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Peruvian Lists 1753 Cases Of H1N1
From Cliff Mickelson
Hi Jeff -
Well, from the tone of the article,  the numbers in Peru are apparently growing by leaps and bounds. Peru has a lot of tourism and so the potential for exposure there is probably higher per capita than anywhere else in South America.   It is also a huge country with many very remote areas that will make accurate data mining difficult. Peru is bigger than California and Oregon put together.
I found this next paragraph to be interesting:
El país con más muertes registradas es Estados Unidos, con 211, seguido de México, con 121, y Argentina, con 94.(Lima EFE)
I don't know how "up to date"  the above excerpt really is, but it says: 
"The country with the most certified deaths (From H1N1) are the United States with 211, second is Mexico with 121, and Argentina with 94" (Probably closer to 100 at this point)
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