seems Immune To Swine Flu

Swine Flu Races In Japan - 11,000 Cases Worldwide

Dr. Henry Niman's Swine Flu World Tracking Map

56 Hospitalized With A-H1N1 Swine Flu In NYC

CDC Finds Patterns A-H1N1 Hospitalizations

Egypt Reports 2 More Bird Flu Cases


NW China Province On H5N1 Alert

Second Arizona A-H1N1 Flu Death Is 7th In US

Many NYC Schools Still Closed By Flu

Flu Fears Close More Boston Schools

CDC - Not Out Of Flu Woods Yet

WHO - No A-H1N1 Vax Available For Many Months

Swine H1N1 Shuts Down 4,000 Japan Schools

WHO - Is This A-H1N1 The Calm Before The Storm?

NYC Toddler Death, Adult In MO Raise H1N1 Concerns

A Lethal Mixture - Swine And Bird Flu

Swine Flu Bumps Up Price Of Chinese Spice

WHO May Raise Alert - A-H1N1 Japan Cases Leap

Japan A-H1N1 Transmission = Phase 6

A-H1N1 Now All Over US - 5,000 Cases, 6 Dead

WHO Does Not Raise Flu Warning To Level Six


WHO Worldwide Update - 8,829 Cases, 74 Dead

Asst Principal Is 1st NYC Swine Flu Death

A New, New H1N1 In Mexico? Rumor Of Fact?

100,000+ Infected With A-H1N1 In US

A-H1N1 Flu Claims 5th US Victim

Glaxo Gets Order For 60M Flu Jabs From UK

Japan Confirms First A-H1N1

World A-H1N1 Cases Top 6000

A-H1N1 Cases Rise But Not Yet Pandemic

Three More Stricken With H5N1 In Egypt

A-H1N1 Explodes In NYC

More A-H1N1 Fear Mongering - Profiteering

11 More Confirmed Flu Cases In Ohio

Mexico Flu Death Toll Rises To 64

WHO Debunks Oz Doc - Flu Not From Lab

Egyptian Boy Has High Pathogenic H5N1

Castro Defends Cuba's Flu Policy

Confirmed Swine H1N1 WA Cases Rise To 236

Fewer Than 33% Americans Would Take Flu Jab


A/H1N1 Flu Spreads Worldwide - Over 5,700 Infected

Four More Hawaii Residents Get H1N1

Alan Park - Swine Flu For Dummies - Vid

H1N1 Swine Flu Virus Spreads To More Countries

Oz Scientist Says A/H1N1 May Be Human Error

H5N1 In Egypt Raises Pandemic Concerns

Swine Flu Outpaces Seasonal Flu In US

Swine H1N1 In Thailand

Swine Flu Could Affect Third Of World Pop

Don't Shoot The Scientists

A/H1N1 Equal To 1957 Asian Flu Which Killed 2M

40 New Cases Of H1N1 In Canada

China Confirms First Mainland Case Of Swine Flu

H1N1 Flu Tally 4379 In 29 Countries


Seven More UK A/H1N1 Cases

CDC - Flu Numbers A 'Very Great Underestimate'

WHO - A/H1N1 Influenza Cases Now Total 4,379

US Now Has More Than 2,500 A/H1N1 Cases

US H1N1 Cases Surpass Mexico's

WA Man Dies As A/H1N1 Spreads Across US

MA Confirms 7 More A/H1N1 Cases

A/N1N1 Lacks 1918 Killer Flu Traits - So Far

Key Decisions Still Ahead In A/H1N1 Outbreak

WHO Reports Big Jumps In A/H1N1 Cases

Japan, Oz Confirm First Cases Of A/H1N1

12 More A/H1N1 Flu Cases Confirmed In MA

First Flu Death In Canada - US Cases Rise

Mexico A/H1N1 Deaths, Cases Higher Than Reported

Worry About Swine And Bird Flu Mixing

Swine Flu And Dangerous Virus Experimentation


WHO Says Up To 2 Billion May Get A/H1N1

CDC - US Has 896 Cases Of New Flu

The Big Influenza Gamble

10 Genes Of A Human Flu Virus, Furiously Evolving

Broxmeyer - US Swine Outbreak An 'Influenza"? Not So Fast

Is It 'Mexican Flu' The 'Swine Flu' Or 'Human Flu'?

