The Golden Road To
Unlimited Totalitarianism
Part 4
Education as Black Ops
By Diane Harvey <>

The Golden Road To Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 4
 The Golden Road to Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 3
  The Golden Road To Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 2
  The Golden Road To Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 1

To refer to our modern educational system as a Black Operation, a clandestine and deliberate subversion of any reasonable standard of teaching and learning, would seem rather preposterous to most people. Yet to others, it hardly seems possible to find phrases sufficiently extreme to express our...horror. There is an eerie similarity in experience, when forcing the mind to dwell on what goes on in our schools, to the emotional and mental cringing which accompanies looking into the world of animal experimentation. It takes more moral courage to be willing to know about the torture of helpless beings than we even want to have. It's so much easier not think about it at all. Torture? Children? Isn't this a ridiculously exaggerated way of speaking? I don't think so: quite the opposite. It is not possible to convey the actuality of the collective dark miseries our children are presently undergoing- not with any number of colorful words, no matter how dramatically arranged.
All our words and thoughts are one thing; children's lives are quite another. And the first abysmal fact about children in the educational setting which comes to mind is perhaps the very worst in a long list of worsts. Drugging children into semi-comatose robo-compliancy is now slowly becoming the monstrous rule rather than the sad exception. What this means for us all is almost beyond understanding. Yet this deliberate chemical search-and-destroy dehumanizing of a generation of children is happening with relatively little outraged outcry from mom and dad. We know why. Because mom and dad are statistically also likely to be chemically-dependent, and therefore quite oblivious, both physiologically and psychologically, to the fundamental state of normal livingness. Mom and dad have likely already submitted their mind-body connections to a hostile takeover by the pharmaceutical cartels. Mom and dad are probably already pod-people. And they don't mean to be, of course: they are wholly unaware of the magnitude of this tragedy.
Parents are becoming Manchurian candidates, unknowingly chemically programmed to ensure the subtle destruction of their own children. This they are doing with the usual good parental intentions, as far as they are concerned. All this is happening quite in the dark, insofar as social awareness of what is at stake is concerned. Ah, the dark. Such a wonderfully useful contemporary near-total social darkness we are in, in which all manner of clandestine operations may proceed apace. The golden road to unlimited totalitarianism is being built, as far as possible, in the night. In order to watch it being laid down, it is necessary to learn to see in the dark.
What is behind this intentional campaign to drug the very condition of childhood itself? What's so dangerous about children that the usual indoctrination into the ruling paradigm isn't sufficient any longer? Until now, national educational systems on this planet have been fairly efficient in training the majority of children into the world-view which the State, relatively benevolent or otherwise, wanted them to have. Why the sudden interest in forcing narcotics into babies and little children? What do these drugs actually do, that there is such an intense interest in force-feeding them to most innocent?
A conscious, deliberate one week experiment with one of these ubiquitous Prozac-like pacification drugs provided, exactly as expected, some possible experiential answers to this terrible question. (Please don't try this at home.) There seem to be some excellent reasons behind the enormously effective campaign to keep so many children in these very particularly distorted states of consciousness at all times. First of all, the effects of these drugs are extremely cunning. We already knew that, of course, from the overwhelming acceptance they have met with in the world. Their level of operation requires a certain amount of applied consciousness to detect, in one sense. That is, there is no overt distortion of the basic sensory apparatus- no hallucinations or heavy nausea, for example. But what is fairly immediately and horribly apparent is the effect of these drugs on the emotional and mental root of self-conscious awareness. These chemicals act as a kind of heavy pesticide applied directly to the beautiful flower of self-awareness at the core of every human being. They paralyze the growing tips of our individuality itself.
The thousand-and-one subtle antennae with which we receive and translate incoming sensory data are lopped off. The wondrous and infinite filaments of sensation are coated, practically undetectably, with a brutal and vicious chemical film. All genuine subtle electromagnetic interactions with life are replaced by a false chemical signature, a one-dimensional sensation of crude "well-being". And this one-dimensionality, this flatland-stupor of phony superficial OK-ness, is a state of perfect working zombification. It works so insidiously well because anyone under the influence of these drugs can walk and talk and work and appear to relate to other human beings. These drugs create a peculiar sub-rosa mini-lobotomy in which the only thing obviously missing is the inner relating factor: the soul. It is the human soul which receives all incoming signals, relates and integrates them into that living whole we call an individual self. These drugs then, technically, literally, manage to go quite far toward separating the soul from the body.
