The Golden Road to
Unlimited Totalitarianism
- Part 3
Which 'One World'?
By Diane Harvey <>

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The human species received the impression of a lifetime, more or less all-of-a-sudden, in a single picture. We saw ourselves, as if in a mirror for the first time. An intricate round blue-white jewel sparkled in the dark vast velvet of space. The breathtaking image of Home-Sweet-Home, Mother Earth, struck us powerfully, silently, right between the eyes. Our personal marvel of a little water planet: astonishingly beautiful, fragile-seeming, and so deeply poignant for being surrounded by inhospitable immensities. This vision of actuality deeply moved us, as direct perception confirmed what only the abstract intellect knew before. The world is one world. That's what a planet IS.
The implications of this were inescapable, and were meant to be. This image of our Singularity discretely veils the lesser magnitude of mulitudes of ground-level human squabble-sins. This master-image of wholeness reveals the chalice which contains every differing and competing version of human feeling and thought. This has always been true, but now we have seen it with our own eyes. Our separate identities, nations, allegiances, religions, politics, cultures, races (and every last thing all of this means to each of us) exists in this simple yet overwhelming context. Earth is where every last one of us belongs, because we are all here. This is no platitude, but a fact which has implications that few if any of us yet understand. Can we say we are capable of realizing what it means that we are inescapably all in this together? I suggest that the Divine Mind, the Creator of this Fundament does know, and that there is a Divine Plan which, by definition, has been present from the beginning. And I further suggest that most of us who sincerely mean well nevertheless have very little if any idea of what this might entail.
One part of humanity, however, has realized the implications of our fundamental unity much better than the rest of us. One moment we were all riveted to an image of our beautiful globe, and the next moment, before we knew what hit us, the very word "globalism" was usurped utterly by darkness. The Creator made a globe, and yet suddenly the word referring to this fact belongs only to the worst element in the human species. Observe how quickly that happened, and consider what it means for all of us in terms of how we are likely to think about who and where we are. We can hardly bear to entertain a single thought about how to deal with our essential inescapable unity, simply because "Satan cometh and taketh away the word." By stealing the word, the forces of darkness stole and perverted the very concept and reality itself, and robbed us of a large part of our willingness to even consider how we might all manage to live here together in a rational and beautiful way. "One World"? Isn't that a frightening totalitarian phrase? Well, yes, it is now. They made sure of that. They have neatly excised any other line of thought, from the very moment we collectively have a chance to expand our conciousness to include the basic fact of life here. They have successfully imposed their version of the vision on us. They have presented us with a conceptual fait accompli: their Totalitarian One World. Since their version is deliberately calculated to fighten us out of our minds, let us bitterly disappoint them, and retain our minds. We are going to need them.
The forces of totalitarianism are always quick to see the next possible level on which to impose their will-for-domination. We should not be surprised at this. Neither should we refuse to contemplate the basic fact of our unity, simply because darkness is off and running with a frightening plan to sew up our one world in its own suffocating globe-sized bag of dirty tricks.
We can keep in mind that dark forces have to begin with seeds of truth. There is nothing else at hand to misuse, except the underlying divinity of all that is. If there was not a Divine Plan for humanity behind all this, they would have nothing to pervert. They can create nothing out of nothingness. That is, darkness cannot really create anything new at all, it can only twist and turn to its own purposes the original energies and divine designs. The misleading distortions and malignant manifestations must be imposed on and wrought out of the original beauty, goodness, and truth that are the foundation of all life.
A good example of how this is done can be seen in the technique which perverts the fact of divine polarities, true opposites, or original dualities. Fundamental dualities we are designed to wrestle with include life and death, spirit and matter, good and evil, masculine and femininine, peace and struggle, pain and pleasure, and individual and group. Of these it ought to be said "We hold these truths to be self-evident". That is, these pairs of opposites are meant to exist, and meant to retain their identity while seeking balance.
Because the human race is still under construction, evolving in consciousness toward some as-yet undreamed of spiritual unfoldment, we are easily confused in our thinking about even these basic polarities. We each struggle in our own necessarily limited way to manage and balance these divinely complementary energies. And the forces of darkness enjoy sowing even more confusion here, at the root of our awareness of ourselves and others, and all that is.
