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By Sherman Skolnick
Greenspan, the Bush Family, and the Oil-Soaked Crooked Courts
In the 1950s, George Herbert Walker Bush got into the oil business with his partners, the Liedtke brothers. Bush was assisted by his father, Prescott Bush, Sr., who was one of Adolph Hitler's bankers jointly with the Bush relative, George Herbert Walker.
Also greatly assisting Bush was Eugene Meyer who had reportedly built up his fortune by massive fraud misusing Liberty War Bonds, used to suck money out of common Americans with the then new, conspiratorial Federal Reserve, all used to finance and force Americans to fight in England and Europe's bloodbath, World War One. With his loot, Meyer bought the then failing Washington Post newspaper. Meyer's daughter, Katherine Graham, became publicly known as if she were the sole "owner" of the Post, despite the fact that British royalty had a large financial interest in the Post and later, sister publication Newsweek Magazine. Suppressed was the first edition of a book that showed the Washington Post was a front for the American CIA, Deborah Davis' book "Katherine the Great".
Much later, Bush brought in numerous British royalty into his oil ventures. Later, Bush was given honorary title by the Queen. Yet, the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 9, forbids U.S. officials to have titles of nobility and be beholden to foreign kings and princes. And Bush is a distant cousin of the Queen of England. As we pointed out in earlier parts of this series, according to the secret Federal Reserve bank wire transfers, Bush had a joint account with the Queen of England in the British Monarchy-owned Coutts Bank, London. As arranged by Alan Greenspan, using his secret codes,directly supervising the same. This, in part, facilitated British Counter-Intelligence operatives, M1-6, to do bloody, dirty tricks against U.S. citizens IN THE UNITED STATES, such as in heavy Irish Catholic populated areas like Chicago, where a per centage of the Irish sympathize with anti-crown, anti-British IRA. M1-6 works directly under the orders of the Monarchy. [Al Fayed claims they murdered his son Dodi and intended, pregnant wife Princess Diana of Wales. Visit his website:]
Following World War Two, Bush's elders were instrumental in bringing to the U.S. and South America, the surviving anti-Soviet Nazi intelligence apparatus, the Gehlen Organization. This under the auspices of the American CIA and U.S. Military Intelligence. U.S., Argentina, and Brazil became a base for such post-war Nazi operations. [I tried to expose the U.S. operation through a seminar in Chicago, 1976, and, strange as it may seem to naive people, I was opposed by the Jewish aristocracy in Chicago, not the common people.] Finding new oilfields within the continental U.S. was declining. Bush and his cronies realized that the new, mammoth oil finds would be offshore under hundreds of feet of war in the continental shelf or the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The name of the Liedtke/Bush operation was changed from Zapata Petroleum Company to Zapata Offshore. The Liedtkes went on to supposedly form a separate firm, Pennzoil, although Bush had a large financial interest in that company as well.
Soon,Zapata had some 600 units and affiliates. Strange, but they seemed to set up shop often in the world hotspots and places of insurgency against colonial rulers. Zapata reportdly was a CIA proprietary, a supposedly "private" firm acting as an adjunct to the spy agency and espionage bloody tricks. Thus Bush was with CIA long, long before becoming Director of Central Intelligence for eleven and a half months in 1976. Thereafter, by the way, he became a director for about 4 years, of Eli Lilly Company, major producer of cocaine, supposedly for pharmaceutical purposes.
Being beyond the U.S. jurisdiction limits, Zapata's offshore oil rigs reportedly became drop-off points by ship and helicopter for contraband, including transit points for the major dope traffic. Reportedly assisting in the dope traffic from Colombia and Venezuela was George Herbert Walker Bush's son, John E. Bush, called Jeb and his Mexico-born wife, Columba. Jeb was the resident banker for Texas Commerce Bank. Like the bribery of judges, the major proceeds from the dope traffic are not out in an alley, but through banks owned and operated by the corrupters. [In an earlier story, by error, I said his wife was born in Colombia.]
Bush/Liedtke/Pennzoil got a hammer-lock on a company much larger than Pennzoil. How? By Pennzoil bringing a suit in the crooked Texas courts claiming that the huge Texaco Company wrongly interfered with Pennzoil's purported contract to acquire and merge with Getty Oil Company. A Texas judge reportedly steered the case in such a way [that can be done by the evidence let in or kept out of the Court trial] that the jury awarded Pennzoil the largest judgment of its kind in Court history: 10.53 BILLION DOLLARS.
Texaco appealed the monstrous judgment to the Texas Supreme Court. Like the Illinois Supreme Court, the Texas high court is reportedly known for being "for sale". [In 1969, my public accusations of bribery, made directly into their faces, caused the Illinois Supreme Court judges to have me grabbed in my wheelchair and hustled off to prison for "contempt of court", because I refused to tell the accused judges how our group went about investigating them. I was vindicated. The ruckus caused the high court tribunal to be swept away in the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history.]
Typically, in a hard-fought case, when a lawyer arguing a matter can't find a precedent case to cite from his state, sometimes refers to a ruling by the highest court of another state. Once a Texas lawyer cited an Illinois Supreme Court decision. His opponent blurted out, "Your Honor, that is one of those crooked law-book published decisions from Illinois' wrecked, worthless high court. Your Honor is not going to be persuaded by that, are you Judge?" Likewise, Illinois lawyers hesitate for similar reasons to cite as precedent a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court.
The Texas high court refused to review the mammoth judgment, upholding it in secret. When a judgment is entered, the only way the "loser" can escape having their money and property seized, is to put up an Appeal Bond. Most states, as a safeguard, require the Appeal Bond to be 2-1/2 to 3 times the judgment amount. Where would Texaco get such an appeal bond to stop the running of the doomsday judgment of 11 Billion Dollars?
