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Statement On Allicin
C And Swine Flu

Although this is a new flu virus strain, it appears to be related to a simple H1N1 virus line. Symptoms in patients infected in the USA and Europe appear to be relatively mild and include a sore throat, sneezing and coughing. Swine flu appears to be very easily spread by coughing sneezing or coming into contact with someone who is already infected. Stabilised allicin as found in Alli-C is an excellent natural antiviral agent that has been proven in double blind placebo controlled studies to both PREVENT the onset of viral disease and to remove symptoms in patients already infected. I would ask patients to supplement with 4 Alli-C capsules daily to act as a preventative. Try to avoid contact with people who are showing active infection and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and then apply a protective layer of Alliderm gel. This has been proven to prevent infectious organisms from populating the hands and face. Taking these simple and cost effective actions each day should prevent the onset of infection and keep your immune system boosted whilst this pernicious virus is trying to infect us all.
Peter Josling
Director and formulator or Allicin C and Alliderm
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