We are likely to fall (or be pushed) between the cracks of reality in one of two ways in dealing with the fundamental dualities. Perhaps we know very well that there are fundamental truths in life. In this case we are quite likely to make the fatal mistake of unconsciously assuming our personal grasp of this is so profoundly correct, it should be forced on others "for their own good". This is the trap of "basic understanding, devoid of the awareness of relativity". Or, we become so confused in the face of the subtle relativities involved, we prematurely and fatally conclude there are no basic truths at all. This is the trap of "awareness of relativity, devoid of basic understanding".
The enemies of freedom are perfectly aware of these two basic human tendencies toward settling into half-truths, and know very well how to nourish these predelictions. And we would do well to realize that we all have inner enemies as well: those hidden unregenerate subconscious contents which we see only by their effects. Are we absolutely perfected yet in wisdom, creativity, love, and the power to heal? No? Then we have a certain element within ourselves still working against our own spiritual destiny. This is of course almost a definition of the human predicament, but all the same, we forget this. And if we aren't paying attention, the ancient element still operating in the subconscious joins forces with the darkness in the objective world. We don't always see this, or want to see it: but it is our salvation to be willing to deal with inner as well as outer darkness. Totalitarianism could never retain a foothold on this planet, let alone take it over, if the human race had, collectively, no more subconscious content.
There is hope for the forces of darkness just so long as we are unconscious and confused at the core. Because they are not in the least unconscious or confused about who they are or what they want: they want the planet, and everyone and everything on it. They know precisely which One World they want, and how to get it. Meanwhile, we are going about our lives much as ever, quarrelling among ourselves about the basic meanings of life, and ardently arguing the details of what we think is right and wrong. The forces of light and love and goodwill are deeply divided, while the forces of totalitarianism have no such apparent problem at this time. Of course, we are enjoying and exercising our individualities and free will, while they are bent uniformly to a single terrible end. Their uniformity of purpose is the manifestation of spiritual hell, but all the same, it has the definite momentary power to unite them. The forces of light can only unify in freedom, mutual respect, and understanding. We can only bridge our endless differences because we freely choose to do so, understanding what is at stake. And if and when we ever find the level at which can successfully unite to fight for the freedom of humanity, we must and will do so while maintaining our hard-won individuality.
Beyond the unfortunate confusion surrounding basic dualities, the forces of totalitarianism are busy generating entire fields of false dualties. These are innumerable, but a sample will reveal the entire level at which these are operating. The next magnitude of human life and thought, beyond the basic effort to reconcile divine dualities, is the entire social fabric of the world. This is patently a madhouse, and the best of all places to manufacture fresh, undetectable, and highly diverting insanities. As long as we are caught up in the levels of phony dualities, we are completely removed from all possibility of any effective struggle against the forces of totalitarianism. Because these are smiling contentedly behind both sides of every pair of manufactured opposites. It is crucial for us all to start observing, analyzing and ridiculing these absurdities into the oblivion they so richly deserve.
Let's start with what this looks like in a single part of the lunatic asylum: the field of politics. The false polarities offered here are two crude blocks of unexamined, unrefined, undigested feelings and thoughts wrapped up for us in two giant plastic To-Go packages. Our so-called two-party system is currently nothing but mental junk food: McPolitics for the masses, ready to go, with fried nuances on the side. So many of us think we are, we must be, either a Rebuplican or a Democrat. I respectfully suggest we are not yet seeing, in sufficient numbers, behind the masks. Who donates money to both sides, and how much? This money represents the crooked smiles on the faces behind the curtain which covers both sides. I suggest that we have unwittingly been devoured by the deliberately concocted and sustained illusion that these are real choices between two real forces, one of which must be good and the other evil. Of course, false polarities are always based on a genuine seed of truth, or they would never work at all. They hook us in a spot of deeply real idealism, and take off from there into the mess of extrapolated, pre-chewed, assumptions. What's the reasoning behind our purchase of either of these giant concrete blocks of used-up, pre-owned Politics To-Go? The answer is: reason does not enter into it. This is about taking our genuine, exceedingly important interest in government, and diverting it into pointless false channels. This is still working well. A tremendous amount of our national attention, time, passion, and money is carefully channeled to run off in these two bogus simulations, until it all dribbles away eventually, unseen, in the desert of Business As Usual.