In a front page, detailed story, the Wall Street Journal showed the Texas courts are "for sale". The story was headlined "Quality of Justice- Texaco Case Spotlights Question of Integrity of the Courts in Texas", November 4, 1987. Shortly thereafter, in a large advertisement, Pennzoil said the Texas high Court somehow DID "review" the judgment. A careful reading, however, of Pennzoil's ad, shows the judgment was "reviewed" in secret without a written explanation. Chicago Tribune, 11/18/87.
At that time, the Court of last resort in America, the U.S. Supreme Court, was packed with Bush cronies and sympathizers, many of them having multi-multi-million dollar financial interests in some way tied to Bush and his social and business circle. America's highest tibunal refused to stop the enforcement of the horrendous judgment and refused to deal with the matter on its merits. Result: Texaco was forced into bankruptcy,as Pennzoil was in the process of seizing their properties.
Texaco had an important source of oil: Iraq. As we have mentioned in exclusive stories, based on being the only journalists covering a federal case in Chicago: For a decade Bush was the PRIVATE BUSINESS PARTNER of Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein. Together, they shook down the oil-pumping weak sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf for Billions and Billions of dollars per year, from 1980 to 1990. The Persian Gulf War, stripped to its essentials, was simply a falling out of private business partners. And Bush, with the help of Hillary Rodham Clinton, was instrumental in supplying weapons to Iraq, to fight Iran, 1980 to 1988. To understand the situation, consult: "Spider's Web---How The White House Armed Iraq" by Alan Friedman. Through American LaFarge, Bush and Hillary reportedly supplied poison gas ingredients to Iraq that used them against their own dissidents, the Kurds, and against the Irans who fought Iraq with wave after wave of very young, throwaway soldiers. Key portions of these events occurred just as Alan Greenspan was put up as the Commissar of the highly secretive PRIVATE central bank, the Federal Reserve, August, 1987. The press pretend it is a U.S. GOVERNMENT ENTITY, which it is not. The Fed issues paper money, masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar", backed by hot air, not gold, not silver, nothing.
How did George Herbert Walker Bush with his sons reportedly buy the Texas Courts to benefit Pennzoil? Benefits later carried into effect by Fed dictator Greenspan. And Greenspan approved of secret bank wire transfers to and from the Bush family accounts, billions of dollars. Some of the funds reportedly the proceeds of the massive dope traffic. Other funds used to corrupt public officials in the U.S. and elsewhere. Some the illicit proceeds of the CIA-dope traffic. Banks with their Bush family accounts reportedly involved: ===Chase Manhattan Bank of Florida, Clearwater, Florida.
===Banco de Occidente, Panama, City, Panama
===NCNB of Texas, Garland, Texas
===First Federal of Miami, Miami, Florida
===Banco de Panama,
===Banco De Exterior De Espana, Malaga, Spain [shown on an earlier part of this series]
NOTE: Former Director of Central Intelligence, Admiral Stansfield Turner, was seriously injured in a sabotaged plane crash a short time before this story is posted. Turner's wife died in the crash along with several members of foreign secret police units assisting Turner. The Admiral was investigating the Bush Family and their reported links to major dope trafficking and proceeds through the mentioned banks, including the one in Malaga, Spain.
From our more than four decades of investigating bribery corruption, exposing judges and others, we know that the malign, if not corrupt, influencing of judges and other public officials is done very often through domestic and offshore escrow accounts. The judges and other public officials are in a position to know:
[1] That if they make an important decision favoring the corrupter, that at a later date, funds will be deposited in escrow;
[2] If the judge, or other public official makes the arbitrary, corrupt ruling, and the ruling "sticks" and does not "bounce" or be exposed as purely crooked; then the funds, waiting in escrow, are forwarded to a concealed account for the judge or other public official's later use and benefit, sometimes years later, sometimes for THEIR CHILDREN'S use and benefit.
Crooked rulings are seldom C.O.D. but rather by the methods I mention.
The pressfakers censor the news sometimes by simply not bringing up known details when it is pertinent and important to consider the same. Some forget, for example, that the Rev. Jesse Jackson in the early 1970s was a Nixon Republican and later, a Bush Republican. Visit our website: Scroll down to our story "The Murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.--unspoken details" Part One. Consider the details that the Rev. Jackson is reportedly an accomplished extortionist and is a reputed FBI stool pigeon all his adult life.
So, it should come as no great surprise, that Rev. Jesse Jackson led the campaign in 1996 to strong-arm more than 180 million dollars from Pennzoil/Bush competitor Texaco that got their oil from Bush's now disgruntled former private business partner Saddam Hussein and Iraq oil. " 'The mission is not complete',declared [Rev.Jesse] Jackson, who is calling for a boycott of Texaco despite last week's settlement of the lawsuit" [showing a picture of Rev.Jackson]. Time Magazine, 11/25/96, page 33.
References to understand George Herbert Walker Bush and his family and the social and business links to the Nazis also British pro-Nazi royalty:
"Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler", by Antony Sutton
"Trading With the Enemy" by Charles Higham "American Swastika" by Charles Higham "The Secret War Against the Jews" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons "George Bush-The Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaikin "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin
Click on the items below to view a few samples of the reportedly authenic records we have of secret bank wire transfers, authorized by Fed boss Alan Greenspan for the corrupt purposes of the Bush Family and also some hand-written notations by a Senior Official of the U.S. Treasury Department, Office of Internal Affairs. More details coming. Stay tuned.


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