Alan Cantwell On
The Origin Of AIDS

Interviewed by Claudette Vaughan

QUEER BLOOD: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot
Is AIDS man-made? Alan Cantwell wrote a book "Queer Blood" where his notable research points at the AIDS biowarfare story was the most covered-up genocide program of the 20th century. It was a program designed to kill healthy male homosexuals and it occurred from out of New York City at the same time that gay men and their liberation movement were demanding their rights. Alan Cantwell is a professional doctor and researcher. Here he speaks to the Abolitionist about blaming gays, blacks and chimps for AIDS when in fact the truth is we should be looking elsewhere for our causes and solutions.
Abolitionist: What's the difference between America releasing the HIV/AIDS into the community and the systematic murder and extermination of homosexuals in Germany's Third Reich?
Alan Cantwell: The difference is that the Nazis readily admitted their dislike of male homosexuals, arresting thousands and putting them in concentration camps where many eventually died or were murdered. The exclusive "introduction" of the HIV virus AND the Kaposi's sarcoma virus (human herpes virus-8) into the American gay male population in the late 1970s was, in my view, deliberate - and then covered up via the "out of Africa" monkey theory of HIV (and the KS virus).
Abolitionist: There's so much confusion regarding the origin of the AIDS virus. Can you please discuss your findings and how you arrived there?
AC: The origin of HIV and the KS virus came out of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials (1978-1981) in which thousands of healthy gay men were injected with an experimental vaccine. In the U.S. the earliest positive HIV blood tests were discovered in samples of blood donated by male homosexuals in New York City, as part of this experiment. There was no "incubation period" for HIV in the U.S. - the earliest HIV+ blood specimens were from 1978- the same year the first gay hepatitis B experiments took place in Manhattan, at the New York Blood Center.
Abolitionist: Why did you discount the "official" Green Monkey theory?
AC: There is no earthly way a heterosexually transmitted sexual disease "out of Africa" could have been transported to New York City to infect ONLY young white homosexual men. Furthermore, the first proven cases were discovered in New York City in 1979. The African AIDS epidemic was not uncovered until 1982.
On such matters it's easy for "expert" virologists to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. Who can argue with the "official" account of the molecular biology of retroviruses like HIV and their purported molecular "ancestry" in African chimps and monkeys?
After all, if you can deceive the public on weapons of mass destruction as the "origin" of the current Iraq war -- you can certainly deceive them with the out of Africa origin of HIV AND the KS virus.
Abolitionist: What is it about USA Jesusland today that hates gays and people of colour so much they don't even bother to cover up their footprints any longer?
AC: Throughout the world obviously gay people are disliked by many "religious" people of various faiths because "God" purportedly does not approve of them. Politicians seize on this to inflame voters -- hopefully, to secure votes. Thank God, there is no "official" hatred of Blacks anymore, but at the same time the experience of Katrina in New Orleans is certainly an indication that their welfare is not high priority.
Abolitionist: Your wrote "Queer Blood". How has that been received from within the gay, lesbian and transgender community and also the wider heterosexual community at large?
AC: I think it is fair to say both books have been largely ignored. Most people (and that includes most gays) would prefer to think that AIDS could NOT have been man-made. However, recall that during the Holocaust most Jews did NOT believe that the Nazis were systematically murdering Jews until several million had already been killed!!
Abolitionist: William Cooper was a Naval Officer working within the American Administration before his sudden death. He also found evidence on a plan to exterminate gays off the face of the earth by releasing the AIDS virus into the community. What's your view on Bill Cooper's work Alan?
AC: I have read some of his material. He explored many conspiracy theories, including man-made AIDS. I think when many people read about so many possible conspiracies - and when man-made AIDS gets added to the list -- that it actually dilutes the theory and tends to make it even less credible. I would prefer for people to study the man-made theory of AIDS on its own merits.
Abolitionist: Is there a move in the world today to "improve the herd ­by separating the herd thus making a small 'elite' class and creating a huge underclass that will work for the elite? In this New World Order there is no room for gays and people of colour. Dr Martin Luther-King said, "They will keep on coming until there's not one of us left". Have you given any thought to this Alan?
AC: Well it's easier to control people when they all think and act (and look) alike. Sadly, a lot of people would be happier in a world without gays and blacks. However, there are probably a lot of brown and black people who would prefer a world without white people. It seems to me the world has come to a point where people have to decide whether they are going to try and "deal" with each - or kill each other.
Abolitionist: Why do you think gay rights never took up arms against the State the way that militant Blacks did, the Animal Rights Militia or the eco- environmentalists did? Do you think the critical mass of Gay people are assimilists who just want to be accepted into mainsteam society or do you think it's something else?
AC: I think minorities of all kinds are fearful of acting up because, let's face it, it's very hard to confront the government - especially now with the so-called "war on terror" and the idea that you are either with us or against us. Plus, at this time, gays do not feel threatened by the government.