What this has to do with education as Black Ops should be appallingly clear. Even better than painstakingly training a citizenry from birth into becoming willing supporters of a totalitarian State's program, is to directly enter their bloodstreams early on and induce a wholesale dehumanization from the start. Imagine that: linking the basic human physiological/psychological "state" directly to the "State", in a mass soul-bypass operation. This has so many obvious benefits. The soul of a child is a notoriously elusive item to get at, and so resiliant that it often manages to evade the worst sorts of outward pummelling. Mere physical, emotional and mental indoctrination has been known to be succesfully ouwitted. The human soul, the being above and behind all the wondrous human equipment, is the most powerful force on this planet, and has been known to outlast every possible assault. Unfortunately, a direct chemical assault is one which very few adults can withstand, let alone utterly defenseless little children. Children, in their vulnerable unfinished condition, can have no serious resistence to whatever they are being told while in a perpetual twilight zone of drug-induced soul-paralysis. They can never effectively question any outward authority so long as the chemically-imposed condition of compliance itself is circulating freely, a bioengineered army of occupation, in their own bloodstreams.
There is also another problem related to chemicals to look at, when considering the basic conditions under which our children are supposed to be educated. We can't leave junk food out of this dismal picture of children undergoing their downfall of an unbringing. What passes for "food" frequently is enough to throttle down to subnormal any normal child's learning capacities. Add polluted water, toss in serious enviornmental dangers from inadequate antiquated buildings, and you still have merely a few obvious general hazards in the obstacle course we have set up for our children. We haven't even gotten around yet to the specific educational contents of this miasma-world we are collectively imposing on our children. In a very short essay on education, only a breathtaking few on the long list of crimes against children can even be mentioned.
What then about the contents of education, now that we finally have the children rounded up, drugged into passivity in their little chairs, and ready to receive instruction? A definition of the word is called for here: the Latin "educare" meant "to lead forth, to lead out". The implication of this is that there is "someone in there" with something useful to offer, and this needs carefully leading forth >from within. The idea was to allow the real person in there, the one floundering a bit due to childhood, to have help with that awkward tricky business we call growing. The idea was, to lead the human soul in that tiny body along through all the stages of healthy manifestation. The concept of education, as proven by the very meaning of the word, was never originally just to force commonly accepted facts into growing minds. From the beginning, the idea of education in the western world was more than providing children and youth with the received wisdom of the ages, or what passes for it. To educate ideally meant to help a child discover inner talents, predelictions, skills and gifts, enabling each one to find the best way to be in this world. Very imperfect as this has always been, it was one of the greatest ideas of all time. In a sane society, a useful citizen is one who is doing what he or she is best suited for, matching inner interests to the outer needs of society. Unfortunately, for this to work, the prerequisite is a sane human society.
Forget the inner person, the talents, and the natural usefulness. What we have now is a government-sponsored, your-tax-dollars-at-work, kamp for korporate kiddies. What once was education has now devolved into a job training program for totalitarian tots. Without of course ever mentioning this out loud, where it would sound so awfully crass, not to say frightening, the entire purpose of what was education is now to help a child find his or her comfy place within the confines of the Beast. Once we had an entire world, however highly imperfect, to offer children. Now we have only a semi-disguised multinational corporate theme park of a Frankenplanet. >From the beginning, there are tell-tale corporate logos "tastefully" decorating the classroom, and "educational" media larded with corporate messages. Education is now becoming one very lengthy commercial. The underlying point of education as a whole is becoming excruciatingly simple-minded: "Be A Success: Make Money". Which means, become someone so entranced with purely materialistic goals that there is hardly anyone left alive inside. We are indoctrinating children from the beginning to be unquestioningly eager and willing worshippers of The Golden Calf, and we are afraid, collectively, to acknowledge the nightmare of this even to ourselves.
Another of the worst-of-the-worst crimes against children is the program for the sexualization of children at earlier and earlier ages. This has actually become a formal aspect of the educational system. The pretense-excuse is to avoid the problems of repression. I am not speaking about wholesomely-motivated appropriate sex education either, if such a thing exists. Sexualization has a different motive and a different goal. What is really going on is, once again, the planned destruction of the state of childhood innocence itself. The premature emphasis on sexuality is yet another way to deliberately arrest the natural development of a human being. The reason why the human race until now has consciously de-emphasized the sexual nature in children is for their benefit: so that they can grow and unfold as peacefully as possible.
