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Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD

Diabetes Mellitus, Tuberculosis And The Science Of Denial

Gene 'Relocation' Key To Evolutionary Change In Bacteria

Human Bacteria In The Production Of Human Cancer

China - Antibiotic Therapy For Breast Cancer?

HeLa Cells Contamination Of Cancer Research

Five Reasons Henrietta Lacks Is The Most Important Woman In Medical History

Bacteria In Heart Disease And Strokes

Manhunt For A Boy With Cancer

Just Say NO To 'Stand Up To Cancer.Org'

AIDS - "It's The Bacteria, Stupid!"

Did Bacteria - Not Virus - Cause Most 1918 Flu Deaths?


UN To Censor Dr. Len Horowitz Manmade AIDS Research?

Even More Proof Cancer Is Caused By Bacteria
All Human Blood Is Infected With Bacteria
Do TB-Type Bacteria Cause AIDS?
Blacks Six Times More Likely To Get AIDS In SA 
More Evidence HIV Was Made At Ft. Detrick
Can Tuberculosis-Type Bacteria Also Cause AIDS?
Alan Cantwell, MD On The ManMade Origin Of AIDS
Cantwell On HPV Cervical Cancer-Causing Virus
Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You
Alan Cantwell On The Origin Of AIDS
Alan Cantwell MD On The Bacterial Cause Of Cancer
Cancer 'Therapy' Radiation Causes Serious Bone Loss
Homophobic Homosexuals: Making AIDS 'A Gay Disease'
New Research Links Infection With Cancer
Virginia Livingston - Cancer Quack Or Medical Genius?
Semen 'May Fuel Cervical Cancer'
'Gay Cancer' & The Man-Made Origin Of AIDS
Are Lesbian Brains Different?
New Bacteria Discovery Clears Up Mystery
New York's HIV Experiment On 'Guinea Pig Children'
The Gay Experiment That Started AIDS In America
New Paper Points To Bacteria - Prostate Cancer Link
The Virus Cancer Program 1964-1980
HIV+ Author (HIV Doesn't Cause AIDS) Loses Child To HIV
Bacteria And Ulcers - Why It Relates To Cancer Bacteria
Apes 'Extinct In A Generation'
Mycoplasma Research In Breast Cancer
Genetic Vaccines And Mycoplasma

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