US Reports More Flu Cases - Mexico Reports More Deaths

A/H1N1 Flu - A Survivor's Tale

Engdahl - Flying Pigs And The WHO

Flying Pigs, Tamiflu And Factory Farms

WHO On Verge Of Declaring World Pandemic

HHS Sec Sebelius Downplays Flu Threat

Flu-Closed SoCal Schools To Reopen

Border States - No Spike In Swine Flu Cases

A/H1N1 Kills 33 Year Old Woman In Texas

Three More Human Bird Flu Cases In East Java

Mexicans Lower A/H1N1 Alert

Antivirals Sales Boom In A/H1N1 Panic

US Officials Start To Ease A/H1N1 Public Alerts

A/H1N1 No Worse Than A Normal Cold 

Swine Flu May Merge With Other Flu Viruses

Mexico Complains Of Intl Flu Backlash


Mexican Flu - Worst Will Come In August 

Unreported Or Underreported Real Pandemics

Egypt Cops Fight Christians Over Pig Cull 

Mutation Fears Grow - Human Give Flu To Pig

Tamiflu Tied To Abnormal Behaviour

Wisconsin - 66 Probable, 54 Suspect Cases A/H1N1

US Flu Tally Jumps To 245 As Lab Catch Up

Swine Flu 'Pandemic' Martial Law Passes MA Senate

New Flu Cases In Europe, US, Latin America

780 Cases Of A/H1N1 In 17 Countries

All Forest Grove, OR Schools Shut Over Flu Fears

How To Take Care Of Flu Victim In Home

WHO Warns Against Flu Complacency

Confirmed A/H1N1 Cases Rise Worldwide

WHO A/H1N1 Update

CDC - Flu Hitting Mostly Young People

FL - 15 Suspected, 3 Confirmed Cases

WHO Set To Declare Global Pandemic

Fears About Future Mutation Of 'Mild Flu'

Swine Flu - How Afraid Should We Be?

Weak Swine Flu - A Health Warning

UK Rehearsed Pandemic In 2006

Be Afraid - Fear Becomes A Cultural Idiom

Human To Swine Transmisson

Spain Leads Europe With 20 A/H1N1 Cases

Worldwide A/H1N1 Flu Cases Top 800

Canadian Pigs Come Down With Swine Flu

India Reports 4 Cases Of A/H1N1 Flu


HK Quarantines Hundreds At Hotel

113 Quarantined In Beijing After Mexico Flight

It's Always 1918 At The CDC

UK Doctor - Mexican Flu Seems A Phony War

Outbreak In Mexico Far Smaller Than Thought

Dr. Henry Niman's H1N1 FluTracker Map

Swine Flu Ground Zero Yields No Clues

Two H2H Transmissions Confirmed in UK

Companies Buy Tamiflu For 500,000 Workers

Flu - Supermarkets Prepare For Panic Buying

Swine Virus Could Be (Is) Mild Strain - Scientists

Mexico City Lockdown (Amazing What Fear Can Do)

It's Critical Not To Buy The Hyperbole

'Stockpile But Don't Panic' Australians Told

Don't Panic Yet - Just Stock Up

More Than 400 Schools Closed - 161 US Flu Cases

The Current Flu Outbreak - How Dangerous Is It?

WA Doctor Saw 22 Patients Before Falling Ill

CA Swine Flu Cases Suggest Border Origin

Swine Flu Less Potent Than First Thought

First Genetic Analysis Of Swine Flu

Confirmed Swine Flu Cases Leap

Swine Flu Ancestor Born On US Factory Farms

Data Mining Co. Alerted On Flu April 6

ALIPAC To Obama - It's The Mexican Flu, Stupid!

First UK H2H Transmission Investigated

WHO Warns Of Flu Damage To Poor Countries

The Real Victims Of Swine Flu

Farmers Fear Pigs May Get Swine Flu From Us

Mexico In Economic Lockdown To Try To Break Flu

1.2 M Could Be Hospitalized in UK In Pandemic


H2H Swine Flu Confirmed In UK

Latest Google Map Showing Flu Spread

Asia's First Swine Flu Case In Hong Kong

Flu Hits 2 Univ Chicago Med Center Employees

Dr. Niman - Complete Swine Flu Interview

Mexico Prepares To Shut Down Over Flu

More Schools Close (300) - US Cases Pass 100

WHO Official Influenza A Tally - 236 Infected

WHO Gives Swine Flu New Name - Influenza A H1N1

17 Cases Of Mexican Flu Reported In Illinois

Obama Advance Man In Mexico Has Flu?