It is certainly not our own best thinking and well-rounded reasoning about that causes us to ingest such indigestible wads of false polarities. The actual source of our poorly-reasoned attachments to either of these wholesale half-truths is a cleverly designed fishhook. We are hooked into believing in one or the other of these two monumental clown acts in one of two basic ways. Most of us are imbalanced, and therefore characterized by an innate psychological bias toward the either/or of liberalism or conservatism. We have no idea of what sorts of genuine energies and useful forces are embodied in either one of these terms, but nevertheless, this does not prevent us from eagerly accepting one label. We rush to identify ourselves with half-a-harlequin. It is so difficult to consider everything in one's own mind, and so easy to sink oneself in a huge gob of glossy mob thoughtforce instead. It's so relaxing to not have to think through each and every little thing. The attraction of received "wisdom" is how wonderfully simple everything becomes. It's so much easier to be a Republican or a Democrat than to actually be responsible for dealing with each facet of life oneself.
The source of our hapless devotion to either of the two parties presently making royal fools out of us all, is, as always, something within us that is real. Liberals have been hooked by their heart-centered feelings in relation to the suffering of human beings and all other forms of life. The essence of authentic Liberalism is the love of humanity and deep respect for all life. Genuine Liberals really do feel that factual essential connection between us all, and if we can't see the value of this to the human race, and to the planet as a whole, then we have a serious blind spot. Liberals can identify with the great ideal of our common human ground. Liberals innately understand the fact that we are all in this together. It is from this root core of truth that the rest of their unrealistic and relatively brainless agenda-nonsense proliferates.
Conservatives have been hooked by their mental appreciation for common sense, and the fact that we are each responsible for our own behavior. Authentic Conservatism is an innate awareness of the necessity to preserve what is good, and to build on the foundations of the past. If we can't see the value to the human race of this type of bias when it is genuine, then we have a serious blind spot. They have seen the Tragedy of the Commons, and they understand the grim realities of our present stage of evolution. They have no trouble understanding that there are people out there who like to hurt other people, and they consider this, quite rightly, as of more importance in the moment than the causes of such a condition. They know that the source of strength is personal and family integrity. From this core truth, the rest of the unrealistic and relatively heartless agenda-nonsense proliferates.
As constituted presently, exaggerating in order to make a point, liberalism is the political philosophy of a mindless heart, and conservativism is the political philosphy of a heartless mind. And does this not in fact represent what each side accuses the other of? Each side is right in this accusation, as a generality, because totalitarian forces have managed to entice so many human beings into becoming half-a-loaf in this way. Furthermore, if pure forms of liberalism and equally pure forms of conservatism were actually able to manifest in the political arena, they could never annihilate one another. They would however be able to continue to refine their arguments, perhaps even into the realms of meaningful dialogue, which would enrich us all. And one can even imagine, however shocking this seems at first, that these representatives of the head and the heart of the body politic might even conceive of working in concert, each doing what it is best suited for. What a concept: the heart and mind working for the good of the whole.
Just as these two ersatz political avenues for genuinely crucial differences have ingested our real energies, so have many other equally degenerated forms of true opposites. Every field of human endeavor we can think of is bottled up in two equally idiotic, stupifying, pickled and plastic-wrapped McSides. The original source of differences, the people leading with their heads, and the people leading with their hearts, has been focused and crystallized downward into dangerously dumbified one-dimensional nattering. Politics, education, science, economics, art: all tending to the endless iteration of a threadbare monoculture. These forms of our civilization pretend to have life, but it's the spurious kick of the galvanized dead frog.
Our enshrinement of stupidity is the result our collective unconscious collusion with the forces of totalitarianism, spread around everywhere, in everything by now. Stupification has worked and has good results: we barely know anything is wrong here. We no longer have any idea of what a living culture might look like. We can hardly conceive now of a free, robust and healthy civilization, even for our own country. We fondly imagine that the stock market is the indicator of a nation's health: and that is a telling shameful contrast with our national origins. We don't, as a people, even see anything degraded about this. And we certainly abdicated even the slightest interest in what the Creator might have in mind on a planetary scale. Therefore, adding it all up, it looks at the moment as if the Golden Road to Unlimited Totalitarianism is the only highway built into the future which includes everyone at all levels.
