The Golden Road To
Unlimited Totalitarianism
By Diane Harvey <>
The Golden Road To Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 4
 The Golden Road to Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 3
  The Golden Road To Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 2
  The Golden Road To Unlimited Totalitarianism - Part 1
The human race: who are we and where are we going? Blessed into existence we were, and harboring divine fires from the very beginning. The greatest gift was enfolded deepest, and this we call free will. Our casual taken-for-granted individuality is a sacred microcosm, a seedpod of divine qualities requiring fertile ground for good growth. And this necessary ground of our being and becoming is the freedom to make choices and to experience the results of those choices. Without the fundamental possibility of exercising free will, a human being cannot even exist, except as potential. Looked at in this light, our past is the story of millions who have given their lives so that others might achieve, a little bit here and a little bit there, a greater degree of freedom to become homo sapiens. This eonic journey, the practically infinite number of individual choices and sacrifices made throughout human history by innumerable human beings, has had a fruitful spiritual result. It has fostered the manifestation of the spiritual mechanism in the majority of human beings which we call a conscience.
Conscience is the direct result of individual free will making choices and fully experiencing the results. God is Love. This is not a human wish, but the foundation of all the worlds. And the voice of our conscience is the result of our freely willing to hear this truth.
A free will is a free will: this trust was absolute. One is free to choose to try to live outside goodness, outside love, and outside all spiritual reality. "Outside" exists, as the necessary corollary to free will. What use is free will with no way to misuse it and no place to experience the results? Thus, human free will necessarily generates an individual and collective dark side, an outside-of-divine-life zone: all the hells on earth. Of all these distorted forms we let innate divine energy take, totalitarianism is the worst.
Totalitarianism is original free will's shape-shifting evil twin. This force is the direct reversed reflection of the fundamental spiritual core of us all. It is free will gone wholly into the dark, by conscious or unconscious choice. It is the long twisted subconscious shadow-entity accompanying us on the evolutionary road back to our divine origins. The substance of totalitarianism is the exercise of free will devoid of conscience: the imposition of ideas by force. It is the greatest enemy mankind has ever had. And it is bigger, darker, smarter, more organized, more alluring, harder to see and better equipped to carry out its plan than ever before.
The embodiments of totalitarianism on earth have figured out how to manipulate, not merely a few groups of people, or a single nation or two, but vast numbers of human beings everywhere, into actively participating in the destruction of the human conscience. They now know how to beguile all types of human beings into demanding, above all else, that which insures their own spiritual destruction. Totalitarianism is on the verge of becoming unlimited for the first time. It has found the golden road, where all the pathways of human choice are being subtly and attractively subverted into a single totalitarian superhighway.
Since this superhighway is designed to lead to the wholesale destruction of the soul of the human species, those of us who watch it being built have our own intense predicament. I believe this was summed up pungently and well by the clever soul who first said: "It's too late to work within the system, and it's too soon to shoot the bastards." In this interlude then, while we stand around knowing what we know, seeing what we see, what shall we do about it? A running commentary, a naming of names, and a describing in gory detail of what we are witnessing is useful. All wars are fought through the equivalents of pens and swords. Both have their time and place, and this seems to be a historical moment for the sharpening of the thought and the pen. And all of us who are shouting from the electronic rooftops may form a kind of collective Patrick Henry- who can say?
Let us examine then how human souls are being carefully lead into the delusory enjoyment of self-destruction. For the sake of wrestling these ideas into some sort of shape, this essay will be divided into seven parts:
1. Death By Entertainment
2. Planet Of The Golden Calf
3. Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume?
4. ET Is Not Your Daddy
5. Which One World?
6. Education as Black Ops
7. Organizing Spirit and Matter: Caveat Emptor
Part One
Death By Entertainment
Once upon a time, assaults on personal freedom generally took the unmistakable shape of a boot, an implement of torture, iron shackles, and the serious application of a brutal Or Else to keep a person in line. These days all it takes is a very small innocuous-looking device called a remote control. Of course, not many notice who it is who is actually being remotely controlled, or how, or why. This not-noticing is critical to the success of the large department of endarkened forces busy with Death By Entertainment. So let's just notice the hell out of it. Try this out. Go visit a television. (You don't actually still let one live in your own home, do you? You aren't fooled by that "one or two good programs a week" sleight-of-hand trick, are you?) Approach it cautiously, in as fully conscious a manner as you can muster. Turn on the tv as if you were approaching a highly dangerous carnivore- which you are in fact doing. Now sit down, make yourself comfortable, and observe what happens in and to your conscious mind.
Before you turn on the tv and utterly submerge yourself in the Wavelength of Vampires, notice that your consciousness and your conscience are connected. Check it out, try on a few good thoughts for size: this is a very important part of this experiment in self-preservation. Once you notice that you are yourself, all present and accounted for, turn on the television. Watch what happens, if you can. I say "if you can" because almost instantaneously, the outgoing sound vibration coming from your tv is entering into your brain and overmastering your normal personal conscious wavelength. What this amounts to is the imposition, through our own cooperation (!), of a particular kind of trance state in which we are rendered completely mentally incompetent. This is exactly what human beings are being programmed to experience as "enjoyment". THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT, indeed: the death of our active consciousness-and-conscience, and its replacement by programming which contains only what others have in mind for us. We are relaxing, feeling good, and receiving direct implants into our brains, without much- if any- interference from our own pesky burdensome discriminating personal consciousness. Now, isn't that pleasant?
But who, pray tell, are these others who are now rewriting the contents of our minds? Have we handed our perceptions over to benevolent higher beings whose deepest motive is the strengthening of our free will and good conscience? Right. Our innate divinity, always in need of encouraging circumstances and conscious nurturing in order to thrive, is now in the hands of those who have a single thought. And this single motive behind all our entertainments is to reprogram and divert us from our evolutionary journey toward true homo sapiens, and turn us effectively into a swarm of locusts. We are being entertained for the sole purpose of transforming us downward and darkward into unconscious.... Consumers. Customers. Mindless locusts.
Entertainment then is the best and brightest weapon of the forces of totalitarianism at this time, because it's the one which addicts us with the highest rate of compliance and complacency. One size fits nearly all: a single electromagnetic wavelength has been discovered which unites vast numbers of people, at the broadest and deepest common mental and emotional levels, in near-perfect stupification. Take way my humanity, please! Remove this troublesome divine tension of self-awareness, please! Wish I had a bigger screen. Hmmm. I know what we can do. Let's go to the movies.
To be Continued
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