48 Confirmed Cases Of Mexican Flu In NY State - Vid

Three New Cases Of Flu Confirmed In UK

WHO To Stop Using Term 'Swine' To Save Pigs

Mexico Reports Fewer New Cases

State Pandemic Plans - For All States

Expert Says Hog Farm Isn't Flu Origin

Swine Flu Spreads To 11 States, Many Schools Closed

Indonesia Says Swine Flu Virus Maybe Man Made

Efforts To Scare People Into Taking 1976 Swine Flu Jab

Swine Media Hype ­ A Media Illness

Horowitz On Swine Flu And H5N1 Vax Pipeline

WHO - 'All Of Humanity Under Threat'

WHO Warns Flu Pandemic 'Imminent'

Pandemic Of Panic To Drain The People?

Mexicans Told To Stay Home For 5 Days

Egyptian Christians Riot - Swine Flu Cull


Swine Flu - Handshakes, No - Elbow Bumps, Si

Viral Poppycock

Asia Suspected Swine Flu Cases Rise

Mexico Death Toll Officially At 159

Ft Worth Schools Closed Over Flu Fears

49 Confirmed Cases Of Swine Flu In NYC

Suspected Flu Case At CA Marine Base

WHO, CDC Pandemic Preparedness Almost Zero

WHO 'Phase 6' Probably Imminent

Dr. Niman - Complete Swine Flu Interview

Dr. Henry Niman - Swine Flu Evolution, Predictions - Vid

Latest Google Map Showing Flu Spread

WHO Confirms H2H Swine Flu Transmission

WHO Raises Pandemic Alert To Level 5

Latest CDC Swine Flu Facts And Figures

WHO To Raise Swine Flu Alert To Level 5

Accident With Swine Flu Virus On Swiss Train

Obama May Order Schools Closed Over Flu

Swine Flu H2H In Spain

Mexican Toddler First Flu Death In US

WHO - Clear Signs Of Swine Flu Spreading

Swine Flu Threatens Millions With Other Diseases

New Zealand Confirms Swine Flu Cases

Swine Flu Bonanza For Insider BioTech Companies

Swine Flu? - Israel Heavily Into BioWeapons Since 1948

Flu May Have Spread Within New York City

Murdered Scientist Dr. Wiley Worked On 1918 Virus


Toddler First US Flu Death - Panic Blankets Mexico

Girl, 12, Among UK First Swine Flu Cases

Germany Confirms First Swine Flu Case

Israeli Kosher War Over 'Swine' In Swine Flu

Prepare For Swine Flu Pandemic, WHO Warns

Swine Flu Panic Stoked For Profit, Control?

Multi-Nationals Impose Travel Ban On Staff

Remember - 88+ Dead Scientists And Microbiologists

Flu Suspected At Another NYC School

Swine Flu - 64 Infected In US - At Least 7 Hospitalized

What You Need To Know About Swine Flu

World Battles Swine Flu - Death Toll Rises

Novartis Gets US Contract For Flu Vax Plant

Ron Paul - Putting Swine Flu In Perspective - Vid

Horowitz- Swine Flu Is Genocide For Profit - Vid

Feds Can Quarantine  Anyone With 'Flu-Like' Symptoms

3 CA Private Schools Close - 3 Students Have Swine Flu

Race To Develop New Flu Vaccine (Big Surprise)

Regular Flu Has Killed 1,000s Already This Year

New Swine Flu Outbreaks Around World

US Swine Flu Cases Rise To 51

New Swine Flu Is A Manmade Spliced Virus - Vid

Mexico Imposes Swine National Flu Measures

Cuba To Limit Mexico Flights Over Flu Fear

US Military Monitoring Swine Flu Very Closely

Swine Flu More Dangerous Than Bird Flu

Why Does Swine Flu Kill Healthy People?

