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Brazil H1N1 Swine Flu Death Toll Now 34
From Cliff Mickelson
Hi Jeff:
According to this EFE press release, the death toll from H1N1 in Brazil has now topped 34.  (Article is written In Spanish)
The latest death was that of a 20 year old man in the State of Rio Grande Del Sur. He died Saturday night in an unnamed hospital.
To date, the H1N1 Virus has killed 16 victims in the State of Sao Paolo, 12 in the State of Rio Grande Del Sur, five in the State of Rio De Janeiro and one in Parana.
These are the "officially" confirmed death tallys so far. As always it is wise to keep in mind that Brazil is a huge nation and that other H1N1 deaths yet to be verified have likely occurred in some of the more remote regions of the country.
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