The tried-and-true way of handling all this has been "the-less-said-the-better". This works as a general rule, provided the parents have sane and natural attitudes, because what children need most of all is to keep on evolving. If their incipient sexuality is emphasized, they become transfixed, and stop developing far too soon. This suits the purposes of hidden totalitarian agendas perfectly, because arrested development means that control is very easily maintained at a low level. A generation of children who never get past sex is the ideal material for manipulative control. We all know of people who are fixated on sex: we pity them (until they become predators) as pathetic subhuman anomalies. But thinking further, it's easy to see how truely frightening an entire generation of potential human beings forced into sex addiction would be.
Along this same destructive line, educating children to believe that homosexuality is a wonderful idea not only shows no signs of letting up, it is becoming an overwhelming cultural theme. It is now so politically incorrect to even mention the opposing view that you can lose your job for it. How did this happen? Where did we lose our common sense along the way to such a degree that we can now no longer even argue this in public? Stepping away from the heated rhetoric and epithet-slinging levels surrounding this topic, it isn't all that difficult to argue logically against this form of indoctrination in children. To fanatically promote the concept of homosexuality is once again to further the totalitarian ends of sowing fundamental confusion in the human race. We are souls, we have bodies. These bodies are of two kinds, exceedingly cleverly designed to fit together. This is a Divine Clue.
The physical body is a symbolic representation of the inner psychological and spiritual soul in manifestation, and that there are two types is a profound message from above and beyond our mere human intelligence. Do we really know much yet about the levels of spiritual life and meaning we embody as one or the other sex? To force this into the straightjacket of a discussion about morality is, in reality, to shift the discussion >from the obvious common-sensical facts of life, downward into a morass of endless bickering. And what we call common sense is a spiritual faculty operating at ground level. This is a far greater matter than any human conceptions about morality based on anybody's religious affliliations. This is a cosmic issue. This is divine business, this matter of our basic feminine and masculine natures. To spread confusion here, at the root levels of our children's humanity, is showing signs of becoming an enormous evolutionary diversion. We haven't yet understood much about how masculine and feminie energies interact as the fundamental human evolutionary process, but common sense reveals that this is the path we are to take.
What's the effect then of diverting a child's normal development toward becoming comfortable with the actual body he or she is in? If this is something deeper than human ideas about morality, then what is it? I suggest that the very evolution of the human soul is at stake here. I suggest that the body we are in is inextricably related to the evolutionary lessons we are meant to learn in any given incarnation, and that the subversion of this is fatal to the soul's plan for the individual. Duality in the universe is the source of friction on every level, and this friction is the means by which we evolve at all. Without the attractive disturbances of opposites, we cannot learn much as individual souls, and that means that the species as a whole depends on this dual interplay as well. Do we suppose we have finally understood all there is to know about the meanings of "masculine" and "feminine"?
Each age looks back and sees a foolishly limited version of these two roles acted out in the world. Each new generation naturally wishes to upgrade the level of meaning and action. Men and women: what are we? We don't know either the beginning or the end of this mystery. What it means to be either, and what it can be in practice, is no finished product, but a work in progress. To teach children that the body they are actually in means nothing, is to undermine the most obvious basic indication of the creative way for humanity. By means of the great play of opposites, the divine plan proceeds, in individuals and in the species. Confuse this, erase this, pervert this, and it isn't just a matter of physical plane confusion. The entire emotional, mental, and spiritual evolution of those human beings thus diverted will be retarded, and perhaps even cease altogether, for the duration of their incarnation, and possibly beyond that. What could be more agreeable to the forces of darkness than to promote such a mass case of mistaken identity at the very heart of the evolutionary process?
It is no accident that a short treatise called "Education as Black Ops" has focused on the issues of drugs, money and sex. That violence is not considered here is simply a matter of time and space. So much more is left out than can possibly be mentioned. Suffice it to say that subjection to exponentially increasing violence is clearly a vital part of the planned destruction of children and childhood. Money, drugs, sex and violence were not, until recently, topics which we associated with the educational processes we had in mind for our children. Yet right now, these are the prevailing underlying messages being transmitted through the so-called socializing process which once was an actual educational system of sorts. The superstructure on top of these powerfully degrading experiences still has, here and there, a certain measure of usefulness. There are still real teachers here and there, and learning still takes place on occasion. Even the outward chitinous shell of imposed uniformity is not perfect. Nevertheless, these dark experiences underneath are so powerfully impressing and shaping our children's lives, that to discuss "education" at all under the circumstances would be, in my opinion, a travesty.


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