WHO Revises Scale For Pandemic Alerts

Mexican Reports - Flu Much Worse Than Reported

Mexico Swine Flu Deaths Hit 149


(Dead) Archaeologist Who Shook Obama's Hand

Two New Swine Flu Cases In Scotland

40 Cases Of Swine Flu In US To Date - No Deaths

Hospitals Cutting Services, Staff Amid Recession

WHO Confirms Pandemic Alert Level Raised To 4

Barky Says Swine Flu No Cause For Alarm

Swine Flu Now Confirmed In UK

Deek On The Flu - FKN News - Vid

Swine Flu Deaths Rise To At Least 149

Mexico City Rocked By 6.0 Quake

Michigan - Probable First Case Of Swine Flu

Swine Flu Now In Ohio - 9 Yr Old Boy Infected

Spain Confirms First Case Of Swine Flu

Statement On Allicin C And Swine Flu

Seven Supected Swine Flu Cases In Taiwan

Swine Flu Cases Around The World

Drugs Companies Ready For Swine Flu Bonanza

Glaxo Leands Pharma Stocks Surge

Mexico Flu Cases Soar - World On Alert

Oz Braces For Possible Global Flu Epidemic

40 Top Micro-Biologists Killed In Less Than 4 Yrs

DHS Declares National Emergency - Over 20 Flu Cases

TX Closes Many Schools - More Suspected Flu Cases

Mexico Zombie City - Millions Hide Behind Closed Doors

Swine Flu Epidemic & Avianized Flu Pandemic

Second Google Map Showing Flu Spread


Google Updated Maps Of Flu Outbreaks

DHS - No Reason To Check Incoming Mex Air Travelers

Likely Swine Flu In Aukland NZ Students

WHO High Alert As Swine Flu Spreads

Suspected Flu Cases In NZ, France, Israel, US

Google Updated Maps Of Flu Outbreaks

The Influenza Pandemic Of 1918

Swine Flu Panic Spreads Worldwide

Swine Flu H1N1 Virus Evolution

Briton Quarantined As Killer Flu Spreads

Asian Govts Move Swiftly To Flu Crisis Mode

The 'New' Flu - The Pieces Come Together

Emails From Mexico - Gripping Fear, Near Panic

Obama's Health Fine After Trip To Mexico

Asia On Alert Over Swine Flu

Norway Readies For Mex Flu

Swine Flu Pandemic Would Cost Trillions

Swine Flu Fears As NZ Students Quarantined

CDC - Flu Out Of Control, Cannot Be Contained

Man Who Greeted Obama Dies Of Flu Next Day

TX Health Dept Closes School - Bans Sick Reporters From News Conf


Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!

Son Gets Swine Flu - TX Family Quarantined

Kansas Officials Confirm 2 Swine Flu Cases

Seventh Case Of Swine Flu Confirmed In CA

Swine Flu Confirmed In 8 NY HS Students

Scientists Isolate Genes That Made 1918 Flu Deadly

Swine Flu Update

Illegals Will Transport The Flu Virus Efficiently

Fighting Deadly Flu, Mex Cancels More Events

MSM Noticing Flu's Bizarre DNA Components

Mexico Tries To Contain Deadly Flu

'Unknown' Flu - 68 Now Dead - CDC Warns Pandemic

Fear, Anger, Fatalism Over Swine Flu In Mexico


Spanish Flu Survivors Remember

Firm Set To Make Big Money Of Swine Flu

Mexico Swine Flu Deaths Spur Global Epidemic Fears

Possible Swine Flu Outbreak At NYC Prep School

Mexican Swine Flu - An Advanced Biowar Event?

Some Facts About Past Flu Pandemics

CA Expects To Find More New Flu Cases

Swine Influenza A (H1N1) Infections CA & TX

Swine Flu Matches NO Known Strains

Swine Flu - 1,000  Sick, 60 Dead In Mex - 9 US Cases

How Swine Flu Spreads In Humans

Influenza A H1N1 Flu In HumanS - TX, CA & Mex

New Spanish Flu Variant & Navy Experiment At Border?

Swine Flu Fears Spark Sell-Off In US Hogs

Mexico City Closes Schools, Colleges Over Swine Flu


Something Wicked This Way Comes

60 Swine Flu Deaths In Mexico Suspected

US 'Very Concerned' About Swine Flu Outbreak

Swine Flu Clusters In CA, TX Raise Concerns

New Strain Of Swine Flu - Influenza A H1N1

H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Has Started

Alert On Severe Respiratory Disease In Mexico

Silent Spread Of Swine Flu In California

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