Few people seem to have understood that this dark inverted new world order must necessarily be based on an original Divine Plan. We just have swallowed, without thinking, the idea that since the Evil Plan exists, then that must be the only one. Not only that, we have begun to assume that all forms of any organiztion on the part of human beings must, ipso facto, be of evil origin. And therefore, that all human beings in all organizations must also be evil. This requires quite astonishing leaps of illogic and forgetfulness, and complete ignorance of history. A great example of this extreme confusion is the "mime", or mindlessly replicating bit of pathetic foolishness, which states that the Founders of our country were Masons, organized and connected, and therefore part of the Evil Plan. The dark forces are laughing their heads off over this one. Think it through for yourself. Study the words and deeds of these inspired men and women.
Yes, they were Masons, for the most part, and yes, they were organized and connected. Although each had a very different point of view, yes, they all knew they were part of a great Plan. But if you honestly believe it was not the Divine Plan for this country which was the source of their strength, unity, sacrifice and greatness....then, stop- go back, read the words and thoughts of those who created this country. They did something "impossible" and glorious, by means of absolute dedication to the vision they shared, despite their considerable differences in temperament and approach. Examine their ideas and thoughts and deeds through the lens of common sense, and your own heart and mind will show you it was divinely inspired. Furthermore, since this part of the historical cycle seems to be coming around again, we all would do well to study their lives and thought, especially in order to understand what it might be like to be infused by a part of the Divine Plan. They knew it, they lived it: and it's possible that this same kind of great necessity is going to need to be acted out again, and even relatively soon.
Of course any organization can become corrupt over time: but this doesn't mean it always was. I would agree with those who maintain that the original energy in back of the idea of the United Nations was also divine, and that its corruption only once again proves that the forces of totalitarianism pick the best hopes and go straight to work inserting the totalitarian agenda into every available pore. Have we entirely forgotten these days that what we call the Divine Mind exists, and created all that is? Have we lost sight of the fact that the principle of organization by itself is not evil, but is the most natural manifestation of life? Our own bodies are ordinary miracles of organization, and when this organization deteriorates, we sicken and die. We organize all of our personal energy as best we can, in order to get anything useful done at all. The very motion of the life force works to create higher, more specially organized and complex forms. In short, organization is a divine attribute, the opposite of which is chaos and the death of the form.
Similarly, we don't go through a single day without thinking about what we are doing, and yet many of us manage to suppose that the creation of the entire universe itself was mindless. This is a very peculiar interpretation of the intricate, harmonious everchanging balances between vast energies and forces. We may not know much about it yet, but nevertheless, common sense demonstrates that the universe as a whole is not a blithering fool. What we call, for lack of a better term, the Mind of God- rather obviously exists. Human interpretation is quite another matter.
The Divine Plan, the Mind of God thinking and seeing ahead, so to speak, likewise exists. We can all catch occasional glimpses of what this might mean, personally, for our nation, and for the world of humanity. The forces of totalitarianism need not have it all their own way. This planet is not yet altogether organized: obviously not, in the case of the forces of light and freedom; but neither is it yet quite sewn up in the dark bag of totalitarianism. One of these forces will dominate the other, however, and sooner rather than later. And the deciding factor here is within each and every one of us. Which One World is it going to be? The dark version is being imposed on us here and now. We are passively allowing it to creep right on in, and insert the intravenous feeder-lines everywhere we exist. The soul of humanity is being drained out of its body, drop by drop, day by day.
The Divine Plan for our species, on the other hand, is never going to be imposed on us. If we want to see that vision, we have to strive to attain it. And if we recognize that the spirit of free will is a divine right of humanity, then we will have to fight for it. Sooner or later, if we want this planet and our species to be characterized by the energy of freedom and goodwill, we are going to have to sacrifice all that we are and have to attain this true vision. Not many people, numerically speaking, lent themselves wholeheartedly to the American Revolution. Not many people at all were willing to risk their lives in such a chancy, dangerous and overly-idealistic enterprise. Some things don't change.
Totalitarianism promises safety and comfort and security. The price of this is your soul.
Freedom promises danger, discomfort, and material insecurity- in short, it costs you everything you have. Except your soul.
Then: which one world shall it be?


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