Abolitionist: Can we discuss some of the things that really irk mainstream America today in Queer culture. Take Same Sex Marriage for example. Why would gay people want to emulate the heterosexual model when really there's nothing exemplary in it to emulate!
AC: I think some gays (certainly not all) want the social "recognition" that comes along with marriage, particularly now that some gays and lesbians want to establish families and have children, and want all the rights and tax advantages that straight people have.
Gays and lesbians should be allowed to enter into loving relationships just like heterosexuals, and allowed to make the same "mistakes" they do. Marriage is not perfect for everyone, but I can't imagine anything at this point that could take its place.
Abolitionist: The Gay Liberation Civil Rights Movement coincided with the release of the HIV/AIDS virus back in 1978/79. What did your research uncover to support this claim Alan?
AC: It's quite clear that as soon as gay people came out of the closet in droves and started to demand rights, that male homosexuals were the exclusive recipient of a new virus "out of Africa." Before the U.S. government took an interest in the health of gay men, there were no "strange fatal diseases" of obscure origin found in homosexuals. As soon as they signed up for government-sponsored gay vaccine experiments, the community was doomed and ravaged with the AIDS epidemic and the concomitant Karposis sarcoma epidemic. And recall that for the first few years the U.S. government basically ignored the disease, except to gather statistics. I honestly believe the release of HIV via vaccine programs was an experiment using gays and African blacks as testers, and that the disease was allowed to spread intentionally. It should have been obvious that there was a tie-in to the vaccine experiments, but all this was pooh-poohed in favor of gay "promiscuity."
Abolitionist: Do you think that by exterminating gays and people of colour in the US today is the prerequisite for the elite to start attempting to produce their version of a "high quality" human being? That is by genetically engineering and/or killing off what is considered by them the weak, the disabled, the so-called deviant and the radicals?
AC: The AIDS epidemic came out of extensive animal cancer virus experimentation and virus transfer between animal and human species in the 1970s. This research attempted to prove that "viruses" caused human cancer. When HIV was exclusively "introduced" into the American gay and the African black population in the late 1970s -- this was "proof" that scientists needed to eventually prove (in 1984) that a "new" virus like HIV could cause cancer. Although AIDS is not considered cancer, it is clear that infection with HIV promotes the development of certain cancers due to its immunosuppressive effect on the immune system.
HIV serves to kill off many people on the planet, especially those who can't afford proper and effective treatment.
Abolitionist: You initially approached the animal rights movement with your discovery that primates don't get the AIDS virus therefore all research along this line is bogus. Since it continues unchallenged, do you think animal experimentation into AIDS is just one more form of gay bashing?
AC: I have attempted to interest people in the animal right movement about research pointing to AIDS as a man-made disease, particularly because it is clear to me that HIV came out of animal cancer research. Few people understand that virologists (and biowarfare scientists) in the 1970s used laboratory animals (especially primates) in order for these scientists to learn how to make cancer and to destroy the immune system.
Most people think animal research helps human research, but in truth animal research can also be used to create new diseases - and that, in my opinion, is exactly how the world plague of AIDS came about. After almost two decades, you are the first animal activist to take an interest in this story!! Quite frankly, I am amazed that you are doing this interview for publication, as I had the distinct impression the man-made theory of AIDS was taboo in the animal right movements.
Abolitionist: If Black Africa is doomed, what about Black America?
AC: I hate to say this, but I do think in another generation or two that black Africa is doomed. Of course, if the leaders there took a serious interest in the man-made origin this might encourage a world response to the injustice of deliberately creating a new world plague and genocide program. This could result in a SERIOUS appraisal of the epidemic, as well as the demand and the right to receive proper treatment. If the rich nations of the world can afford World War 3, they can certainly pick up the tab for proper AIDS drugs. Black America is not in the same situation as Africa because effective AIDS drugs are more widely available.
Abolitionist: You have said that there is a strange and ominous connection between cancer and AIDS, between animal experimentation and genetic engineering of viruses, between biological warfare technology and drug companies, between gay experiments and AIDS, between vaccine programs and the contamination of the nation's blood supply. Please talk about this Alan?
AC: There is indeed an ominous (and complicated) connection between the above. It's best understood by reading my books on the man-made epidemic, which are readily available through Internet sources. Actually if one Googles "Queer Blood" the entire text of the book can be found free on-line.
My sincere thanks for your interest in all this. If people really love animals, they would be astonished to learn how AIDS could have come about via animal experimentation. I can't help but feel sorrow and anger about all those animals used worldwide for a century in senseless and cruel lab experiments. In fact, on some metaphysical and karmic levels, I believe AIDS is the animal's revenge against all this killing in the name of so-called science!
Alan Cantwell MD



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